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20th Century Fox World Genting

20th Century Fox World Malaysia

The first ever 20th Century Fox World Genting Malaysia theme park is set to open in late 2016 but to date, there is some news that the new theme park in Genting will only open in early end 2017 now early 2018. This is currently the most talked about theme park in the world as it is the first of its kind and being built here in Malaysia. 

Costing over US$300 million, this first ever film-inspired theme park located up in the cool highlands of Malaysia will surely be the magnet of tourism for Southeast Asia and even greater Asia. This massive theme park is also taking over the 30-year old iconic Genting Theme Park which has since closed in September 2013 to make way for the new park. 

In total, the entire 20th Century Fox World Genting theme park located 6000 feet in the highlands will be 25 acres in size and will feature around 25 thrill rides and attractions based on films and franchises from popular movies and cartoons. Their aim is simple - to bring the rich storytelling by Fox to a whole new level with an interactive theme park for all walks of life.

20th Century Fox World Map
20th Century Fox World, artist impression - Photo by Genting Resorts
20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park Rides

• Rio
• Ice Age
• Titanic
• Life of Pi
• Planet of the Apes
• Alien vs. Predator
• Night at the Museum

*The above are still tentative popular rides as they are yet to announce the actual line up of attractions. For now, those above have been quoted from press conferences and other news portals. 

20th Century Fox World Genting Renovations
20th Century Fox World on going renovations at Genting Highlands - Photo by Greater Kuala Lumpur
Current Status of 20th Century Fox World Genting

There is massive construction going on around Resorts World Genting for the completion of the new theme park here.

For anyone who has recently visited Genting Highlands, and stayed at the First World Hotel, you would most likely have seen the ongoing construction from the escalators going up the the Highlands Hotel area. 

While it is no secret on what is going on, many curious visitors have been seen taking photos of the entire area, some even doing selfies and so on. 

20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park Map
20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park Map
While Twentieth Century Fox World is under construction, Resorts World Genting also is undergoing a full refurbishment and upgrade and the popular First World Hotel will have an additional 1,286 rooms by mid-2015, possibly making it the largest hotel in the world, once again.

In total, Resorts World Genting has six hotels, and has one of the biggest hotel in the world, First World Hotel with over 7300 rooms. Their premium brand of hotels include Crockfords, Genting Grand and Maxims, together accumulating about 10,000 hotel rooms.

There are over 60 food and beverage venues, a golf courses, and numerous other attractions to serve over 20 million customers annually.

New attractions at Genting Resorts World

Horizon 50 - A unique galleria spanning 16,000 square feet which showcases Genting's inception and development in conjunction with its 50th anniversary. The gallery also features the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP), a development road-map for the next 10 years and if you wanted to know more about Genting Highlands, Horizon 50 is the place to check out and it is free entrance.

Genting Sky Avenue Photo
Genting Sky Avenue, artist impression - Image by Genting
Sky Avenue Mall Genting - This new attraction is set to open in 2016 and will be another star attraction here with an incredible size of 390,000 square feet housing over 165 retail lots, food and beverage outlets and cinemas.

There are also around 76 shopping units. The Sky Avenue Mall Genting is planned to be the main hub for people to shop, dine and enjoy the overall atmosphere of Resorts World Genting.

Genting Premium Outlets (GPO) - Malaysia's second premium outlet center, similar to Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) will be approximately 480,895 square feet and will have 120 outlets with a total of NLA area 260,895 square feet.

Costing RM200 million, this will be Southeast Asia’s first hilltop Premium Outlet Centre and will house 150 designer brand name stores with a total 4,000 parking bays for cars and buses. This is also being built at the Awana Resort and Golf Course area of Genting with a new mid-hill cable car station here. Originally set to open by late 2015, this project was pushed to 2016.

Sky Plaza Shopping Mall - A newly renovated and modern shopping mall catered to all walks of life which is connected to Sky Avenue.

New Skyway Cable Car Station - After closing down the first cable car system or Awana Cable Car, renovations are on going now for the new cable car system which is able to transport 4,000 people an hour. This new Genting Cable Car is also located at the Sky Avenue area and will connect the mid-hill Genting Premium Outlet.

Aerial photo of Resorts World Genting Highlands
A beautiful aerial view of Resorts World Genting - Stock photo
The massive overall project is part of a RM5 billion makeover of the Genting Highlands resort, which started in December 2013 and scheduled to be completed in 10 years under the Genting Integrated Tourism Plan.

The initial article on the 20th Century Fox Theme Park was done by me in 2013, while much has changed since the news came out. In 2013, Resorts World Genting attracted 19.6 million visitors and it is now targeting 30 million visitors by 2020.

To date, the last known news was that the entire project has been rescheduled to open in 2017, but there is no exact date mentioned. 20th Century Fox World Genting will also have a soft opening before the official launching.

Till then, you can always check the many other theme parks in Malaysia to visit if you are coming here in 2016. Update October 2016: There was some recent news in July/Ausust of 2016 that mentioned the new theme park is scheduled to open only in late 2017.


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