Sundanese Food in Bandung, Indonesia

Sundanese Food in Bandung
Sundanese Food in Bandung, Indonesia is something every visitor should try when you come here. There are not many choices for foods here so if you are gain on eating in Bandung, it can be a bit of a challenge as it can be a little different for some of us. So, if you do not favour Malay type dishes, then there is always fast food, Chinese food and also cafes available throughout Bandung.

If you do like trying local dishes, then try the Sundanese dishes there which are very famous. Similar to Malay style dishes, the prices are quite reasonable. Another dish which is popular in Bandung is the Gurame Fish which I did not try.

Makanan Sundanese
Sundanese Food in Bandung
This was at a local restaurant in the Dago Factory Outlet area. At first, it looked like a tourist trap kind of restaurant but looking around, we did not have much choices so we walked in prepared. We took the package for 4 which was about Rp.270,000 (RM 86.00)

Quite interesting Sundanese dishes they have. But watch the fried chicken as they serve it with the head intact. The Bandung chickens there are seem to be really small in size, like our spring chicken here and are usually deep fried with a goreng pisang type batter. Bland it taste, but try if you like.

Nasi Timbel Bandung
Nasi Timbel Bandung
I tried the Nasi Timbel at the hotel which is one of the popular Sundanese rice dishes. The rice is in the leaf and costs Rp.57,000 (RM 18.20). Of course, they are much cheaper outside at the local eating places. One night, out supir/driver took us to a famous Sundanese restaurant in the city but on seeing the spread there, some of us chickened out so we settled for Dunkin Doughnuts just next door. You either like it or hate it at first sight.

Bandung Street Food
Local hawker food in Bandung
There are hundreds of these kind of local food stalls throughout Bandung. I bet if you walk out of any hotel, you are bound to be greeted by one of these stalls selling some kind of food. And everyone who is local eats at these stalls. Even the hotel staff told me they eat there.

Hawker Food in Bandung
Bandung Hawker Food
In Bandung, the stalls are lined up in rows at most times for choices! You can actually have a full meal at these stalls. From starters right up to deserts in just one row. Even outside the factory outlets, there are many stalls.

Es DurianDesert anyone? I tried their Durian Ice Cream, well just a spoon of it. Actually very nice and about Rp.3,000. A very popular stall found around the city here.

More choices. I swear that there must be at least 1,367,821 stalls like these in Bandung. Maybe more. Who knows huh? So, if you have an iron stomach, just feel free to try anything you like there. I know of some people who really enjoyed the road side hawkers with no compliants. Well, not me.


Paskal Food Market Bandung
Paskal Food Market in Bandung
If you are not too keen on the hawker stalls, then there is a nice food court in town called the Paskal Food Market. Located in the Hyper Square area (Next to the Hilton), they have all the local foods available but in a much cleaner environment. About 50+ stalls are available here while you can get some good Sundanese Food. A live acoustic band was also entertaining diners and locals there. Apparently there is a shopping area there too which I totally missed.

Paskal Food Market stalls

I saw a lot of local Indonesian food stalls, Chinese food, even western food here. You choose your dish, get the coupon and table marker and pay at a counter. From there, place the marker on your table and they will bring the food to you. But as a tourist there, choosing the food can be fun, trust me. It took me a good 30 minutes walking around just seeing what they have.

Bandung Chinese Food
Chinese food in Bandung
I tried some Chinese-Indo noodle dish. Tasted a bit like Hakka Mee (Hakka noodles) in Malaysia but slightly different in a nice way. Char Siew (Roast Pork) = Terrible. Siew Yoke = Not too bad. I also noticed that there were a lot of Indonesian Chinese locals that patron the place. Must be due to the variety of Chinese dishes available at the Paskal Food Market.

Halal Food in Bandung

But for the Muslims, not to worry as they have more Muslim food there which is spread out over the area.

Paskal Food Market

View from just outside the Paskal Food Market. Live acoustic band performing with some nice Indonesian numbers. To tell you the truth, the Indonesian singers are really talented, even or an outdoor gig, they sounded really nice.

Address to the food court:
Paskal Food Market
Jl. Pasir Kaliki

Bandung Es Durian
Es Durian or Durian Ice Cream in Bandung
For more information on Hotels near Factory Outlets, prices and contact numbers, taxi or van services, please visit my Bandung Hotel Blog. While you are most likely to be headed here for Factory Outlets in Bandung, there are many other things to do like sight seeing or simply exploring the town for some great local dishes like the Sundanese Food in Bandung, Indonesia.