Saloma Link Bridge, All You Need To Know

Pintasan Saloma Jambatan

And Kuala Lumpur gets another beautiful tourist attraction, which is the new Saloma Link Bridge, which is a futuristically designed bridge that connects Kampung Baharu to KLCC.

Opened on the 5th of February 2020, this beautiful bridge has become the talk of the town, namely for social media and not forgetting the Instagram influencers. So, if you think you are one, then you need to head here. 

But before heading here, I've come up with this article on everything you need to know about the Saloma Link Bridge or Pintasan Saloma as it is called in Malay. 

All You Need To Know About The Saloma Link Bridge

KL Saloma Link Bridge
The stunning light displays at the Saloma Link Bridge in KL

The most important question is where is this bridge? And the answer is just below. Before you head here, you need to know where, when, what and why this bridge was created.

The Saloma Link is a single span steel structure bridge that is illuminated with 4,100 diamond facade panels that come with state-of-the-art LED lighting. 

The purpose of this bridge was to connect Kampung Baharu City Center (KBCC) to the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) as it now only takes seven to eight minutes to get from one end to the other.

The concept of this bridge is also similar to the Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi, Georgia where the LED lights illuminate to change patterns from time to time.

Saloma Link is the most exquisite pedestrian bridge ever built in Kuala Lumpur and is slated to be one of the top three tourist attractions in KL city.  

Why is the Bridge named Saloma? 

Pintasan Saloma
The majestic night view of the KL skyline from the bridge

This is probably one of the questions not many people ask but most local Malaysian will know this answer without thinking hard. 

For those who do not know, Salmah Ismail or Saloma was a very famous Singaporean-Malaysian singer, film actress, trendsetter and a fashion icon who became well known in the late 1950s to the 1960s.

Saloma was also the wife to the iconic Malaysian artiste P. Ramlee, who is, of course, the most famous artist in the country from the same era.

What is the Design of Saloma Link Bridge? 

Instagram Saloma Link
The interior of the bridge seen from the inside

While it all looks super futuristic, the design is cleverly created to reflect the Malay culture. The overall design represents the Sirih Junjung or Betelnut Leaf arrangement. 

The Sirih Junjung is traditionally offered in Malay weddings and ceremonies as a symbol of unity in the Malay culture that dates back a long way. 

How Long is the Saloma Link Bridge? 

KL Saloma Bridge
An overall view of the Saloma Link Bridge

While it does look like a standard bridge, the total length of the Saloma Link 370 meters (1,213.9 feet).

The main structure which is the Sirih Junjung that represents the covered walkway is a total of 69 meters (223.6 feet) that spans across the Klang River and the Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway or AKLEH highway.

The start of the bridge from Kampung Bahari is from Lorong Raja Muda Musa 3, which is around 100 meters from the underground Kampung Baru LRT station. 

The other side of the bridge is connected with Lorong Saloma which is just beside the Menara Public Bank building along Jalan Ampang.

How Much Did It Cost To Build the Saloma Link Bridge?

Construction of Saloma Link Bridge
Construction of the Saloma Link Bridge. Photo from Veritas Design Group Facebook

While many may think it costs too much, the actual cost to build the Saloma Link is RM31 million (USD$7.47 million) and this includes the consultancy costs.

The initial cost was put at RM20 Million (USD$4.81 Million) back in the planning stages, but over the year, the cost escalated to the current figure mentioned above. 

Where is the Saloma Link Bridge in KL?

Map to Saloma Link Bridge
The location map for the bridge

The bridge is located at the back of the British Council or Menara Public Bank building along Jalan Ampang.

This means that if you are at KLCC, you can just take a 5 to 10-minute walk to the Saloma Link Bridge from the Petronas Twin Towers.

Another landmark is the Jalan Ampang Muslim Cemetary or the Australian Embassy where the bridge is located behind. 

How to Go to Saloma Link Bridge? 

How to go to Saloma Link
Main entrance from KLCC or Petronas Twin Towers

There are two ways to get to the Saloma Link Bridge and depends on which part of KL you are located. However, I will share both ways for everyone below.

1. From KLCC and Petronas Twin Towers

Most visitors will be coming from this direction and you simply need to walk along Lorong Saloma which is beside the Public Bank Building.

Entrance to Saloma Link Bridge
When you walk from KLCC, this is the entrance to the Saloma Link Bridge

When you arrive at the main Jalan Ampang junction, look for Lorong Saloma, which is on the left of the Public Bank building. Walk along that road for 100 meters and you will come to the entrance. 

There are some local restaurants and a car wash on the left as you walk along Lorong Saloma. At the end of the road, there is an open public parking lot that charges RM1.50 for 30 minutes.

Parking Area Saloma Link
Public parking lot behind the Menara Public Bank building

2. From Kampung Baharu

Most locals will take this way as they will be driving or taking the LRT train. For foreigners, this way is tricky because it is at one end of Kampung Baharu and not a commercial area. 

Parking along the Kampung Baharu area at night is relatively safe and there are no parking fees being collected as of writing this. Therefore, many are seen parking along the road to the bridge.

You can take the LRT and get off at the Kampung Baharu LRT stop, then walk to the start of the bridge at Lorong Raja Muda Musa 3. 

From the Kampung Baharu entrance, there is an elevator and also a three-story staircase which means that the elderly and disabled can use the elevator.

If you take the stairs, there are a total of 82 steps to the top and for security, there is a security table by the elevator on the ground level. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Saloma Link Bridge? 

KLCC Saloma Link Bridge
Beautiful KL city skyline with the Saloma Link Bridge

This is the ultimate question many will ask and honestly, the best time is when the bridge is lit after sunset. This is when you can see the lighting designs and colours come into play. 

In the day - It looks nice minus the lighting, therefore if you are really short of time, you can come and visit the bridge in the day and capture some nice photos with the skyline.

In the night - This is the best time to visit due to the fact that the lighting creates a picture-perfect moment. Not only that, the weather at night is much cooler compared to the day. 

Weekends - You can expect hoards of people if you come here on a weekend, and this could be quite tricky, especially for photography. Plus with a lot of people, the photo might not turn out great. 

Weekdays - I strongly recommend visiting the Saloma Link Bridge on a weekday and at around 7.00 PM till around 10.00 PM as there are less people here. Less people means more opportunities for different angles. 

Where is the Best Direction to Take Photos of the Saloma Link Bridge? 

Photography of Saloma Link
A photo that was taken from inside the bridge showing the Petronas Twin Towers

A question that not many will ask, but I'm listing it down just in case you need to know which part is the best for photography. 

The Kampung Baharu Direction - This is hands down the best view of the bridge as you can see the Petronas Twin Towers in the background along with the Public Bank Building.

If you are coming from the KLCC way, you need to walk all the way across the bridge to the other end to get this photo angle. 

There is also a staircase that leads down to Kampung Baharu and after the first flight of stairs, there is a corner where you can capture a nice photo of the bridge with the skyscrapers in the background. 

The KLCC Direction - This is the main way where you enter the bridge from the Jalan Ampang entrance at the side of the Menara Public Bank building. 

When you reach the start of the bridge, you walk straight in and turn left where you will see the entire bridge illuminated. This is one of the good places for a photo opportunity. 

What to Bring to the Saloma Link Bridge?

Interior of Saloma Link
Interior of the Saloma Link Bridge, perfect for that Instagram shot

If you are one of those up-and-coming influencers or those in the limelight, you should be well prepared to bring the necessary items to make your photos stand out. 

The below, of course, applies to those coming here for evening or night photography. Please note that if you want some beautiful photographs, you need a high-end smartphone or a proper camera. 

For locals
  • Bring some colourful clothes that stand out in the multiple colours the bridge displays.
  • Bring a portable fan as it can get stuffy when there are too many people around.
  • Don't use your old smartphones, the photo will not turn out nicely.

For Influencers
  • Bring your best dress that is striking to stand out in the sea of colours.
  • Bring accessories like a hat or scarf to stand out from the many people there. 
  • Bring your extra lighting to capture your features.
  • Don't expect the place to be empty for your Insta-worthy shot as it is something new. 

What Time Does the Saloma Bridge Open and Close? 

Apparently, the bridge is open 24-hours and the lighting takes place from 7.00 PM till 10.00 PM at night. However, since Saloma Link opened, there have been many visitors coming. 

When I visited on Monday at 10.00 PM, the lights were still on till around 11.00 PM, hence I suspect they put off the LED lights at around midnight.

Right now, there is no official timing on this, but I would easily recommend that you visit around 6.30 PM till around midnight. 

What Light Designs Are Used? 

There are about four main designs that play in intervals of ten minutes from my calculation. The most catchy one is, of course, the Malaysian flag design.

Three other designs will replace one another in these intervals therefore when you are there, you need to pay attention to the changes in the lighting.

The intelligent lighting system of the 4,100 LED lights creates a 3D like movement in the lights, and this is also great for those taking videos.  

Safety Precautions at the Saloma Link

Photography Saloma Link
One of the beautiful angles for photography at the bridge

Without fail, any place that attracts a crowd will also attract petty thieves. This simply means that you should always be aware of your surroundings at all times. Never take things for granted. 

Also, do not leave your bags lying around because you are busy taking photos. And watch out for pickpockets, especially on weekends when the crowd is huge here. 

Whenever someone bumps into you accidentally, please quickly check your belongings as this is an old trick.

These perpetrators will be going for your wallet or purse as most will have their smartphones in their hands to take photos.

There are security officers located on both ends of the bridge for safety reasons, prevention of vandalism, petty traders and also touts. 

Who Built the Saloma Link Bridge? 

Jambatan Saloma
The beauty of the bridge seen at night

A good question and many may think it is the Kuala Lumpur City Council that built this, but sorry to say it is not. 

The Kampong Baru Development Corporation (PKB) are the ones who build the Saloma Link Bridge. The project kicked off in October 2017 and took around 18 months to complete.

The Saloma Link Bridge just one part of the Kampung Baharu facelift which is planned until 2037 and will total around RM43 Billion (USD$10.36 Billion) for the entire project.

The design aesthetics of the Saloma Link are also done by Veritas Design Group which is also extensively involved in the master plan for the Kampung Baru redevelopment.

Photos of the Saloma Link Bridge

Below are a series of random photos taken while I visited this magnificent and beautiful bridge. The photos show one of the many designs that change colours.

Saloma Jambatan
A yellow-green colour tone

New Tourist Attraction in Kuala Lumpur
The purplish tone from the LED lights

New Bridge in Kuala Lumpur
A nice reddish-purple hue

Saloma Bridge Kuala Lumpur
Blue and purple colours

Saloma Link Bridge Photo
Green tones slowly take over the blue colours

Gambar Pintasan Saloma
A nice orangy-yellow and red mix


This article was written by me based on an actual visit in mid-February 2020 and spending over an hour here. I used my Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone for all the photos taken here. 

To be very honest, if you are a local or visitor to Kuala Lumpur, please do not miss this opportunity to visit the Saloma Link Bridge as it is probably one of KL's best-looking tourist attraction.

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