Layer Cakes in Bandung, Kartikasari and Mayasari

Bandung Layer Cakes Kartikasari and Mayasari
The layer cakes in Bandung are a must-try when you visit this city, which is famous for their layer cakes from the popular local bakeries in town

They are usually found in busy areas and if you are unsure, simply ask any of the locals for directions, and chances are they will lead you there.

Though the popular ones are on the pricey side, there are many local bakeries to choose from. However, you are the judge and jury when you attempt to try some of the popular Kek lapis or layer cakes available here.

Layer Cakes in Bandung

There are two top-rated bakeries: Kartika Sari or Kartika Sari in Bandung, which specializes in layer cakes and Pisang Molen, and mind you they do not come cheap at all!

Be warned that brick of layer cake will set you back around Rp.140,000 (RM 44.80) for a full-sized layer cake, and the price is also around Rp440,000 (RM 140.00), and for a slice, it cost Rp.8,000 (RM 2.50).

Please note the above prices are from 2008 and they have surely increased since then.

Bandung Kartika Sari Bakery
Kartika Sari Bakery in Bandung
Kartika Sari Bakery

KartikaSari Bakery is a top-rated stop for the local Jakarta tourist, and for the record, the common Bandung locals do not even shop here.

It is a luxury bakery, and one can spend thousands of Indonesian Rupiah in Kartika Sari just on Layer Cakes. Seriously, even my supir/driver has never tried the layer cake from Kartikasari.

I ended up buying one for him since he was so patient and a very nice person. I asked him if he had tried it, and his reply was, 'this is rich man's cakes, I usually get my wife to make them or buy them from the local stalls'. How sweet is that?

Gambar KartikasariKartika Sari notice

Kartikasari also claims to be only available in Bandung! They have no other outlets outside of Bandung (to date), so one can only get them in Bandung.

This is a damn good gimmick to keep people coming back to Kartika Sari in Bandung, if you ask me.

A selection of pastries

Bandung KartikasariThe crowd inside the bakery

The crowd at the bakery is simply amazing on weekends as every bakery outlet we pass, you would see an almost full house of shoppers in each of the outlets.

People are seen to be buying 3 or 4 layer cakes per person, not forgetting the other types of food souvenirs there.

This alone shows that Kartikasari is really popular in Bandung for the layer cakes and their overall cake and pastry selections.

Kartikasari BandungLots of choices at Kartikasari

Besides the Layer Cakes, you can also find Pisang Molen, Various Pastries, Nyonya cakes, ice cream and all types of cakes here. Other related items include Indonesian biscuits and keropok.

Seriously, some of the stuff here is better than back home in Kuala Lumpur from where I come from, especially the pastries, which taste really fresh.

Here are the addresses and contact number for Kartika Sari Bakery:
  • Jalan Buah Batu 165A - Tel: +62 22 7379385
    This outlet is the main branch and is in front of Bandung main train station.
  • Jalan Kebon Jukut 3C
    Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan H. Akbar
    Tel: +62 22 4231355
  • Jalan Kopo Sayati 111A
    Tel: +62 22 5414340
  • Jalan Terusan Jakarta 77E
    Tel: +62 22 4230397
  • Jalan Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago)

Mayasari Bakery BandungMayasari outlet at the Bandung airport.
Mayasari Bakery

Mayasari is another well-known outlet that sells layer cakes and pisang bolen. Not that I saw a lot of them in town, but the one at the airport before you leave was pretty stocked up with slabs of layer cake or slices of it.

Last-minute shoppers would tend to use up the remaining rupiahs, thereby buying the layer cakes as souvenirs just like I did.

I bought two slices of the Mayasari layer cake and finished it even before boarding my flight back, and I wanted more.  

Kek Lapis MayasariMayasari Layer Cakes are available in slices.

Photo Mayasari Layer cakes
Mayasari Layer Cakes in Bandung.
Mayasari Address in Bandung:

  • Jl. Dr. Junjungan No. 143 BTC LGF A-4 No. 7 Tel: 022 6126375
  • Jl. Kebon Kawung No. 22 Bandung Tel: 022 4222444
  • Jl. Cihampelas No. 110 Bandung Tel: 022 2042678
  • Jl. Sukamukti No. 10 Bandung Tel: 022 2034444
  • Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 259 Bandung Tel: 0803207867

Bandung Holland Bakery
Holland Bakery in Bandung.
Holland Bakery

Another chain of bakeries in Bandung is called Holland Bakery. The beauty of this one is that they are so prominent, you can easily identify them by the windmills on top of the building.

I bought a few pastries from here, but I did not see any layer cakes, so I assumed they were finished as it was quite late at night.

Driving on my way back to the hotel, I counted at least about 3 Holland Bakeries around town, so this is another alternative for cake and pastry lovers.

Holland Bakery outlets address:

  • Jl. Sunda 68 Bandung, Tel: 022 4234434
  • Jl. Kopo Bihbul No. 47 Bandung, Tel: 022 5425235
  • Jl. Dr.Abdul Rivai No. 7 Bandung, Tel: 022 4266627
  • Jl. Merdeka No. 68 Bandung, Tel: 022 4221121
  • Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 103 X Bandung, Tel: 022 2036675

*Please note that phone numbers may have changed over the years, and you can Google the outlets for the contact number. Also, the prices have increased since the writing of this article.

Desserts in Bandung can turn out to be an exciting adventure for the travelling foodie or just anyone who loves sweet things.

You just have to ask around for the excellent and popular stuff when you are there, as this is exactly what I did.


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For those who have tried layer cakes in Malaysia or Singapore, I would highly recommend that you try some of Indonesia's famous layer cakes in Bandung, as nothing else compares, from my personal experience.

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