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Dago Factory Outlets in Bandung

Bandung Dago Factory OutletsThe Dago factory outlets in Bandung are among the many choices of places to visit while doing some shopping in this part of Indonesia.

The area is very popular with Malaysians and Singaporeans, and they also cater to the people from Jakarta that come there for the weekends to buy up everything.

Since AirAsia opened the flight route there, many Malaysians have been coming to Bandung solely to shop at the factory outlets. It has become a sort of pilgrimage for many people.

Dago Factory Outlets in Bandung

The factory outlets here are spaced out throughout the town, so unless you know the roads in Bandung well, you could make your own way there, but I would not advise even trying.

Time spent looking for the Dago factory outlets would be a good shopping time wasted. Anyway, it is quite cheap to hire a van with a driver for the entire day shopping the factory outlets in Bandung.

One of the rows of outlets in Dago

Factory Outlets here are also known as Outlets or FO's, and they are spread well all around Bandung city. One may think they are like F.O.S in Malaysia, but they are not, trust me.

On a lighter note, if you are lifestyle and brand conscious, then you are better off shopping in places like Hong Kong, Bangkok or Singapore, giving Bandung a miss.

The interesting thing about Dago is that most of the factory outlets are based in old converted colonial bungalows. Some renovated nicely, some maintaining the original facade.

There are about 8 to 10 factory outlets in the Dago area, and once reaching here, you can walk from outlet to outlet as most of them are located next to each other.

Local hawkers would be in front of almost any factory outlet selling drinks and food. You will also see some of them selling souvenirs or even cheap knock-off t-shirts by the roadsides.

Episode Factory Outlet

One of the main things to look out for is the 'brands'. So if you see Versace and Louis Vuitton entering a factory outlet, please be cautious as they are most likely 99% fake.

Those who do not know how to tell the difference will fall for it, while those who know will just buy it since t is cheap. Maybe you can get them as a gift for someone's home?

Racks of Hugo Boss and Burberry Jeans

Factory Outlet for Men in Bandung

There are actually several factory outlets for men in Bandung too. Brands like Hugo Boss, Burberry, Versace, Timberland, Nike, Manchester United (MU), Armani, DKNY, Old Navy, Billabong, Quicksilver, and many others are available for both women and men here in Dago.

However, these are all mostly shirts, tees and pants. No shoes or wallets are available, and if you see any, they are mostly local or unknown brands.

The men's outlets have a great selection of cargo pants, shorts, office and beachwear in all kinds of budgets. But you have to check the items carefully as some of them may have a button missing or a slight tear.

Overall, you tend to see more men spending time shopping at these factory outlets, something you seldom see in Kuala Lumpur or many other places. 

Inside one of the Factory Outlets in Dago

Factory Outlet for Women

I shop much for women, but by browsing around, I saw quite many well-known brands like; Zara, MNG, Esprit, Gap, TopShop, DKNY, Gucci, Armani, Miss Selfridge, Nike, Old Navy, Victoria Secret, and the list just goes on.

Not all the outlets may have the same things, so the tip here is if you see something you like at any of the factory outlets, just get it as it will be such a hassle to go back to look for it, thus wasting precious shopping time.

Anyhow, the prices are anywhere from Rp.20,000 to Rp.80,000 per top. (That is about RM6.40 to RM25.00) for a top, skirt or even casual pants.

Inside one of the outlets

At the Dago factory outlets, there are special sizes for men and women. They are often called plus-size, and you can find XXL, XXXL, 8XL or Big Size as they are commonly known here.

So, if you wander around the factory outlets and cannot find them, just ask one of the assistants where the "Big Sized" items are located.

You will find more Asian sizes for some strange reason, and it is difficult to get stuff for slightly taller people, like me.

For example, I am about five feet eleven inches or 186 cm tall, and if I try on a large-sized shirt, it will look like a medium-size on me. But for someone who is five feet five, it would be perfect.

This goes to say that it is quite hard to find the right size and fit for me. I had to buy 2XL shirts for them to look like a large shirt. 

Jetset Factory Outlet

Glamour Factory Outlet.

The Glamour factory outlet is one of the outlets that was quite interesting. I manage to get myself a pair of DKNY Army 3/4 cargo pants for Rp.69,000 (RM22.00), which was a deal.

The sizes were from 28 right up to 38, and the pants' choices are quite good. I saw a lot of beachwear at this factory outlet, which was quite cheap too.

Blossom Factory Outlet Bandung
Blossom Factory Outlet in Dago

Dago - Uptown Factory Outlet

The other thing is not to be fooled by the entrance outlook at some of these factory outlets in Dago.

Once you make it inside, it just expands into this large warehouse which cannot be seen from the front. Easily, you can spend about an hour or two there.

Raffles City, Sounds like you are in Singapore suddenly.

Bandung Victoria Factory Outlet
Victoria Factory Outlet
House of Donatello in Bandung
House of Donatello in Dago, Bandung
While exploring the area, one factory outlet caught me totally off guard. From the front, I was assuming it was Donatella Versace, and it looked fascinating.

But once I walked inside the factory outlet, I was utterly disappointed as it was not what I expected, but then again, that is life.

The outlet was called House Of Donatello, which sells its own local brand for leather goods like shoes, bags, wallets, and slippers. The products were mostly for working-class people.

Then again, some of you may even like this factory outlet as you can get some good quality office and casual wear for reasonable prices.

Bandung Timberland SlippersTimberland Slippers by the hoards and some other brands too

Racks of Branded Shirts in Bandung

At Dago Factory Outlets, there is an amazing selection of working-class clothes for men. So men, at least you can spend time walking around checking out clothes for yourself.

Ladies, these would also be great gifts for your loved ones, fathers and colleagues. Sadly, I do not wear this type of shirt anymore since I work for myself.

For more details on hotels near factory outlets, prices, contact numbers, and even car or van rentals, please see this article about Bandung Hotels.

Also, note that it is always best to contact the proper tour agents or even use a proper website to book anything. Uber is available all over Bandung too.

You can also get the full list of Factory Outlets in Bandung to visit for the serious shopper. Some of them may have closed, but most of the famous ones are still around.

You can have a unique experience here by visiting Cihampelas Jeans Street in Bandung for those who want something different and on a smaller budget.

For the food traveller and those with a sweet tooth, check out Bandung layer cakes which are probably the most famous dessert place in the entire Bandung. Honestly, I tried them, and they are really recommended for the sweet tooth.

If you are a serious foodie, one famous local food is no other than the Sundanese Food in Bandung.

This is a must-try if it is your first time here as the cuisine is somewhat very different from other places in Indonesia.

Burberry Jeans in Bandung
Cheap Burberry jeans in Bandung

Honestly, it is an excellent place to shop if you are on a budget and do not want to travel too far out of Southeast Asia.

You can find nice designs and large factory outlets that cater to ladies, men, and children's clothing. You can easily spend half a day here, so be prepared.

No point planning to come here for 2 to 3 hours as you will end up being disappointed. A minimum of 4 to 5 hours is required here for serious shopping lovers.

Bring lots of money, and just to add on, credit cards are widely accepted here. For the shopaholic, nothing beats a shopping holiday at the Dago factory outlets in Bandung, Indonesia.

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Normi said…
Im so going to Bandung after this.. Bring 20 million rupiah enuff bro? heee.. nope, i guess never enuff for a gal ey..
Malaysia Asia said…
Wah, 20 million is about rm6,000! More than enough I think. Probably can stay at Bandung's best hotel and hire a van 24/7.

Just remember to be fit to carry all those shopping bags! And if you can, pack food for lunch so you do not waste precious shopping time :)
hi all,
i will be going to jakarta next year february, i intend to take a train from jakarta then headed straight to bandung, is it advisable or i might stay for a nite in jakarta then the next day headed for bandung...

thanx in advance
Anonymous said…

Your blog is sooooo great!

Can i know where i can find branded sneakers/ sports shoes i.e. Nike, Adidas, Puma at good price...

Can u suggest to me budget hotel near F.Os which i'll be in Bandung with my family of 13 people (with 5 kids)
CathJ said…
must refer back your blog if I am going again...lol
Anonymous said…
Do u have make any wholesale branded clothing???just email me & tell me your details.Thanks so much.
buTING said…
Hey..may i know this is real brand or fake one ?? I mean its cheap so is it a real brand?real quality ?

Your blog are super cool! i dont need any other web (even an indo official web) to refer to!. Thanks for all the info given.
one thing i need your advise before im going to bandung end of this month, is there any possibilities or "prolem" that may occurs when you bringing in all the shopping staff back to malaysia. our kastam or imigresyen wont charge us for any?
thanks bro keep on writing cool info!
Anonymous said…
wow a lot of info abt Bandung in your blog...Thanks! My group of 6 plan to go Bandung during Hari Raya holidays from 8 Aug to 11 Aug 2013, just wonder are the Factory Outlets open during the first two days of raya?

I also read somewhere that Sunday got road closed at Dago area, coz i planed to stay one of the hotel near this area.

Anonymous said…
Just came back from Bandung Feb 2014. Boy, things sure change since 2009. Quick summary - things are NOT cheap at all anymore. For example, the aforementioned Burberry jeans for Rp169K now cost minimum of Rp269K (about RM75). But that's pretty cheap for a Burberry, right? Sure, if you believe so. The truth is, more than 95% of the stuff are what one may classify as 'genuine fakes'. Buying goods for the quality make and material, the price is NO different from anything you can get in KL. After paying for air tickets and hotel, Bandung fakes look seriously expensive!
Anonymous said…
So I can conclude that 90% of branded items in Bandung are 99% Excellent FAKES, right?

Am So Going Bandung This April 2015
Malaysia Asia said…
Well, to my knowledge, I believe that all the 5-star brands are. However, there are the 2-4 star brands which are over-runs or overstocked products. Seriously, if you want to buy branded goods, better you visit JPO... at least you know they are not fake.