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Bandung Factory Outlets and Hotel List

Hotels at Bandung Factory Outlets
This Bandung Factory Outlet hotel list is created for those traveling here to do some serious shopping.

This list gives you information on where the hotel and Factory Outlets or FOs are located making it easy for your stay.

Please note that this is just a guide and once you find a hotel suitable for your stay, please visit the hotel website and contact the hotel or your travel agent for the actual prices for your stay.

Bandung Factory Outlets and Hotel List

The famous Factory Outlets will be Rumah Mode, Jalan Riau, and Dago. These are places with various factory outlets located along the streets.

Please take a look at my 10 Factory Outlets in Bandung blog with details on the outlets and also general information like taxi services and changing your money in Bandung.

And for those seeking some local food, I also have written an article about the general food, and also about the famous Bandung Food and Layer Cakes.

At the end of this posting, I have a list of Tour Companies and also Car Rental Services. So, choose your selection, check the prices and have a great holiday there in Bandung!

The Exchange Rates of Rupiah to Ringgit, Singapore Dollar and US Dollar as of Aug 2009:

Indonesian Rupiah 10,000 = Ringgit Malaysia RM 3.54
Indonesian Rupiah 10,000 = Singapore Dollar SG$1.45
Indonesian Rupiah 10,000 = US Dollars USD$ 1.08

*Update: Rates have since changed from the time of this writing and you can check with the currency converter on the latest rates.

Bandung Hotel List

Bandung Grand Serela Hotel
Grand Serela Hotel

Grand Serela Hotel, Bandung (*Most Recommended Hotel)
  • Prices for weekday/weekend
  • Standard Superior Rp.595,000 / Rp.780,000 (Hotel Rates)
  • 3 Star Boutique Hotel very close to Jalan Riau Factory Outlets
  • Very nice rooms
  • Walking time to Factory Outlets 5 to 10 minutes only
  • Near Heritage, Stamp, Terminal Tas, ForMen, Summit, Cascade, Oasis, The Secret, Branded Club – All Factory Outlets
  • No swimming pool
  • KFC 2 minutes walk
  • Rumoh Raja Melayu Restaurant nearby
  • Golf Package available
  • Address: Jl. LLRE. Martadinata (Riau) No 56, Bandung
  • Telephone: 62 22 4240328
  • Fax: 62 21 30037006 (Jakarta Office)
  • Email: reservation@grand-serela.com
New Sany Rosa Hotel
  • Price about Rp. 300,000 for Standard Room
  • 35% room for weekday and 10% discount for the weekend
  • 5 minutes to Rumah Mode (Pronounced Mo-day) and Real Factory Outlet
  • Quiet hotel, homely feel.
  • McDonald's in front of the hotel
  • Pizza hut 1-minute walk
  • Sundanese Restaurant, Sari Sunda 10 Minutes walk up
  • Address: Jl. Hegarmanah No. 4, Bandung
  • Phone: 62 22 2033562
  • Fax: 62 22 2031759

Grand Seriti Hotel
Grand Seriti Hotel
  • Prices for weekday/weekend
  • Superior room Rp.714,000 / Rp.814,000 (Hotel Rates)
  • 3 minutes to Rumah Mode, Natures, Donatella
  • 5 – 10 minutes walk to Cihampelas
  • 10 minutes to McDonalds & Pizza Hut
  • Walk down the street to Supermarket and cut through to appear across Rumah Mode
  • Address: Jl. Hegarmanah No. 9-15, Bandung
  • Tel: 62 22 2041680
  • Fax: 62 22 2041681
  • Email: reservation@grand-seriti.com

Hotel Sukajadi
  • 3 Star Boutique Hotel
  • Standard Room Rp.560,000 (Hotel rate)
  • 5-10 minute walk to Paris Van Java
  • 10 minutes to Cihampelas
  • Small cozy rooms
  • Pool available
  • 15 minutes to 2 x Golf Courses in Dago area
  • Address: Jl. Sukajadi 176 Bandung
  • Telephone: 62.22.2033888 - 2031088 - 2033777 
  • Fax: 62.22.2034020 - 2033729
  • Website: http://www.sukajadihotel.com/
  • Email: info@sukajadihotel.com
Retanata Homestay Hotel
  • Price about: Rp.320,000 (inclusive breakfast)
  • Walk down a back alley down and up a small hill and in 5 minutes you will be right on the doorstep of Rumah Mode and other Factory Outlets at Jl Setiabudi.
  • Address: Jl. Hegarbudi No. 85, Bandung
  • Tel: 62 22 2038494 / 70806338
  • Fax: (62) 22 2038494
  • Website: exceeded bandwidth
  • Email: none

  • Price for weekday/weekend
  • Standard Room A Rp.170,000 / Rp/195,000
  • Not close to Factory Outlets
  • Nice place and good reviews, near the airport.
  • Address: Jl. Cassa No.2, Bandung
  • Website: http://www.cassadua.com/
  • Tel: 62-22-2005822 / 5833
  • Fax: 62-22-2006372
  • Email: reservation@cassadua.com / customer@cassadua.com
Rumah Ebo (Quite Popular)
  • Prices (weekday/weekend rates)
  • Single Bed Room Rp.103,000 / Rp.172,000
  • Standard No Bathroom Rp.212,000 / Rp.258,000
  • Standard Air Cond Rp.253,000 / Rp.410,000
  • Family Room Rp.483,000 / Rp.540,000
  • House Style Hotel
  • 5-10 minutes walking distance to Dago Factory Outlets
  • Double Rooms/Family Rooms
  • Possible to add up to 2 extra beds for large families
  • Address: Jl. Imam Bonjol 27, Bandung 40132
  • Telephone: 62 22 2533773
  • Fax: 62 22 2506629
  • Website: http://rumahebo.wordpress.com
  • Email: rumahebo@yahoo.com
  • Contact person: Kiki, Operation Manager

Geulis Boutique Hotel
  • Rp.875,000 for a standard suite
  • Rp.1,400,000 for a family suite
  • Located at Dago Street
  • Walking distance to Factory Outlets – Grande, Blossom, Raffles City, Victoria, Donatella, Uptown
  • Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no. 129, Bandung
  • Telephone: 62-22 250.7777/250.360
  • Fax: 62-22 250.3086
  • Website: https://hotelgeulisbandung.com/
  • Email: geulishotel@geulis-hotel.com

Hotel GandaSari
  • Price about Rp.360,000 weekday
  • Near Jalan Riau Factory Outlets
  • Heritage, Stamp, Terminal Tas, ForMen, Summit, Cascade, Oasis, The Secret, Branded Club – All Factory Outlets
  • Free Wifi
  • Address: Jl. Seram No 3 Bandung
  • Telephone: 022 4200518
Naval Hotel
  • Price about Rp. 380,000 to Rp.440,000
  • On Sukajadi Road
  • Near Paris Van Java (PVJ) Shopping Center and Cihampelas
  • Address: Jl.Sukajadi No.180 Bandung
  • Telephone: 62 22 204 0868
  • Fax: 62 22 204 1425

Hotel Caryota

  • Price about Rp.240,000 to Rp.360,000 with B/fast
  • Very near Paris Van Java Shopping (500 meters)
  • Decent Budget Hotel, 24 hrs, Hot Shower
  • Address: Jl Sukajadi No. 169, Bandung
  • Telephone: 62 22 032581 / 62 222 2035574

Palais Dago Hotel Deluxe Room

The Palais Dago Hotel

  • Address: Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 90 Bandung 40132
  • Tel: 62.22.2505111 / 2505222
  • Fax: 62.22.2505333
  • Email: marketing@thepalaisdago.com
  • Website: http://www.thepalaisdago.com/
  • They have a massage and spa at this hotel.
  • This is a Boutique Hotel with 12 deluxe rooms and 4 grand suites.
  • The Palais Dago Hotel is close to Hussein Sastranegara Airport and Bandung’s Point of Interests as well as Business District.  

Banana Inn Hotel & Spa Bandung

Banana Inn Hotel and Spa
  • Price of rooms - Rp.792,000 / Rp.900,000
  • Located along Jalan Setiabudhi and down the road from Sukajadi. Near to Paris Van Java and also Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. Cihampelas is also in the area.
  • Facilities: Swimming Pool, Lounge, Spa
  • Same group as Grand Seriti Hotel and Grand Selera Hotel in Bandung
  • Address: Banana Inn Hotel & Spa Bandung, Jl. Setiabudhi No.191, Bandung 40153
  • Tel: +62 22 2005479
  • Fax: +62 22 2005489
  • Email: admin@banana-inn.com
  • Reservation: book@banana-inn.com
  • Website: http://banana-inn.com/

Jakarta Office:
Casablanca Mansion 07#02
Jl. Casablanca Raya KAV.9, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : +62 21 71689168, +62 21 28043366, +62 21 28042323
Fax : +62 21 30037006

Hotel Edelweiss

  • Price about Rp.350,000
  • Near Sukajadi and Setiabudi area, Rumah Mode
  • Bungalow Style Boutique Hotel
  • Not recommended for kids, families or large groups
  • Address: Jl. Sukajadi No. 206, Bandung
  • Tel: 62 22 2032369

Hotel Baltika Bandung

  • Address: Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 30 Karees, Bandung - 40262
  • Tel: +62 22 7313331 or 7319789
  • Fax: +62 22 7311076
  • 2 Star Hotel
  • Published Rates:
    - Standard Room: Rp. 180.000
    - Family Room: Rp. 215.000

De’Tropis Family Guest House
  • de' Tropis Family Guest House offers more services than regular accommodation. They provide complimentary products like coffee, tea, and snack in our cafeteria. They have selected books, magazines, and we also provide Free-Wireless-Connection (Free WiFi) for guests. They provide a different breakfast menu every day. They can also provide you with a special breakfast menu as your request (diabetic, special diet, etc). They are also very flexible on check-in and check-out time (latest check out is 4 pm).
  • de’ Tropis Family Guest House is situated in the heart of Bandung. We are not located in the main street, we are located in the housing area so our location is not too crowded. We are near the biggest shopping mall in Bandung, Bandung Super Mall (BSM), and a famous food center in Bandung, Burangrang Street. We are minutes away from the business district (Asia Afrika), and many majors factory outlets in Riau Street (The Summit, STAMP, Heritage, For Men, etc).
  • Taxi and rental car is always available in our area.
  • Rates for Weekdays - Monday to Thursday
    Standard – Rp. 250.000,- (US$ 24) – 1 queen bed
    Deluxe – Rp. 300.000,- (US$ 27) – 1 king bed or 2 single beds
    Family – Rp. 350.000,- (US$ 32) – 1 queen bed and 1 single bed
    Extra bed – Rp. 50.000,- (US$ 5)
    House – Rp. 3.000.000,- (US$ 285) – 2 standard, 5 deluxe, 3 family rooms
    (suitable for group less than 35 people)
  • Rates for Weekends - Friday to Sunday
    Standard – Rp. 300.000,- (US$ 27) – 1 queen bed
    Deluxe – Rp. 350.000,- (US$ 31) – 1 king bed or 2 single beds
    Family – Rp. 375.000,- (US$ 34) – 1 queen bed and 1 single bed
    Extra bed – Rp. 50.000,- (US$ 5)
    House – Rp. 3.300.000,- (US$ 300) – 2 standard, 5 deluxe, 3 family rooms
    (suitable for group less than 35 people)
  • All rooms has a private bathroom
  • All prices include breakfast and complementary products
  • Address: Jl. Windu 6 (Gatot Subroto), Bandung
  • Tel: 62 22 730 80 34
  • Email: lady_joanne85@yahoo.com

Progo Hotel
  • Price about Rp.
  • On Jalan Riau, near Heritage, Stamp, Terminal Tas, ForMen, Summit, Cascade, Oasis, The Secret, Branded Club – All Factory Outlets
  • Address: Jl. Progo No. 8, Bandung
  • Tel: 62 22 4206249
  • Fax: 62 22 4206249

Grand Preanger Hotel Bandung
  • Address: Jalan Asia Afrika 81 Po Box 1220 Bandung 40111
  • Tel: +62 22 4231631
  • Fax: +62 22 4230034
  • Email: info@preanger.aerowisata.com
  • Publish Rates:
    - Deluxe Room Rp. 925.000.
    - Business Deluxe Room Rp. 990.000.
    - Grand Deluxe Room Rp. 1.250.000
    - Executive Suite Room Rp. 1.350.00
    - Nakula Suite Room Rp. 2.500.000
    - Sadewa Suite Room Rp. 2.750.000
    - Malabar Suite Room Rp. 4.250.000
    - Priangan Suite Room Rp. 5.000.000
    - Pandawa Suite Room Rp. 6.000.000
    - Garuda Suite Room Rp. 9.000.000
    - Extra Bed Rp. 225.000.
  • Located: This 4-star hotel is located in the center of Bandung's business and financial district and only 5 km from the train station and 10 km from the airport.

Luxton Hotel
  • Price about Rp.550,000 (promo)
  • 5-minute drive to Dago, BIP Shopping Mall
  • 15-minute drive to Cihampelas and Paris Van Java
  • 75 minutes drive to Tangkuban Perahu Crater and Hot Springs
  • Free shuttle to Airport and Train Station
  • Address: Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No.18 Bandung
  • Telephone: 62 22 4220 700 Ext. 7303
  • Fax: +62 22 4220 600
  • Website: http://theluxton.com/
  • Email: reservation@theluxton.com

Orange Homes (Melayu Residence)
  • Prices of rooms range from Standard Room Rp.175,000 to Family Room Rp.550,000
  • Pasar Baru 15 minutes, Factory Outlet 10 minutes, Paris Van Java Mall (1,5 Km / 10 minutes), Padang Restaurant Sederhana (5 minutes), BTC Bandung Trade Center ( 800 meters/ 3 minutes), Anata Salon & Spa ( 500 meters / 3 minutes)
  • They have Standard Rooms, Deluxe, Connecting and Family Rooms
  • Address: Babakan Jeruk 1 No. 76 Pasteur Bandung
  • Tel: 6281221010336
  • Email: irvankusumaputra@yahoo.com

Royal Palace Hotel Bandung

Royal Palace Hotel Bandung

  • Address: Jl. Lembong No 21, West Java, Bandung, Java 40111, Indonesia
  • Tel: +62 22 4208373
  • Fax: +62 22 4240376
  • Hotel Rating: 2 Star
  • Published Rates:
    - Economy Single Room: Rp. 190.000,-/night
    - Economy Twin Room: Rp. 230.000,-/night
    - Standard Room: Rp. 290.000,-/night
    - Deluxe Room: Rp. 330.000,-/night

Location: This hotel is near the famous Braga Shopping Area and most department stores are only a few minutes from this hotel. The Government offices are also within walking distance from the Bandung hotel if you are there for business.

Savoy Homann Hotel
  • Prices from Rp.600,000
  • Address: Jl. Asia Afrika No. 112 Bandung 40261
  • Telephone: (62-22) 4232244
  • Fax:(62-22) 423618
  • Email: savoy@bdg.centrin.net.id
Arion Swiss-Belhotel standard double room
Arion Swiss-BelHotel
  • 4 Star Boutique Hotel
  • Located in between all the shopping areas
  • 5-10 minutes drive to Pasar Baru, Dago, Riau, Sukajadi, Cihampelas
  • Very nice rooms, spacious and can get connecting rooms for large groups
  • Spa available
  • Friendly staff and nice hotel restaurant
  • Need Driver/Supir for this hotel
  • Address: Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 16, Bandung
  • Tel: (62-22) 424 0000
  • Fax: (62-22) 426 6280
  • Website: Swiss-Belhotel Bandung
  • Email: bandung@swiss-belhotel.com


Riau Area: Hotel Grand Serela, Hotel Anggrek, Hotel Santika, Wisma Nova, Hotel Progo, Hotel Gandasari
Dago Area: Rumah Ebo, Hotel Karmila, Geulis, Utari, Holiday Inn, Luxton, Patra Jasa, Royal Dago
Setiabudhi / Sukajadi: Sany Rossa


Rumah Tawa Guest House
· Standard Room/Fan
· Price about Rp.200,000

Hotel Utari
· Price about Rp.300,000

Bumi Sawunggaling
· Price about Rp.300,000

Hotel Putra Desa
· Standard Room Price about Rp. 250,000
· Family Room Rp.350,000

Hotel Kenangan
· Price about Rp.200,000
· Wifi available

My Family Guesthouse
· Price about Rp.360,000
· Jl. Maulana Yusof 3, Bandung
· Tel: 022 4238 220

Wisma Gandapura
  • Price: From Rp.175,000
  • Location: Near Jalan Riau Factory Outlets
  • Address: Jl. Laks L RE Martadinata 120, Bandung
  • Tel: (+62-22) 4233991 (+62-22) 7231200 (+62-22) 7231201
  • Fax: (+62-22) 4209122

Buminanienie Family Guest House
· Deluxe: Rp.350.000, 1 king bed
· Standard: Rp300.000, 1 queen bed
· Small Family: Rp.550.000, 1 king bed, 1 double bed, living room
· Jl. Wira Angun-angun No.15 Bandung
· Tel: 0817-00000-64

Rumah Tubagus
· Price about Rp.350,000
· Near Dago Shopping area
· For 5 Pax Apartment Style
· 2 Bedrooms (Single Queen + 3 Twin)
· Kitchen/Stove/Utensils
· Bathroom/Hot/Cold Shower
· Web: www.guesthousebandung.com/
- email: bnn_reservation@yahoo.com
- Tel: 622-4204210

Hostel By Moritz
· Price about Ro.65,000 to Rp.80,000
· Near Pasar Baru
· Near Kota Kembang (CD, DVD)
· Most well-known backpackers hostel in Bandung
· Add: Jalan Kebon Jati, No 41
· Add: 17, Jl Luxor Permai( Jl Belakan Pasar)
· Tel: 022 4205788
· Fax: 022 4207495


The Majesty Apartment Hotel
  • TEL: 62-22-2002485 / 2015483
  • Email: marketing@themajestyhotel.com

Galeri Ciumbuleuit

Grand Setiabudhi Apartment
  • TEL: 62-22-2044002
  • Email: sales@grandsetiabudihotel.com
Setramurni Apartment
Bandung Car/Van and Driver Rental services

Pak Rudy (+62 085 6215 1705) - Boss/Private agent
Pak Harun (+62 813 2224 2435) - Driver
Zafiracar http://www.zafiracar.com/

Juru Cipta Semesta Tour jctour@indo.net.id
Selia Tour seliatour@bdg.centrin.net.id


Zafiracar http://www.zafiracar.com/
Mulia Car Rental http://muliarental.com/
Blue Bird http://www.bluebirdgroup.com/
Eazyrent email: reynard@eazyrent.co.id

Cakra 21 Travel
Transport and Tour Company specializing in all kinds of trips in and around Bandung.

Suzuki APV Van (6 Seater)
Price: Rp. 500.000 / day (max 10 hour)
Includes: Van + driver + gasoline
Coverage Area: Bandung City - Cimahi - Lembang - Ciwidey

Pregio Van (10 Seater)
Price: Rp. 650.000 / day (max 12 hour)
Includes: Van + driver + gasoline + parking + toll
Coverage Area: Bandung City

Tour Bus (27 Seater)

Transfer in/out Bandung area - Rp.950.000/trip
Bandung City tour (shopping) - Rp.1.250.000/day
Bandung City tour + Tangkuban / Kawah Putih - Rp.1.350.000/day
Bandung-Puncak-Safari-Bandung - Rp.1.550.000/day
Bandung-Ancol-Bandung - RP.1.650.000/day
Price includes: Bus rental, driver, and petrol
Does not include: Parking tickets, toll, all transportation cost, drivers meal, and tips.

Cakra 21 Travel Bandung
Jl. Bojong Raya No. 5 Bandung
Tel: 62 22 6021626 /27
Fax: 62 22 602 1628
mobile: 62 813 944 747 21
email: info@cakra21travel.com


If you have any other info to add on this list, please do comment use the 'Contact Me' Form and I will update the details here.

I hope you make full use of this list for your shopping or holiday trip here. Note this information is only about Bandung Factory Outlets Hotel List.

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ZQ said…
hi jrhogan

Good list of recommended hotels. If you have other Indonesian location hotels e.g. Batam, Jakarta, that will be useful, esp. to me :-)

CathJ said…
Wahhhhhhhh.... you covered all.. Thank you for the tips..

I might visiting Bandung soon. Will check out this hotels.. ^_^
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Lin, thanks for the visit. I will make one when I visit Batam or Jakarta.

Cath, you should actually. Shopping for kids is awesome there!!

Unknown said…
Found this site by accident. Hv bn looking for hotels and yr good list caters to many. This will be our un-official travel guide. Thanks. Travelling to Bandung in early Sep, 4 ladies, primarily shopping, with a little sightseeing of course. Our 1st trip there. So no need to spend too much on hotel. Wud any of these b suitable for us?: Casadua, Rumah Ebo, Hotel Caryota, De Tropis, Orange Homes. Slanting towards Orange Homes. Please advise.

Unknown said…
Don't ever use the travel agent Zafiracar... had a very bad experience with them. Booked their family package online, told me is Aston Apartment (4 stars), but when I reach there, just dump me to the joining apartment but not manage by Aston. smelly bathroom and don't even prepare the extra bed that I requested. To my horror, when I talk to the boss (Tarmidzi Yusuf), that stupid guy just say it is their package and if I don't like it just go and look for hotel myself!! imaging I am travelling with kids and stuff. This is the worst travel experience I had so far. So please...please avoid Zafiracar (Tarmidzi Yusuf)...
NN said…
good info..
thanks for sharing..
Malaysia Asia said…
Gnil, hope you had a great time in Bandung. Sorry for my late reply.

Koon, Sorry to hear about your bad experience with them. I hope they will see this and improve on their customer service.

Sydney Hotels, thank you very much.

Nikli, Thank you for dropping by.

wyd said…
hi david,

read yr blog several times. very nice, useful n informative as i i will be visiting bandung in april. regards from holland
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello WYD and thank you for your kind words. I am glad this helped you with your Bandung trip.

jag said…
Hi Folks could someone pls tell me the best way to travel from Jakarta to Bandung. Hope to travel mid May

Malaysia Asia said…
Hope someone can help Jag with the information.

Anonymous said…
hi jag...if you going there by bus/van try cip ganti(021)55910092, 55910042
umihafiy said…
Hi David, am going to Jakarta & Bandung in mid June. It's a family vacation of 7 (wife,husband,mom,4 kids-2 young adults & 2 children) Would hotel Karmila and Hotel Unik suitable for us ? I am looking for a clean and budget hotel.
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Umi, I think you should check Trip Advisor for that. I only provided a list here while I stayed at Arion SwissBel. Sorry I cannot give more info.

Lilian said…
Thanks for the list. It's very useful indeed!
Ninja said…
Hi would just like to find out a few things

1) Are there any clubs near Grand seriti hotel...within walking distance?

2) Are there a lot of FOS within walking distance near holiday inn?

Thanks a lot
tommy said…
Hello, my name is tommy.
I am a driver. If you need a van for 10 adults in bandung, please contact me at mang.encop@yahoo.com

You can see the pictures of a van in


Thanks to Mr. David
Anonymous said…
hi, my name is stephen, on this coming May 2011,we (5 to 6 people)will visiting jakarta and bandung,but until now, we no yet decide whether by hide car or train to bandung...and for u info,we really hope that u can suggested few hotel (3 star)in either jakarta and bandung, espcially bandung..Basically we preferred kindly hotel close with all factory outlet (walking distance) and night time can hung out for a drink,so which area u suggested and which hotel?
Malaysia Asia said…
Stephen, glad you are heading there for a break. On the hotels, I would recommend what you read in the list. Sany Rossa and some of the others that are strategically in the shopping zone.

Anonymous said…
Hi, i'm going Bandung through Jakarta airport in Nov, But i cannot get a transport, can you suggest how to from Jakarta airport to bandung & from Bandung to Jakarta Hotel. I'm travelling with 2adults & 3kids. thanks very much
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi there, I would recommend you check some of the travel agents in Jakarta or ask your hotel in Bandung as they would be able to assist you on this. If not, try one of the Car Rental Companies in Bandung/Jkt.

ross said…
hi i google a lot on bandung lately coz i myself will go there next year. from what i've googled
i)u can travel from soekarno hatta to bandung (drop at bandung supermall) by bus..primajasa service bus from soekarno hatta airport.their last bus will depart at 12midnight and the cost is 75000 rupiah (as of december 2010.
ii) there's also shuttle but from jakarta city (x trans or city trans..refer wiki)
iii) train depart as early as 5.45 am from jakarta to bandung
gurl666 said…
IM TRAVELLING TO BANDUNG WITH 6 Female ADULTS THIS APRIL BUT STILL CANT MAKE UP our MIND WHERE TO STAY... IVE REVIEW SEVERAL BUdjet Hotel listed by u THOUGH..ORANGE HOMES,de tropis..cherry homes.. can u give us some advise where is the best place to stay...and not so far from husin sastranegara airport..cuz ill be arriving at night :) and leave early in the morning
Malaysia Asia said…
Gurl666, I can only suggest these places. I would recommend you email them or see their websites for more details.

Benny, no worries. I just wantes to share this list as there are in face a lot of Malaysians going to Bandung for Shopping these days.

As for the rest - Supirs, Budget Hotels, Rentals, Please Contact me if you would like to feature your business in this listing or any of my future listings. We can work something out.

farid said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
farid said…
will travel to Bandung this 25 feb -28feb...would like to book orang homes...alrady send email, no respone hmm...do they accept creditcard? or i have to bank in the money ?

2. how to get to JAkarta from bandung?
Unknown said…
m going to bandung for d 2nd time tis april. previous trip i ve stayed at Hotel Cemerlang thou the hotel is ok but it's quite farfrom the factory oulets. I had a very bad supir, he was not sure where to bring us.

m still doing sum survey on the hotels, aston, new sunny rossa or etc. do you have any excellent supir for 2 pax :)
irene said…

very good review thou~
i will go to jakarta and bandung around march. I read about hotel dago 2 situated at jln.djuanda which offered affordable price, but we must to walk in :(. Do u have any suggestion for hotel/hostel/guest house near the factory outlet which cost below Rp180.000.00 per nite? Me n my friend have a very limited budget coz our main purpose is -->shopping :p
Anonymous said…

Please Search and Add our email Account (casa_dago@yahoo.com) from your Facebook Account.

You will have a usefull information when on vacation in Bandung.

Lets try it,

Anonymous said…
dear Wonder's Women, try Rumah Ebo, it's decent n clean very friendly, most of all all the Factory outlet r within walkin distance. i stayed there for 5 days Dec 10,will go again in Mei, happy shopping,,, jeffry
Anonymous said…
Hi david..

Nice blog and good info...
since this is my 1st time to bandung in july 2011 , can u suggest a good place for 5 night budget stay for two persons and 1 child.We are going on free and easy diy...
Thanks in advance
houseinbandung said…
For those who are looking for something different than just a hotel? we provide villa & guest house in Bandung & Lembang
visit us at: http://houseinbandung.com
Gildo Kaldorana said…
Selalu kalau saya ke Jakarta, pasti kunjungi juga Bandung outlet, makan, tidur......
Anonymous said…

I am a 1st time traveller to Bandung. I have already booked Sheraton for 2 nights for my stay. What I would need to know is to get private car charter for 2 persons. What is the cost of it?

Date of Visit is 18th - 20th July 2012. I am planning one whole day shopping plus sightseeing.

Next day just to relax before I fly to Jakarta. I can be contacted at +60138677110 - Duncan (Malaysian Mobile)

Can someone assist. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said…
Hi David,
Will be visiting Bandung in December. Read your blog on Bandung. Found it extremely interesting and useful. Cud u please recommend me a good supir. It is for a group of six.
Anonymous said…
Hi David,
Read ur blog on Bandung. Found it to be extremely interesting and insightful. Cud you please recommend me a good supir for six persons? will be going there this December.Thanks.
Chin chin said…
Hi David

Nice reading your blog on Bandung, i plan to go probably this year. By the way do you know what is the price for a driver for 2 person?

You seems to know the place well, when will be the best price to visit.

thank you so much, cheers...........!
Malaysia Asia said…
Hi Chin Chin, well, it has been a while since I last visited Bandung, but the 'Supir' price should be around the same or a little more. Usually when you book a taxi, it is for the entire vehicle. One of two or three persons, same price. Good luck and have fun in Bandung!
erin mahathir said…
hi david, im erin from melaka.im going to bandung this coming june(early of june),so would u give some advise which hotel is nearest to the airport (and affordable for me and hubby of course) because my arrival will be at 8 pm.thanks!
Unknown said…
Hi May I ask where homestay can i stay for a 4 days 3 night at Bandung.My total family go just 10 people.Can I get homestay that not expensive...Reply as soon as possible to my email akmal.5657@gmail.com