Cihampelas Shopping in Bandung, Indonesia

Cihampelas Shopping in Bandung Cihampelas Shopping in Bandung, Indonesia is one of the much talked about places in town that you must visit. I have personally never seen such attractive attractions on my travels until I visited this place. Hotel staff will easily introduce this place when asking them where to go for some shopping. Once you reach there, you are in for a fantastic surprise as you will see huge over sized superheroes sticking out from the shop signboards along the main roads.

Gimmick? Sure thing. Even I couldn't miss it a mile away! An attraction that someone once told me 'it looks like a terrible version of Universal Studios'. Then again, who would not want to miss this uncanny and quirky attraction? Only in Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung, and that is one of the reasons of Wonderful Indonesia.

Cihampelas Shopping in Bandung

Below are various photos taken on my earlier visit there. Please note that many of these shops have closed or have been taken over by other businesses. During a recent trip here in 2016, I noticed that some of them are still there and the place is still crowded with shoppers, local and international. 

Catwoman in action

Superhero neighbors in action

Spiderman and his web

Of course, Batman! Cheaply done.

How can we not have Iron Man!

Ok, this one really got to me. Rambo?!?!

Small sign in red reads 'Cuci Gudang' hehehe

Perahu (boat)

And then we have Tarzan. Look at the banner.

Arnie @ Cihampelas

This one really got to me. One look and I already knew who it was. Placed right on the stairs in front of everything, you would not miss Arnie here. I was also tempted to stand next to him for a picture. Then again, I simply did not have the guts to pose there alongside with the many other tourist who willingly posed away. 

BB Guns in Bandung

BB Guns in Bandung were not hard to find. There were a few stalls selling these BB Guns at Cihampelas. Some even had make shift stalls by the main road. I wondered what they were mostly used for so I had to ask one seller. His reply - For hunting small game. It's a pity that the BB Guns are openly sold here by the roadsides. Anyone could just buy them too.

Anime characters being sold just about everywhere in Cihampelas

My conclusion on the Cihampelas Shopping - Nothing worthy unless you don't mind wearing common below the range stuff. The prices range from Rp.5000 to Rp.30,000 there. In other words, most of the stuff is under RM10.00 (US$3.00).

But they are really nothing to shout about. Shop after shop, they all are selling mostly the same stuff you see in the first shop. There is a mall nearby too but after visiting the places, I just did not have the mood to continue here at Cihampelas as I was exhausted by 9.00 pm.

I honestly wouldn't buy or wear any of the stuff there. Personally even for gifts or souvenirs.....nah! It's like walking in a nicer Chow Kit shopping area (district in Kuala Lumpur). So only if you got time to kill, then go there. Otherwise, straight to the Factory Outlets in Dago, Jalan Riau or Rumah Mode.

Then again, if you are a low income earner having saved up for this trip, then it would be alright to come here. Meaning you will wear anything that cost under RM10.00 and doesn't fuss. But don't regret after spending hundreds here and move to the next place to find much more nicer stuff.

Also do not be fooled by the Factory Outlet signs around/along the Cihampelas road. They are substandard normal goods. The real stuff (branded) is NOT here. I saw many jeans there but none of the brands ring a bell in my head.

Strange... I really cannot remember any of the brand names I saw. However at Cihampelas, there are some small specialty shops along the road but nothing to shout about. A Tattoo parlor is also smack centre of the area for those who enjoy collection a tatt at every destination.


Child Friendly: Mall - Yes, Roadside Shopping - Keep an eye on your child.

Pram Friendly: Mall - Yes, Roadisde - No way in hell! (but you can try)

Elderly Friendly: Depends if your folks tire easily, then not a good place to bring them. There is intensive walking along the main road.

Wheelchair Friendly: Only in the mall please.

Food Friendly: In the mall (Ci-Walk), yes yes and yes. Roadside stalls, No

Toilet Friendly: Mall, Yes - Roadside Shops, most have decent toilets.

Safety: Safe from general crime but when you walk the main road, you got to keep your eyes on the traffic. They seem to be everywhere. When you are walking along the road, they will be passing inches from you.

Road Crossing: Shops are opposite each other on the main road so no one is going to stop for you. You need to wait for that moment and put your hand out and brave across. This ain't Singapore.

Smoking: Similar to Malaysia, not in the malls or stores.

Rating for shopping: 3/10

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When you visit Bandung in Indonesia and have extra day to spend, you should make a trip here to Cihampelas Shopping in Bandung, Indonesia as you will not regret it.