Social Media Marketing with Malaysia Asia

Social Media Marketing with Malaysia Asia is one of the exclusive services that we offer to the tourism and travel industry. With the current demand in social media nowadays, it is imperative that you are on board this new digital medium which has seen much results over the last couple of years. Here at Malaysia Asia, we have been practicing social media since 2008 with a very good track record with our clients, local and international.

Travel Social Media Marketing in Malaysia is still considered very new to the industry players, may it be hotels and resorts, tourism boards or even travel agents. Only the large organizations with good marketing budgets have embarked on this digital medium since 2010 but many are still unsure or does not know how it is done the correct way. Some may think that it will cost a lot of money, but in actual fact, the price range can be in the affordable budget depending on your demands.

Malaysia Asia is here to give you these options as we have had dealings with large companies to individually owned businesses where results have been fruitful to our clients. We are not an SEO company that promises you page one results or money back, we rather build the brand or image organically through proper channels and tapping on multiple related platforms.

Social Media Marketing with Malaysia Asia

What is Social Media Marketing?
Most people would instantly say Facebook and Twitter, yes, that is true but the overall concept of this is much more complex that you think. It involves a lot of engagement, finding the right reach and so on. Social Media does not guarantee instant ROI but if cleverly planned, this is highly possible. Our job is to help you understand this so that it can help your brand grow in this digital age. 

Why Malaysia Asia? 
There are a number of companies that will offer you these kind of services but Malaysia Asia can assure you a true reach compared to the other companies. Why? Because we are travelers and our network is 100% traveler related. Simply said, we have a huge travel network behind us, unlike other companies that pitch you the same thing minus the network. We actually take time to travel to or with your product and fully utilize all aspects of social media for results. Just to add on, Malaysia Asia is also an award winning travel site with excellent contacts in the tourism industry and the travel network locally and internationally.

Social Media Marketing Services in Malaysia Asia
We offer multiple types of services which include;
  • Digital Advertising / Single or Multiple Sites
  • Digital Online Marketing / Consultation
  • Digital Article Publication / Promotion
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Travel Blog Management
  • Social Media Management - Facebook and other platforms
  • Website Development (integrated with social media and SEO) 
Malaysia Social Media Services

Are you in the Travel Industry?
Are you frustrated because your clients are ahead in social media while you are still spending too much time figuring this out? As long as you are in the travel industry or related, this qualifies you to jump on board the Social Media Bandwagon. Examples would be:

  • Tourism Boards
  • Airlines
  • Hotels, Resorts and Lodges
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Travel Agents and Tour Companies
  • Travel Magazines and Books
  • Travel Gear (Apparels, Equipment, Watches)
  • Travel Gadgets (Cameras, Phones, GPS)
  • Cars Dealers (for destination driving)
You can Contact Me anytime. We will reply you within 24-48 hours. Again, we would like to stress that we are genuine travel writers, photographers and social media advocates that travel around the world for our work. This means we know the industry better than many other companies would claim therefore if you are interested in taking the next step in the digital world, contact us for Social Media Marketing with Malaysia Asia.

Malaysia Asia

Blogging since 2007, but writing online since 1997. I belong to the 1st generation of worldwide bloggers, which is of course old-school. Since 2008, I created Malaysia Asia and this travel, flood, gadget and lifestyle blog has won numerous physical awards from tourism boards around Malaysia. (Not those online awards). After 12 years of blogging, I have semi-retired and now blog about things I like, do product reviews and enjoy life. My work has been featured in Lonely Planet, CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel, Wall Street Journal, and many other international publications. Find out more about me and thank you.


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