Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi

Nasi Campur Kaka Yan Langkawi

Food has always been one of my weaknesses on all my travels, and this time around, I will be highlighting the super-famous Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi. 

Overall, when I visit a place, I make it a point to explore the very local food scene, and these places are usually is local-famous. Most of the time, recommended by locals whom I work with.

So, what is Nasi Campur? It is translated from Malay as mixed rice, where one takes a plate of white rice and adds in various dishes to create your own tailored-meal.

Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi

Over the years, I have heard a lot about this famous Malay mix rice place in Langkawi, and every time I wanted to try it, it was either too late or not convenient.

Kak Yan Malay mix rice is probably the most famous 'Nasi Campur' in all of Langkawi, and if you ask anyone on the island, they would easily agree.

Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi
Kak Yan Nasi Campur seen from the main Ulu Melaka road.

So, I keep asking myself what is it that lures people to his unique Island Malay cuisine? You and I know that there are actually many other Malay stalls and restaurants found from Kuah to Pantai Cenang.

I had to dig a little deeper to answer this question, and I asked around. Apparently, Kak Yan used to operate in a different location and in a much smaller shop.

Kak Yan's amazing cooking skills showed the locals how traditional and simple 'Kampung-style' dishes could go mainstream, and this was all done with passion.

She has been around for over 10 years now and currently is located along the main road of Ulu Melaka and is nowhere near Kuah or Pantai Cenang.

Restoran Kak Yan Langkawi
At one end of the spread, you will find the fried and grilled fish.

What is the Best Dish at Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant?

To me, every dish looks good there. It's just what each individual person likes. There's like over 30 dishes at any one spread so, from my knowledge, each of them has their own strengths.

If you are a fish person, you would most likely be going for the 'Ikan Masak Gulai' or for the 'Kari Ikan', or just the many types of grilled fishes with various sambal sauces.

And if you love meats, they have all kinds of everything, ranging from masak chilli paid, masak kurma, masak kicap, masak gulai, masak tempoyak, masak lemak, masak nenas, and the list goes on.

So, to list everything here would be a sin; therefore, it is highly recommended that you take this experience as your own. I have provided the information, and the next step is all up to you.

Local Langkawi Malay Food
A view of the Malay dishes offered to customers.

Asking around, the locals do not seem to have any special or best dish at Kak Yan Restaurant, as they claim everything is perfect here.

They do have one special dish called 'Kerabu Beronok', which is very popular among the local Langkawi people, and this is worth trying.

How Does the Ordering System Work Here?

Ok, this is not your normal sit-and-dine restaurant where waiters come and take your order. Kak Yan is a self-serviced buffet-style local kampung restaurant.

Langkawi Nasi Campur Restaurant
The first thing to do is to take your plate and rice.

This means when you walk in, you head straight to where the empty rice places are stacked. Take a plate, fill it with white rice and then you start to walk around the main buffet table taking what you want.

When you do this, there will be people before and after you; hence you should not spend too long at one spot pondering if you want that dish or not. Just move on and go around.

The general rule of mixed-rice is that you do not take over four side dishes with your rice. Most people take two or three dishes with rice.

For outsiders like me, I make an exception and take around six to seven dishes, but all in tiny portions to sample them.

Langkawi Famous Malay Food
After loading up on your dishes, you proceed to the cashier counter to pay.

When you are done, take your plate to the main counter where it says "Bayar Di Sini" or pay here. This is also where you order your drinks before paying for everything.

After that, you can go look for a place to sit, and then go to the drinks section to pick up your drink or drinks and you are done.

What else does Kak Yan Sell? 

I almost forgot, but Kak Yan Restaurant is a local tourist industry, and because of this, there has a corner that sells cakes and bites.

However, if your mission is to taste authentic Langkawi Malay food, then you can just avoid this area. It is more for those with a sweet tooth or just needs to buy something to munch after your meal.

Local Langkawi Kuih
The sweet-tooth corner at Kak Yan Restaurant

Where is Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant? 

Kak Yan Restaurant's location is along the Jalan Ulu Melaka Road, which is in between Kuah and Pantai Cenang.

It will take about 35 minutes one-way drive to get here from Kuah town, and from Pantai Cenang, it will take you around 20 minutes drive one-way.

There is parking available outside the restaurant area and also at the side of the place. You may also park along the road shoulder for those coming in the opposite direction, but do it carefully.

There is no parking charge, so it is free, regardless if you drive a car or ride a bike here.

Langkawi Local Malay Restaurant
Six types of Sambal chilli being offered to customers.

When is the Best Time to Eat at Kak Yan Restaurant?

This is crucial as the place can get really crowded during peak hours. So, I have been here several times and the best time to eat here is still just before lunch at around 11.00 AM.

If you come during the prime hour for some reason, you will have to bear with what is available in terms of food.

For places to sit, not to worry as they have an extension area on the restaurant's right, which offers more seating.

Probably, the beauty about coming here early is to catch all the 40 plus Malay dishes being displayed right in front of your eyes. And trust me, this is something a foodie will remember for life.

Also, if you think you are a real travel foodie, think again. This is pure Northern Malay cuisine having a mixture of a little Siamese, east coast, and the Central-northern Malay styles.

So, if you think you know much about Malay food, think again. Even I do not dare state, I know my Malay food well enough. Truth be told, there is no Malay food expert blogger or influence out there. Everyone claims they are one, or most are just wannabes.

Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant

Open Daily: 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM

Contact number: 011-2718 7928

Closes Every alternate Monday

Payment: Cash only

Price: Anywhere from RM5.00 to RM20.00 per plate

Directions To Kak Yan Restaurant
Google maps showing the distance from Pantai Cenang to Kak Yan Restaurant.

How to Go to Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi? 

The only way to get here is by self-drive, self-ride or by taking a taxi from wherever you are. The location is easily found on Google Maps or Waze, therefore use that to get here.

If you use a hotel chauffeur's services, you can also talk to them as most locals in Langkawi know where this famous restaurant is located.


Overall, I have to say that the food here was quite up to my expectation, and it was considered better than many other places I tried. I would give this place a 7 out of 10.

While I have been visiting Langkawi for some tourism work since the end of 2019, I have been exploring many local places for Malay food, and I will share them from time to time.

I will usually stay at the Tanjung Rhu Resort, which is located in a beautiful and secluded part of Northern Langkawi.

And when I arrive, I always rent a simple car to move around Langkawi as it is probably the best and most convenient way to explore the island.

This is how I end up visiting many of these local gems, which I feel the need to be highlighted to everyone reading this.

Read my other review about the famous Nasi Daging Bakar at Padang Matsirat near the Langkawi Airport.

Nasi Campur Kak Yan
The main signboard that can be seen by the road.

After over 35 years of travelling around Malaysia, I have now realised that I only go to do the things I want, hence enjoying my trips.

And since 2019, my objectives have highlighted some of the lesser-known or local-famous places to be shared online.

And Kak Yan Nasi Campur Restaurant in Langkawi is just the start of my little passion project to highlight these places.

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