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10 Factory Outlets in Bandung to Visit

Bandung Factory Outlets to Visit

Factory Outlets in Bandung are the most popular places women travellers, and holidaymakers visit there for their shopping frenzy. This article highlights the top 10 factory outlets in Bandung to visit for anyone planning a shopping trip here.

There are four main areas in Bandung for Factory Outlets which are Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Riau, Dago District and Cihampelas Area. So, here is a list of the best factory outlets in Bandung to visit.

Factory Outlets in Bandung to Visit

Top Factory Outlets in Bandung
 Factory Outlets in Bandung - Some of the selections

1. Rumah Mode Factory Outlet 
Pronounced as Rumah Mo-Day, this mother of all factory outlets gets super jammed up on weekends and holidays so be well prepared for this. On average, the taxi would take about 5 to 10 minutes to get to Rumah Mode from your hotel in town.

But on weekends, it can take up to 20 or 30 minutes. Also, once inside Rumah Mode, the largest factory outlet in Bandung, be prepared for incredibly long lines just to try on the clothes. Seems like half of Jakarta is there shopping on weekends. The crowd is crazy on weekends, so best to visit on weekdays.

Rumah Mode Address:
Jalan Setiabudi No. 41F
Bandung, Indonesia

Heritage Factory Outlet in Bandung
Heritage Factory Outlet

2. Heritage Factory Outlet
One of the famous places with a good selection of clothes. The building looks like one of those old colonial heritage buildings with Greek columns and has a cafe/restaurant on the side. A very trendy place too.

Heritage Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Riau No. 63
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4220545

3. Natural Factory Outlet 
This outlet is just situated outside Rumah Mode with a decent collection of clothes. More like a first stop or last stop after visiting Rumah Mode in Bandung.

Natural Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Setiabudi No. 43
Bandung, Indonesia

Grande Fashion Gallery Bandung
Grande Fashion Gallery

4. Grande Fashion Gallery Outlet
A popular starting place when you reach the Dago shopping area. They carry some men's clothes here too. Burberry jeans are found here among the many other international brands.

If you are looking for XXXL Sizes, you need to ask the sales assistants where the 'Jumbo' sizes are. Asking for XL, they will look at you oddly. The local word is 'Jumbo' for oversize clothes. 

Grande Fashion Gallery Address;
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda.
Bandung, Indonesia

5. Summit Boutique Factory Outlet
Opposite the Heritage, this outlet carries some pretty decent bargains and is a favorite among some regular shoppers at Jalan Riau area. Women will find this place quite interesting as there are a lot of brands found here.

Men's and children's branded clothes are also available and are found deeper in the factory outlet. Prepare to spend about one to two hours here. 

Summit Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No.61
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4260884

The Secret Factory Outlet in Bandung
The Secret Factory Outlet

6. The Secret Factory Outlet 
A very popular place that has good brand names and even a kids section. Free WiFi and a lovely courtyard for relaxing at this Jalan Riau Factory Outlet are available. Well laid out and designed with a modern touch. Looks very nice in the evenings too.

The Secret Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No.47
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4260818

7. Victoria Factory Outlet
A huge place that stretches quite far in, so do not be fooled by the main entrance as it looks small from the outside. Great stuff to be found here, including kid's clothes. Easily spend 1-2 hours at this factory outlet in the Dago district.

Victoria Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan Ir. H. Juanda No. 111
Bandung, Indonesia

8. Jeans Street or Cihampelas Shopping Street
It is here at the famous Cihampelas Street where you see the superheroes featured on top of each individual shop. From Rambo to Ironman, Superman to The Terminator and Wonder Woman to Ultraman, these gimmicks attract shoppers to their jeans and clothes outlets.

Don't expect high quality stuff here but the prices are really cheap if you are on a budget. There is also the famous CiWalk Shopping Mall in the area which is worth checking out.

House of Donatella Factory Outlet
House of Donatella

9. House of Donatello
Don't get this place wrong as when I first saw it, I assumed it was House of Donatella, as in Donnatella Versace. This is a local brand selling mainly leather goods. Shoes, wallets, purses, belts and handbags have an excellent selection if you are not brand conscious. There are two outlets of this around Bandung too.

House of Donatello Address:
Jl. Dr Setiabudhi No.45
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 2501167

10. For Men Factory Outlet
The only factory outlet dedicated to men only. This was where I hung out when the ladies went shopping crazy around the Factory Outlets at Jalan Riau area. You can find almost everything for men here, and prices are reasonably cheap. A great place to drop off boyfriends and husbands. 

For Men Factory Outlet Address:
Jalan L.L.R.E Martadinata No. 36
Bandung, Indonesia
Telephone: 62 22 4207888

Bandung Rumah Mode
The famous Romah Mode in Bandung

General tip - While you get some branded clothes at the factory outlets around Bandung, please note that super-brands like Versace, Channel, Christian Dior and other names are likely fakes. They are usually mixed in with different brands to make them look like absolute rejects.

I would 99% confirm that these are fake knock-offs, so do not bother. You have a better chance with brands like ZARA, DKNY, Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Mango or MNG here.


For travellers or shoppers visiting Singapore or Malaysia, you can also check out the Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), which opened in December 201. This is also the First Premium Outlets to open in Southeast Asia, located just next to Singapore in the state of Johor.

And if you plan to do more shopping in Malaysia, here is a list of Factory Outlets in Malaysia for anyone interested. Some of these places are located in different states of Malaysia too.

Bandung is a place that is a must-visit for all travelers and shoppers, and is a big hit for the locals from around Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. I have seen foreigners around the shopping areas in Bandung so do not be surprised.

Even business people who come here to buy their stock for their businesses back home are buying in bulk. If you are a shopping kind of person, then I highly recommend you visit the many Factory Outlets in Bandung as it would be a unique experience.

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Lilian said…
Wow! Thanks for the list. It'll be useful when I visit Bandung next time. Going to bookmark this =)
SleeplessInKL said…
no trip to bandung is complete without a trip to the factory outlets. grande (and the one across the road from it) is on my list too :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Lilian, you're most welcome and hope you ave a blast shopping there! Can get a tad crazy too.

Sleepless in KL, thank you for the comment and yes, Bandung is well known for their Factory Outlets where almost every woman will go crazy there.

Anonymous said…
Have never visited Bandung but heard from a friend that it's a great shopping place.
Malaysia Asia said…
Mei, it's an absolutely great place to just check out. I believe every woman should at lease see Bandung once in their life.

Nicholas Leong said…
Sounds like a good place to bring my wife :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Nicholas, you DO that and she will be one happy wife! There's great Golf in Bandung too if you play.

Luray, You must check out Bandung, the family will love the shopping there.

Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Steven, thanks for your comment. For my personal top 3, Rumah Mode is of course No.1, Grande Fashion #2 and Victoria #3. This is of course for the selection of stuff for the Men.

For women, it would be different. Well, so many choices... it can get really confusing. I seriously wonder how they manage it :)

Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Yeezy, thank you for the kind words. I always believe in a good pair of shoes when traveling and yes, I use Nike!

Anonymous said…
Wow, very useful info. plan to get there somewhere in october....
Anonymous said…
do they receive credit cards....??? wow..3 days enough 2 visit all main outlets..?? coz go with friends, of course they buy for famalies should spend much time in 1 outlet....
Malaysia Asia said…
Hello Anon, yes mos of the outlets accept all major Credit Cards in Bandung.

3 Days should be enough, unless you are the type of shopper that can spend 4 hours in each outlet, then you better book 4N/5D.

Anonymous said…
whts d business hour for "Rumah Mode" or other factory outlets.?? if arrived bandung at 4pm (friday), enough time 2 visit Rumah Mode..?? coz weekend will be crowded...
Anonymous said…
bandung factory outlets closed for special holidays...???
Anonymous said…
whts d T-shirt price range at branded factory outlets..eg.POLO, TOMMY, etc.
Sue said…
Hi David,
Those information are definitely useful. I have been to Bandung a couple of times, but never managed to complete the shopping spree!! Drove past some of the names of FOs you have listed, planned to visit them on the way home, but never did... With the listings you posted, I made sure I'll complete them the next time round. Many thanks David. And for the Men FO, that will be a safe bet to satisfy the boys...

Malaysia Asia said…
FOs are open throughout the holidays unless it is a special one which I am unaware off.

Prices vary from RM10-RM40 for Men's Tees depending on the brand.

Sue, glad this list helps and I think it is time for me to make another trip to update any new info there.

Anonymous said…
is it safety travel in Bandung due to Volcanic Ash on December 2010...??

can visit Mt Tangkuban Perahu now or other active Volcanic..?
Malaysia Asia said…
Hey Anon, I think it's pretty safe because only Bormo an Merapi are the active volcanoes and they are located away from Bandung.

Straits said…
Hi - Thanks for writing about Bandung. Can you help with some info? YOu mentioned to be careful about fakes for superbrands. What about the Hugo Boss, Armani, Cerutti, Burberry brands? Is it safe to buy from there? Am trying to get an idea if there is at least a reasonable selection of these brands in Bandung? If yes, how much do they cost?You had mentioned ForMen outlet? What kind of stuff do they sell? Thank you very much.
Malaysia Asia said…
Straits, to be honest, all the top brands are usually knock offs. Unless you are lucky and see some authentic ones with labels cut off, I wouldn't trust any. Even the Burberry doesn't look 100%.

For Men Outlet sells mainly office attire which most of the brands I have never heard of, but some of them look really nice and good quality. They also have casual attire there.

Best is when you go there, just double check the items you are buying if they are branded ones.

Straits said…
Thanks David
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the list. There's a lot to do in bandung, apart from shopping. There are a few places for kids and great restaurants to dine at.
Malaysia Asia said…
You're Welcome Straits and Thanks Anon - I hope you have a wonderful time there in Bandung with the Factory Outlets and Kids Fun!

Malaysia Asia
Anonymous said…
Malaysia Asia said…
Anon, thanks. Halal Food in Bandung is no issue, lots available around. Cheap hotels, please see my link in the article for the complete list. Also it is hard to find cheap A/X unless they are fakes.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
I'm Italian
I would go to Indonesia
to know the people who help
making purchases of children's clothing
ralph lauren, tommy hlfiger
if you have information
pnholai said…
i juz wan to ask about the garment from these factory outlet, is it original or fake
Malaysia Asia said…
Most of the top brands are fake. The medium level brands are original.
Anonymous said…
My frens & I (10person) just came back from Bandung 3weeks ago. Wow, we really shopped till we dropped! since it was our 1st visit, we were a bit 'lost' & time (3D2N) was also not sufficient for us to really cover everything.
We r planning to go again. Just wondering whether u hv any idea when is their Mega Sales period? like in M'sia we r having it now....
Anonymous said…
Just want to inform, Bandung Great Sale is usually held every december as a year end sale. But, before making any plan to visit and book ur airplane ticket, please check Bandung's official tourism web www.bandungtourism.com ;)

Ari Traveler
Anonymous said…
Hi All, Ive never been to Bandung , Those Factory outlet product are they genuine? If it so, why dont those brands did not take any action or protect their products . or those product are with minor defects or an A class imitation .
Malaysia Asia said…
Anon - 80% of the items sold here are usually overrun items. I won't get into details as how Factory Outlets in Bandung market their items are their own ways. I have heard that some brands literally put 'A Quality' items for sale in these outlets. But for Top Branded items like LV, they are fakes for sure.
Anonymous said…
are all the factory outlets listed above situated along the same road/adjacent roads nearby??wonder if i can visit them all in one shoot..

Malaysia Asia said…
Mabel - Some of them are pretty much in the same road. There are 3 main areas where each of them has about 10 outlets. But you need a supir to take you to each of the three as they are not walking distance.
Anonymous said…
Hi, i hope you can he\lp me. What is the price range at the factory outlets? Thanks
Anonymous said…
Hi David, Mikael here.. thanks for all the info.. im planning to bandung this coming May.. asking, where can i find cheap price of mens' clothes and accessories...?? either in For Men Factory Outlet, RUmah Mode, Grande or Victoria as u mentioned above...? thanks David...!!
Malaysia Asia said…
Mikael - ForMen outlet is one of the better places. But if you really must find super cheap, Cihampelas would most likely be the area. But seriously, I would try Jalan Riau/Dago area.

Anon - Price range is around RM20-RM50, but depending on what you are looking for.
Anonymous said…
Malaysia Asia said…
Business hours for the Factory Outlets in Bandung are 10am-10pm. Some of them close at about 9.30pm.
hoho said…
nice blog...i hope i can some little time to shopping cause i will attend the wedding in bandung...
Anonymous said…
the FO rumah mode is good for shop, but the grande is only so so, nothing special if compare with rumah mode. the selection in rumah mode is a lot, and must be wait for try the clothes even weekdays
Anonymous said…
hey im indonesian, n i live in bandung, i grow up in here.
Nice to know there's malaysian promotes bandung to another malaysian to visit 'flower city / kota kembang'.
I really appreciate it, thank you david.
Now beside do shopping and hanging out, u can go playin at trans studio bandung, One of the biggest theme park in d world.
U can go to st. braga too, the place to see and to be seen. Or go to alun alun bandung, there are many outlets and malls around the mosque, such as king's mall, plaza parahyangan, yogya mall, outlets, shops and the others. U can take a walk while u shopping there and go get wudhlu, and pray then at mesjid agung.
Try keripik mak icih, its so nice yet so spicy.
Anonymous said…
Hi David...It was brilliant info & pictures. Besides garment i heard that international cosmetic brands are available too, like MAC Cosmetic. Is it true? Are they the original one?
Malaysia Asia said…
Ive seen some cosmetics but I cannot confirm it for now.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks F.Online. I presume that Rumah Mode in Bandung is still popular as always?
pali ss said…
Salam, kalau dtg lg leh la sewa kereta dgn sy:) InsyaAllah..

Ni lebih kurang macam ni : (Centre kereta di Bandung)

DALAM KOTA = Rp350 000(supir+ mobil) Kalau plus minyak+parkir (Letak je la dulu dalam Rp30k parkir, minyak = Rp 70k). Tempat2 seperti FO dago, Riau, Pasar baru. Jadi total ALL IN kereta Rp450-500k (RM161-179) UNTUK tempoh 15 jam. Dikasi extra 2 jam.

Tangkuban perahu lain sket sebab jauh makan minyak lebih = Rp 350 000 (supir+ mobil) Kalau plus minyak+parkir (Letak je la dulu dalam Rp30k parkir, minyak = Rp 100k). Jadi total ALL IN kereta Rp500-550k (RM179-196) UNTUK tempoh 15 jam. Dikasi extra 2 jam.

LUAR KOTA(Jakarta/bogor/puncak/kawah putih) = Rp 400 000 (supir+ mobil) Kalau plus minyak+parkir (Letak je la dulu dalam Rp50k parkir, minyak = Rp 150k, Toll = Rp120k). Jadi total ALL IN kereta Rp700-750k (RM250-268) UNTUK tempoh 15 jam. Dikasi extra 2 jam.


Anonymous said…
Hi I going to bandung tis weekend. Where I can found big sizes like xxxl for lady?
Anonymous said…
Nice place for shopping...
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Anonymous said…
hi im planning to go to bandung. can u recommend which hotel to stay near pasar baru?
Malaysia Asia said…
You can check other hotels here - http://blog.malaysia-asia.my/2009/08/bandung-factory-outlets-hotel-list.html

gid said…
Hi there,
Are these goods sold real of fake? im thinking of going there year end :)
Sheela said…
Hi, Can I get indian food there without beef and pork supplied.
Anonymous said…
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Unknown said…
Hi, I'm from Maldives.planning to visit bandung on November. could u please let me know which hotels is best or near to all the FO stores.
Malaysia Asia said…
Ignaz - Check the link in the post, there is a hotels near Bandung link there.
William said…
david, you should write a book on this. your information is amazing!