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Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas

Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas

The Genting Awana Skyway was opened in August 2016 and with a brand new cable car system, and the much talked about the new feature is the Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas.

This world-class attraction operates from the Awana Station to Resorts World Genting and stops at the all-new SkyAvenue Station.

This new attraction is also part of the 10-year Genting Integrated Tourism Plan (GITP). Late 2017, the first 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park will open and between now and then, the Genting Premium Outlets or GPO will also be opened at Awana.

Many are currently asking when the new Genting theme park opening will be, but there is no confirmation to date as the project was delayed a little.

Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas

The new Genting cable cars are French-made which is much bigger than the old ones. The new height is 2.1 metres high instead of the previous 1.6 metres, allowing passengers to get in and out easily without worrying about bumping their heads.

Special windows and louvres that allow more of the cool mountain air into the cable cars are also fitted in for an unforgettable mountain experience.

Genting New Cable Car
The new Awana Skyway opened in August 2016 (Photo from Resorts World Genting).
The star attractions of this cable car system are no other than the Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas. Visitors can experience a 360 degrees view of the journey up the mountain, passing the lush montane tropical rainforest.

On occasion, if you are lucky, you can see Black Hornbills flying in flocks, usually in the late afternoons. 

In total, there are 99 gondolas available for the new Awana Skyway, and out of that, 10 special gondolas come with glass bottom floors with a seating capacity of six persons.

The cable car system's speed is 6 meters per second, and in total, 3,000 passengers can be moved every hour in both directions. The entire journey from Awana Station to SkyAvenue Genting Plaza will also take around ten minutes.

Because consumers cannot live without their smartphones, each gondola is fitted with two USB ports to charge your smartphone or power bank during your journey. The cable car makes one stop at the temple before proceeding to Resorts World Genting.

Picture of Awana Skyway
One of the glass bottom gondolas of the Awana Skyway (Photo from Resorts World Genting).
Awana Station ---> Chin Swee Temple Station ---> SkyAvenue Plaza

The Genting Skyway was originally opened to the public in 1997 and was South East Asia’s longest and fastest cable car system back then.

In total, there have been 4 cable car systems in Genting since the 1970s, and the Awana Skyway is now the latest cable car system in the country. 

Passengers can also bring along one aircraft cabin size bag per passenger on the gondolas. Over-sized baggage can be stored at the Baggage Storage Service located at Level G of the Awana SkyWay building for RM 5.00 per bag 24 hours.

For those who want to bring their oversized baggage into the cable car, a surcharge of RM 20.00 will be imposed. You can also use your Rewards Card to pay for this.

Genting Cable Car Information
Awana Skyway Facts (Facts from Resorts World Genting).
Awana SkyWay Information
Operating Hours: 7:00 am until midnight
Operating Days: 7 days a week

Standard Gondola
Tickets: RM 8.00 per person
Tickets: 5GP for Genting Rewards Card Members
Express Boarding Pass: RM 40.00 per person

Awana Skyway Glass Floor Gondola
Tickets: RM 50.00 per person
Tickets: 40GP for Genting Rewards Card Members

Awana Skyway Tickets
Awana Station (Level 2, Awana Skyway building)
SkyAvenue Station (Level 4, SkyAvenue)

Awana Skyway Car Park (8 Floors)
Fees: Free for now, but soon to charge
4,437 car parking lots
633 motorbike parking lots

Awana Skyway Genting Map
Awana Skyway Map (Map from Resorts World Genting).
How to go to Awana Skyway?

If you are driving, taking a taxi or bus, it will usually stop at the Awana Skyway Station. From here, you will continue up with the cable car system to Resorts World Genting.

Self-driving visitors can park at the Awana Skyway car park, which is considered halfway to the top.

Most people park here because the other halfway up can be stressful for your car or bike. However, some prefer to drive all the way up.

Awana Skyway GPS Coordinates: 3.4027° N, 101.7817° E


Awana Skyway will also be one of the new lively places as the all-new Genting Premium Outlets (GPO) is scheduled to open in 2017, which has not had an official announcement but is scheduled to open somewhere mid-year.

This will also be the second international factory outlet chain to open in Malaysia after the Johor Premium Outlets (JPO) opened in December 2011.

The next time you head up to Resorts World Genting (RWG), do give this new cable car system a try, as it will surely impress anyone, especially kids or first-time visitors.

The Awana Skyway Glass Bottom Gondolas are the main highlight, and you should not miss this opportunity when visiting RWG or even when the new 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park opens in late 2017 early 2018.

Update: The new name for the theme park is now called Genting SkyWorlds.

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