What to do at Fraser's Hill? A Complete List

Things to do at Fraser's Hill

Fraser's Hill is well known as one of Malaysia's famous hill getaways, and it is located just a two-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, you may also be asking what to do at Fraser's Hill when you visit this beautiful place.

Before you continue, you should know that Fraser's Hill or the 'Little England of Malaysia' is a nature getaway that offers several things you can do here, provided you love the outdoors. The climate here is also cooling as it is located on a hill and is relatively isolated.

In the local Malay language, this place is called Bukit Fraser, where Bukit is Hill. Most visitors would rent a car and self-drive up because there is no bus service here. The altitude is also around 1,420 meters above sea level, with temperatures that range from 18 to 25 degrees Celcius.

What to do at Fraser's Hill?

This list is in no order and applies to just about anyone planning to visit Fraser's Hill. As for me, I have been visiting this beautiful place yearly for Fraser's Hill International Bird Race.

Bukit Fraser Town Center
Puncak Inn is the main town centre of Fraser's Hill.

1. Go Trekking and Hiking

There are many trails found around Fraser's Hill, and they range from beginner to advanced trails. There are 8 commercial trails available, where some are family-friendly, and some are for advanced hikers.

To experience the hikes and trails here, it is recommended that you spend a night or two at Fraser's Hill for this. If you go for a day trip, you may be able to make one or two trails.

Hemmant Trail Fraser's Hill
One of the popular trails in Fraser's Hill.

Below are the Fraser's Hill Trails;
  • Abu Suradi Trail, Length: 0.5 km
  • Rompin Trail, Length: 0.5 km
  • Kindersley Trail, Length: 0.75 km
  • Hemmant Trail, Length: 1 km
  • Mager Trail, Length: 1 km
  • Bishop Trail (Advanced), Length: 1.5 km
  • Maxwell Trail (Advanced), Length: 1.8 km
  • Pine Tree Trail (Advanced), Length: 5 km
You should know that most of these trails are self-guided, and you can do them independently. However, if you require a trail guide, you can contact the hotel or Fraser's Hill Tourism Office.

Bird Watching Fraser's Hill
Fraser's Hill is one of the well known IBA sites for bird watching.

2. Do Bird Watching

If you did not already know, Fraser's Hill is one of the top bird-watching destinations in Peninsular Malaysia. Every year, the international bird race is held here for two days and attracts hundreds of visitors. 

Because of the climate, birders or aspiring bird watchers get the best of both lowland and lower montane birds in one place. There are over 270 species of tropical birds to be spotted and photographed here.

The birds can be spotted everywhere, namely from the town area, cottages, and trails. At any one time, you will be able to spot at least 20 species of birds without trying too hard.

3. Explore Allen's Water Lake

The only lake here offers visitors a boating experience using a pedalo or paddle boat for two persons. This is great family fun where you can also feed the fish while exploring the lake.

There is also Zorbing which is a giant water ball experience. The place is open daily and has a counter where you can book your paddle boats which, of course, come with safety jackets. If it rains, they are closed. 

4. Dine or Stay at the Fraser's Hill Smokehouse Restaurant

One of the nostalgic and old-world English themed restaurants is still operational since opening in 1937. The place is also called Ye Olde Smokehouse, and they serve some authentic English-Asian cuisine which is a must-try for anyone coming up here.

Several people claim that the English tea and scones are a must-try when you visit the Smokehouse, and personally, I have tried it numerous times. Of course, you cannot compare this to the United Kingdom, but hey, this is the tropics.

This restaurant is busy during weekends, especially in the afternoons for tea time. Ye Olde Smokehouse also doubles as a cottage where you can book rooms to stay. There are a total of 14 rooms and suites available.

If you are staying here, try the English Breakfast, but don't expect UK quality again. To make any bookings or get more information, visit the Ye Olde Smokehouse website.

Fraser's Hill Horse Riding
Horse riding at The Paddock.

5. Try Horse Riding and Archery at The Paddock

There is a place called The Paddock, which offers horse riding and archery to visitors. The story goes where retired racehorses are housed in a stable and used as leisure horse riding that does not strain them.

Jeriau Waterfall
The mesmerising Jeriau waterfalls here.

6. Visit the Jeriau Waterfalls

Probably the only commercial waterfall here and is located about four kilometres from the main town area. You can hike there, but it will take you around 30 minutes, and most visitors would self-drive here.

The trail is easy with railings and walkways, which is suitable for the elderly and kids. There are gazebos and picnic areas available. The Jeriau waterfalls are about 10 meters high and safe for swimming.

Sometimes they close the waterfalls during the monsoon season from November to January due to heavy rains. If you go during this time, you may want to check with the locals there first.

7. Play a Round of Golf

If you are into golf, there is only one course up here and offers a cooling 9-hole experience. It is called the Fraser's Hill Golf Club, and the best time to play here is during the weekdays.

Tee-offs in the mornings are surreal as the course is dominated by the dawn fog, and when it gets late morning, the climate is golf-perfect.

This golf course has also been around since the 1920s when the British escaped the city to come up and relax. It is also built over the former tin mining area.

Fraser's Hill Clock Tower
The iconic clock tower in the town centre.

8. Admire the Nostalgic Fraser's Hill Clock Tower

It is probably the only stand-alone Mock Tudor designed clock tower in Malaysia, and it is located smack centre of the town square. The clock still works and is one of the most photographed places here.

The four-sided clock tower creates charm in the town centre, where creeper vines grow on all sides of the Mock Tudor design.

While you may think this clock tower is over a century old, it is not. It was actually built by the Frasers Hill Development Corporation in 1989. It was designed by Malaysian Landscape Architect Z. Jaal, making it only 31 years old while writing this in May 2020.

Fraser's Hill Glen Bungalow
Glen Bungalow is one of the original Mock Tudor homes here.

9. See the Mock Tudor Colonial Buildings and Homes

Because Fraser's Hill was a British Hill Station before Malaysia got its independence, many British expatriates who worked in old Malaya would take a break and head up the hill. The reason was that the climate reminded them of home.

After the British left in 1957, the old Muck Tudor homes and structures remained, and many of them turned into rest-houses. Nowadays, when you explore the area, you will easily spot these beautiful structures here.

10. See, Smell and Photograph the Beautiful Flowers

Because of the beautiful climate, you can find a wide range of flowers growing all over here. Many incredible climate flowers are the stars here. One of them is the Angles Trumpet which is grown all over the place.

If you are an avid anthophile, this will be a wonderland for you as you will find several species growing freely here, including orchids.

Fraser's Hill Strawberry Farm
Strawberry farm and cafe.

11. Visit the Strawberry Farm and Cafe

There is a quaint strawberry farm and cafe where visitors can experience plucking their own strawberries just after the Smokehouse. This place is called Strawberry Garden and also offers a flower nursery. 

Visitors can try scones, cakes, ice cream, fresh strawberries, and even local cuisine at the cafe. This is also a Halal cafe. You can buy souvenirs like strawberry jam among the many items here while there is no entrance fee and open from 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Restaurants at Fraser's Hill
Visitors at the local restaurant.

12. Experience the Local Food Center at Food Garden

There is a famous local food centre, or food court found here and caters to all walks of life. You get the best Chinese, Malay, and even Indian local food here at the Food Garden.

Because of the crowd popularity, this place may be partially opened during non-peak times. Whenever I visit Fraser's Hill, I will surely make it a point to come here for my local food fix. The prices are very reasonable, and the experience is overall quite enjoyable.

13. Do Some Souvenir or Necessity Shopping

Without a doubt, any traveller would want some sort of souvenir when they visit a new place, and here at Fraser's Hill, you can find some local souvenir shops at the Food Garden.

Apart from the available t-shirts, caps, and other memorabilia being offered, mini markets and sundry shops sell daily necessities, snacks, and drinks.

Why? Because after dark, all shops and restaurants are closed, and if you need a midnight snack, this is your option.

14. Indulge in Local Orchids at Sanyi Orchid Garden

There is a dedicated orchid garden that doubles as a flower nursery up here for orchid lovers. Apparently, the owners are from the city and decided to open a branch at Fraser's Hill. They are well-known exporters of Moth orchids or Phalaenopsis orchids from Malaysia.

They offer a range of local and hybrid orchids for sale but do not expect rare jungle orchids. Prices are pretty reasonable and usually cater to the local visitors. Sanyi Orchid Garden is open daily from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM, and there are no entrance fees.

Fraser's Hill Bird Race
The scene during Fraser's Hill Bird Race.

15. Do some Bird Watching at Fraser's Hill

Bird watching is probably the most popular outdoor activity here as there are over 250 bird species to be spotted all over Fraser's Hill. Every year, there is the Fraser's Hill International Bird Race that sees thousands of enthusiasts attending.

Each trail here offers different species of birds to spot, and often, you can also spot them along the main roads here. This activity can be done solo or with the assistance of bird guides here.

Fraser's Hill Glass House
The unique Glass House at Frasers's Hill.

16. Visit the Glass House Fraser's Hill

The latest attraction at Fraser's Hill is the Glass House, a cosy cafe located just after Shazan Inn. The concept of a small annexe glass greenhouse gives the place its name, and here, you can order a selection of coffee and cakes throughout the day.

They close on Wednesdays and Thursdays and open on other days from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Inside the glass greenhouse, they have a beautiful display of cactus and other interesting plants.   

Fraser's Hill
The unique Fraser's Hill signboard.

When is the Best Time to Visit Fraser's Hill? 

Anytime is a great time, but the coolest months are from November to January, where the temperature drops a little, and there is more mist seen. However, it can also be rainy during this time so take note.

And because this is the year-end, it is also school holidays, so the place can get a little crowded with locals bringing their families for a city getaway. It is recommended to book ahead if you plan to visit during the year-end.

Directions to Fraser's Hill
Directions to Fraser's Hill from Google Maps.

How to Go to Fraser's Hill? 

Generally, most visitors will self-drive up here for a daily trip or an overnight trip. From Kuala Lumpur, it only takes two hours to drive one way passing Kuala Kubu Bharu town.

There is no public transportation to get here; hence if you do not drive, you can always arrange for a taxi or ride-share car to send you up there. But getting down would be tricky unless you pre-book your way back.

Alternatively, you can always engage a tour company to book a tour up here, including a nature guide, which can be a little more costly.

Back in the day, the Pahang Lin Siong bus was used to service the route between Raub-Fraser's Hill-Kuala Lumpur, but they stopped this around 2009.

Bukit Fraser Pahang
The welcome sign is in Malay.

Some Historical Facts on Fraser's Hill

Just for those who would like to know a little more, Fraser's Hill was discovered by Louis James Fraser, a Scottish trader searching for gold in the hills. This was back in the 1890s.

Discovering tin instead of gold, Fraser recruited workers and opened up a mine here. For some reason, Fraser disappeared 25 years later without a trace.

But the person that made Fraser's Hill what it is today is actually a Bishop from Singapore named C. J. Ferguson-Davie. He was tasked to search for Fraser but could not find him in 1917.

While up here, C. J. Ferguson-Davie found the area highly suitable for a hill station and a retreat from the heat in the city. In 1919, they started building a road to the top, and by 1922, Fraser's Hill was opened to the public.

Old Photo of Fraser's Hill
Fraser's Hill in the 1950s. Photo by New Straits Times.

I trust this list provides all the information you need about Fraser's Hill, and if there is anything left out, please do let me know.

At the end of the day, if you desire a nature getaway from Kuala Lumpur, this is one of the recommended places to visit.
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