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Shopping at Rumah Mode in Bandung

Rumah Mode Bandung
Shopping at Rumah Mode in Bandung is probably the ultimate experience as this super popular factory outlet is located on the famous Jalan Setiabudi and is known to highlight factory outlet shopping in Bandung.

Overall, the outlet is very nicely decorated with excellent landscaping built on a large area with its own private parking.

Before you continue, Rumah Mode is pronounced as Rumah Mo-Dey or Roo Mah More Day, as this would make your communication easier when you are here in Bandung.

Rumah Mode in Bandung

Rumah Mode factory outlet gets super jammed up on weekends, so be prepared for this if you are here during this time.

On a normal day, the taxi would take about 5 to 10 minutes to get there from your hotel in town. But on weekends, it can take up to 20 or 30 minutes.

Also, once inside Rumah Mode, be prepared for long lines just to try on the clothes. It seems like half of Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur are there shopping on weekends. The crowd is crazy on weekends, so best to visit on weekdays.

Bandung Natural Factory Outlet
Natural Factory Outlet in Bandung
If you explore Rumah Mode outside, you will also chance upon various other factory outlets outside on the main road, and one of them was called Natural Factory Outlet.

I went there to drop off some friends who spent an amazing six hours of straight hardcore shopping there.

So, I really did not have a chance to explore the insides, but according to my friend who did, she needed foot reflexology halfway through as her legs were aching from all that walking. 

Bandung Distrohouse Factory Outlet
Distrohouse Factory Outlet in Bandung
Another factory outlet next to Rumah Mode is called Distrohouse, which also carries many other brands too.

The entire area here is literally surrounded by many other smaller outlets, so it would be a good idea to just focus on one area when you are in Bandung.

Just by doing that, you could easily get lost in time like my friends did. 

Street Photography Bandung
Street photography outside Rumah Mode in Bandung
Usually, the van driver (supir) you hire will wait outside for you in the parking lots while you go in and do your shopping. Make sure you get his contact number before leaving him to wait.

But in my experience, I think it would be better to ask the driver to wait outside at another outlet so when you are done, simply walk to him. The parking at Rumah Mode is always full and very congested.

Overall, Rumah Mode is one of the top factory outlets in Bandung, and you will hear people talking about this place. It is also very popular with the locals in Indonesia.

So once again, if you go there on the weekend, just be prepared for the worst. Tell your husbands or boyfriends to go elsewhere and find something to do as you can easily spend half the day there.

Rumah Mode Address:
Jalan Dr. Setiabudi No.41, Pasteur, Sukajadi,
Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40143, Indonesia
Tel: +62 22 2032938

Other Factory Outlets in Bandung

You can also read about my other outlet experience, like the Dago Factory Outlets and the Jalan Riau Factory Outlets.

For something totally out of this world, you need to visit the Cihampelas shopping area near the other outlets.

For more info on Hotels, prices, addresses, telephone numbers, taxi or van services, please read my Bandung Hotel article as I have shared much information on that article.


Finally, to please the tired shoppers, they have a foot reflexology centre in Rumah Mode. (One hour about RM18.00) For hungry shoppers, they also have a lovely cafe with a nice ambience.

Sadly, I did not explore deeper inside as I only made it into the main driveway during the rain to pick up some friends who did some serious shopping at the Rumah Mode factory outlet here in Bandung.

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