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Media Publications on Malaysia Asia

Malaysia Asia Media Publications

Malaysia Asia has been featured in various media publications over the years with articles coming out in mainstream media and also on digital media platforms.

For the record, I am David Hogan Jr and started Malaysia Asia in June 2009 to help promote the various travel and tourism places around Malaysia, Southeast Asia, and the world.

I have been traveling since 1988 where his vast experiences have taken him around the world and now has decided to focus on the rich offerings from around Malaysia and Asia hence coming out with the brand name. 

Malaysia Asia On Media Publications 

My vast travel experience comes from my early working days with television production, as I traveled the region regularly to recce and shoot a number of Tourism Malaysia TV Commercials and other travel documentaries.

The work I used to do involved an entire process of meeting clients, doing shoot boards, endless recces around Malaysia, filming, and post-production.

This says that I am no stranger to communication, as I have had vast experience meeting people, speaking or even presenting pitches and so on.

Early Days Of Malaysia Asia

Malaysia Asia is also very active in the social media world from the early days, starting around the year 2009. Most of my social media accounts date back to those dates.

Back then, it was a new trend in the travel business industry, and I had already been doing Social Media Marketing with Malaysia Asia as one of the main platforms for digital and online marketing for travel tourism.

We are well connected to many of the top Social Bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Digg, Mixx, and many other travel forums and portals.

Media Publications on Malaysia Asia

Malaysia Asia is also a multiple award-winning travel blog and website which has also been featured in the top Malaysian newspapers, travel magazines and eBooks in Malaysia and internationally. They are;
  • The Star Newspaper (Malaysia)
  • News Straits Times - Travel Times (Malaysia)
  • Oxygen Lifestyle Magazine (Malaysia)
  • Cosmopolitan (Malaysia Edition)
  • Leisure Travel (Contributor, Malaysia)
  • Santai Travel (Malaysian Malay Magazine)
  • Tiger Air Magazine (Contributor, Singapore)   
  • Going Places Magazine (Malaysia Airlines inflight magazine)
  • Wall Street Journal Online - Travel (Worldwide)
  • Yahoo Travel Website - Malaysia's Stunning Street Art by David Hogan Jr
  • Around the World with 40 Bloggers by Lonely Planet
  • Lonely Planet Malaysia Guide Book 2013 (Worldwide)
  • CNN Travel - Article on Rainforest Resorts in Malaysia by David Hogan Jr
Television and Radio Appearances;
  • Traxx FM Radio Show (Malaysia)
  • Bernama TV (Malaysia)
  • Bella Morning Daily Show on NTV7 (Malaysia)
  • VBuzz Lifestyle Show on Astro Satellite TV (Malaysia)
Media Highlights

Malaysia Asia featured New Straits Times
 Article in The New Straits Times - Travel Times 2009

Malaysia Asia featured the Star Online
Soft copy of the article in The Star Newspaper

Wall Street Journal Malaysia Asia
Article in the Wall Street Journal


For any inquiries about advertising with Malaysia Asia, you can always contact me anytime and I will get back to you.

I will personally answer any questions you may have in regard to social media, travel advertising, travel speaking or anything that is related to the travel industry around Southeast Asia or here in Malaysia.


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