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Best Places for Day Trips Out of Kuala Lumpur

Day Trips from Kuala Lumpur

If you are wondering what are the best places for day trips out of Kuala Lumpur, I have compiled a list for you here.

This is perfect for those who want to venture out of Kuala Lumpur or KL city, especially when you have extra days to spend here.

This list is also great for those on a business trip to KL as you can even consider seeing some of the beautiful places out of Kuala Lumpur which are closer. 

With today's technology, most of the popular places are easily found using applications like Waze or Google Maps. If you are self-driving, you can simply get a local Sim Card in Kuala Lumpur and use your smartphone to guide you to these places. 

Best Places For Day Trips Out Of Kuala Lumpur

Below is a list of places that you can take a day trip out of Kuala Lumpur and be back in the evening.

Most of the day trips below can be either booked through a tour company or by renting a car and self-driving to the places.

Day Trip to Batu Caves
Batu Caves is one of the most popular destinations just out of Kuala Lumpur

Batu Caves Day Trip

This is probably the easiest and popular place for a day trip out of Kuala Lumpur. Located about 20-30 minutes drive from KL is one of the most fascinating cave temples in the world where you get to visit an amazing place and workout at the same time.

272 steps lead uphill towards a Hindu cave temple while at the foot, one of the largest Hindu statues in the world awaits you.

You can take public transport here using the KL Commuter Train from KL Sentral, self-drive or take a Batu Caves Tour Package from the many travel companies in KL city. Best to go in the mornings as the weather is good.

If you have the opportunity, do try the local Malaysian Indian restaurants there. Tip - Watch out for the stray monkeys as they tend to grab food if you are holding it.

Travel Time: About 20-30 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 2-4 Hours
What to See: Hindu Cave Temple, Lord Murugan Gold Statue, Art Cave and Hanuman Statue

Day Trip to Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands currently being renovated for the all-new 20th Century Fox World Theme Park

Genting Highlands Day Trip

A popular day trip destination from Kuala Lumpur is no other than Genting Highlands as it is only about 60 minutes drive up before you take the Awana Skyway cable car to the peak.

Genting Highlands has also rebranded itself as Resorts World Genting in the last few years and is one of the top entertainment tourism spots in Malaysia.

The much talked about 20th Century Fox World Genting theme park, which is the first in the world will also be opened in early 2018 and currently, the existing theme park is closed.

The main attraction of Genting is the cool mountain climate accompanied by an entertainment city that houses Malaysia's only casino and largest hotel in the world.

There are public buses, taxis and tour companies that provide transport to Genting Highlands.

Travel Time: About 60 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 4-10 Hours
What to See: Resorts World, Indoor Theme Park, Casino, Gardens

Day Trip to Berjaya Hills
Berjaya Hills is also known as Bukit Tinggi and is a popular place for a day trip

Berjaya Hills Day Trip

Another highlands after Genting is Berjaya Hills, which is less crowded and about 750 meters high. Formerly known as Bukit Tinggi, this hill has one main resort and a very unique French-themed town which replicates a traditional French village.

This place is great for families who love outdoors and nature as there is much to explore here in terms of simple walking and trekking. A recommended place is to visit the Japanese Garden here.

Some tour companies offer packages to Berjaya Hills but this place is best visited on your own, meaning you should rent a car and self drive up here.

However, if your expectations are high, then it is best to visit Genting Highlands. Berjaya Hills is a very mellow place compared to Genting.

Travel Time: About 80 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 5-8 Hours
What to See: Colmar Tropicale French Town, Japanese Garden, Rabbit Farm, Trekking

Day Trip to Taman Negara
Malaysia's most famous Canopy Walk at Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara Day Trip

Who would have thought you could do a day trip to Taman Negara? Yes, you can do so by leaving at 8.30am and returning back to KL city by 9pm. Generally, it is a full day activity if you do this on a day trip.

Malaysia's oldest national park is accessible and for day-trippers, you can experience the rainforest canopy walk, river cruise, visit the Orang Asli village and experience the beautiful rainforest here.

Taman Negara is Malaysia's premier national park and highly recommended for anyone who loves the rainforest and nature.

The best way to travel to Taman Negara is also by using the day tours offered from Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, you can also op for some of the many tour packages for Taman Negara, depending on how long you want to stay here.

One of the recommended travel companies is Ivy Holidays who operates a tour counter in Kompleks Selangor in Petaling Street. They run daily transfers to Taman Negara at 8.30 AM.

Travel Time: About 4-5 hours one way
Total Time to Spend: 12-14 Hours
What to See: Canopy Walk, River Cruise, Native Village, 130 Million Old Rainforest

Day Trip to Sekinchan
Sekinchan is well known for its Paddy fields and beautiful landscapes

Sekinchan Day Trip

A more unique landscape and photography destination is the area of Sekinchan in Selangor where a majority of millennial travellers are heading too as a lifestyle destination.

Generally, Sekinchan offers vast rice fields or Paddy Fields for photography and an old town filled with character and charm.

From what I know, there are mainly homegrown attractions here like local seafood, restaurants temples and no official tours are being sold, therefore you need to arrange this by self-driving there or booking a private tour here. 

Travel Time: About 120 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 6-8 Hours
What to See: Paddy Fields, Old Malaysian Chinese towns, great food

Day Trip to Ipoh
The Old Town of Ipoh is best explored on foot. Photo by www.lonelyplanet.com

Ipoh Day Trip

One of the less-visited cities is Ipoh, in the bordering state of Perak and just north of Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh was once a thriving city as it was known as a tin miners town, rich with cultural and historical influences.

There are quite a several places to visit in Ipoh and one full day would just make half of the list. Ipoh was listed in Lonely Planet as one of the top 10 places to visit in Asia for 2017. 

For those travelling with kids, there is the Ipoh Lost World theme park and possibly to be opened in mid to late 2017, the new Movie Animation Park Studios or MAPS Ipoh.

Those seeking a unique wellness getaway, check out The Banjaran Hot Springs Resort.

Other well-known attractions include Kong Heng Square, Sam Po Tong Cave Temple, the main Ipoh Old Town area and the amazing Ipoh food.

Tours to Ipoh are sold by some companies or you can self-drive or even take the ETS Train service to Ipoh from Kuala Lumpur. 

Travel Time: About 120 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 6-10 Hours
What to See: Heritage Buildings, Ipoh Old Town, Railway Stations, Cave Temples, Ipoh Night Bazaar

Day Trip to Melaka
Melaka's Red Square is the epicentre of tourism

Melaka Day Trip

One of the most popular days trips out of Kuala Lumpur is no other than a visit to historical Melaka city. Located about 90 minutes from KL, you can easily spend a full day in Melaka as there is much to see and do here.

From popular Jonker Street which is lined with interesting shops, to centuries-old historical sites, there is a little of everything for any traveller visiting here.

One of the fun things to do in Melaka is also taking the river cruise and also going up the Tamingsari Tower.

Melaka is also well known for its Peranakan Culture and a must-try is the popular Melaka food which can be found in many places. 

Travel Time: About 90 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 5-8 Hours
What to See: Too much. Lots of history, attractions and great food here

Day Trip to Kuala Selangor
Kuala Selangor boasts of historical tourism which dates back hundreds of years

Kuala Selangor Day Trip

A must for anyone who wants to see the famous Kuala Selangor Fireflies. This old area of Selangor also provides a good cultural and heritage experience, especially at Bukit Malawati where the old lighthouse is located on a hill by a fort.

Other things to do include visiting the fishing town of Kuala Selangor where you can see the locals going about their daily chores. End the day with a Malaysian seafood dinner at any of the local restaurants here. 

As the firefly tours start about 7.00 PM, it is recommended you head to Bukit Malawati in the morning and then explore the local fishing villages before going for the firefly tour, and then end the night with a seafood dinner.

There are daily Firefly Tours in Kuala Selangor sold around Kuala Lumpur city or you can even self drive here with a rented car. 

Travel Time: About 120-140 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 6-10 Hours
What to See: Fireflies, Lighthouse, Fishing Villages, Temples, Seafood Restaurants

Day Trip to Port Dickson
Port Dickson is developing at a rapid rate to cater to tourism

Port Dickson Day Trip

Malaysia's oldest beach destination which is still being frequented by locals, Port Dickson offers a super long stretch of beaches for around 12 miles.

Attractions here include Avani Gold Coast, a resort in the shape of a palm tree (Like the Dubai Palm), Lexis Hibiscus, a new resort in the shape of a hibiscus flower over water, lots of beaches and a few interesting tourism spots.

Some tour companies offer daily tours to Port Dickson or you can self drive here from Kuala Lumpur. 

Travel Time: About 90 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 5-8 Hours
What to See: Beaches, Lighthouse, Lexis Hibiscus, Avani Gold Coast, Old Port Dickson Town

Day Trip to Putrajaya
The man-made Putrajaya administrative capital of Malaysia, just 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur

Putrajaya Day Trip

A visit to Malaysia's administrative capital is a must for anyone who wants to see the best modern governmental architecture. Putrajaya is also an easy drive as many highways lead here and road signs are good.

Apart from administrative buildings, there is the Putrajaya Wetlands, botanical garden, lakeside and many other interesting places.

Many tour companies sell Putrajaya day tours and if you are adventurous enough, rent a car and self-drive here. 

Travel Time: About 40-60 minutes one way
Total Time to Spend: 3-6 Hours
What to See: Putrajaya Mosque, Wetlands, Boulevard, Bridges

Day Trip Packages Kuala Lumpur
Sometimes, the tourist just want to get out of the city


If there are any other day trip places that deserve to be mentioned in this list, please do let me know.

Generally, the best way to explore outside of Kuala Lumpur would be to take a professional tour companies service as you will save much time, but at times, tour companies want to make a fast buck, which in return, provides average services.

Therefore, many travellers nowadays prefer to explore on their own by taking public transport, renting a car or even relying on services like Uber and Grab to move around and search for the best places for day trips out of Kuala Lumpur.

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