10 Factory Outlets in Bandung to Visit

Bandung Factory Outlets to Visit

Factory Outlets in Bandung are the most popular places visited by the women travelers and holiday makers who go there for their shopping frenzy. This article highlights the top 10 factory outlets to visit in Bandung for anyone planning to do a shopping trip here.

There are four main areas in Bandung for Factory Outlets which are Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Dago District and Cihampelas Area. So, here is a list of the best factory outlets in Bandung to visit.

Top Factory Outlets in Bandung
 Factory Outlets in Bandung - Some of the selections

Factory Outlets in Bandung to Visit

1. Rumah Mode Factory Outlet 
Pronounced as Rumah Mo-Day, this mother of all factory outlets gets super jammed up on weekends and holidays so be well prepared for this. On a normal day, the taxi would take about 5 to 10 minutes to get to Rumah Mode from your hotel in town.

But on weekends, it can take up to 20 or 30 minutes. Also, once inside Rumah Mode which is the largest factory outlet in Bandung, be prepared for incredibly long lines just to try on the clothes. Seems like half of Jakarta are there shopping on weekends. The crowd is crazy on weekends so best to visit on weekdays.

Rumah Mode Address:
Jalan Setiabudi No. 41F
Bandung, Indonesia

Heritage Factory Outlet in Bandung
Heritage Factory Outlet

2. Heritage Factory Outlet
One of the popular places with a good selection of clothes. The building looks like one of those old colonial heritage buildings with Greek columns and has a cafe/restaurant as the side. Very popular place too.

Heritage Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Riau No. 63
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4220545

3. Natural Factory Outlet 
This outlet is just situated outside Rumah Mode with a decent collection of clothes. More like a first stop or last stop after visiting Rumah Mode in Bandung.

Natural Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Setiabudi No. 43
Bandung, Indonesia

Grande Fashion Gallery Bandung
Grande Fashion Gallery

4. Grande Fashion Gallery Outlet
A popular starting place when you reach the Dago shopping area. They carry some men's clothes here too. Burberry jeans are found here among the many other international brands.

If you are looking for XXXL Sizes, you need to ask the sales assistants where the 'Jumbo' sizes are.Asking for XL, they will look at you funny. The local word is 'Jumbo' for oversize clothes. 

Grande Fashion Gallery Address;
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda.
Bandung, Indonesia

5. Summit Boutique Factory Outlet
Opposite the Heritage, this outlet carries some pretty decent bargains and is a favorite among some regular shoppers at Jalan Riau area. Women will find this place quite interesting as there are a lot of brands found here.

There are also men and children branded clothes available and they are found deeper in the factory outlet. Prepare to spend about one to two hours here. 

Summit Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No.61
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4260884

The Secret Factory Outlet in Bandung
The Secret Factory Outlet

6. The Secret Factory Outlet 
A very popular place that has good brand names and even a kids section. Free WiFi available and a nice courtyard for you to relax at this Jalan Riau Factory Outlet. Well laid out and designed with a modern touch. Looks very nice in the evenings too.

The Secret Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No.47
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4260818

7. Victoria Factory Outlet
A huge place that stretches quite far in so do not be fooled by the main entrance as it look small from outside. Great stuff to be found here including kids clothes.Easily spend a good 1-2 hours at this factory outlet in the Dago district.

Victoria Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 111
Bandung, Indonesia

8. Jeans Street or Cihampelas Shopping Street
It is here at the famous Cihampelas Street where you see the superheroes featured on top of each individual shop. From Rambo to Ironman, from Superman to The Terminator and from Wonder Woman to Ultraman, these gimmicks are used to attracts shoppers into their jeans and clothes outlets.

Don't expect high quality stuff here but the prices are really cheap if you are on a budget. There is also the famous CiWalk Shopping Mall in the area which is worth checking out.

House of Donatella Factory Outlet
House of Donatella

9. House of Donatello
Don't get this place wrong as when I first saw it, I assumed it was House of Donatella, as in Donnatella Versace. This is a local brand selling mainly leather goods. Shoes, wallets, purses, belts and handbags have a good selection if you are not brand conscious. There are two outlets of this around Bandung too.

House of Donatello Address:
Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No.45
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 2501167

10. For Men Factory Outlet
The only factory outlet dedicated to men only. This was where I hung out when the ladies went shopping crazy around the Factory Outlets at Jalan Riau area. You can find almost everything for men here and prices are reasonably cheap. A great place to drop off boyfriends and husbands. 

For Men Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No. 36
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4207888

Bandung Rumah Mode
The famous Romah Mode in Bandung
General tip - While you do get some branded clothes at the factory outlets around Bandung, please note that super brands like Versace, Channel, Christian Dior and other names are most likely fakes. They are usually mixed in with the other brands to make them look like real rejects.

I would 99% confirm hat these are in fact fake knock offs so do not bother. You have a better chance with brands like ZARA, DKNY, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Mango or MNG here.

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Bandung is a place that is a must-visit for all travelers and shoppers, and is a big hit for the locals from around Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. I have seen foreigners around the shopping areas in Bandung so do not be surprised.

There are even business people that come here to buy their stock for their businesses back home, who are buying in bulk. If you are a shopping kind of person, then I highly recommend you visit the many Factory Outlets in Bandung as it would be a unique experience.