Thursday, May 05, 2016

Genting New Theme Park Opening

While many are awaiting the news of the Genting New Theme Park Opening, the news was announced in the mainstream media that it is scheduled to happen in early end of 2017 when the all new 20th Century Fox World Theme Park Genting opens its doors to the world. This massive project worth over US300 million is also taking over the former 30 year old Genting Theme Park which has closed its doors since 2013.

Many have been asking 'When is the Genting New Theme Park Opening?' on social media and even on search engines, and the last announcement made by Resorts World Genting was that there was a delay where the new theme park was originally set to open somewhere in mid to late 2016. However, the opening date has been pushed to early 2017 but no exact date has been announced, but once we get news, we will surely share it here.

Genting's New Theme Park - Twentieth Century Fox World map
The 20th Century Fox World Genting theme park is also set to be the first of its kind in the world and Malaysia will be the talk of the world when this project is officially launched in 2017. Tourism numbers are also expected to rise with many theme park fans making their way here to experience this amazing new theme park. 

Till further notice on the official opening date, the highland resort is still open but minus the main theme park. The indoor theme park is still functioning as normal while the other facilities are also operating as per normal. The new SkyAvenue Genting shopping mall is also opened but not fully as they plan to do it somewhere in 2017. Once Malaysia Asia gets more information, we will surely announce the date of the Genting New Theme Park opening here. Update October 2016: News recently mentioned that the new theme park is scheduled to open in late 2017. No official notice was seen about this.


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Mr. X said...

cant took forever to finish

فرح البناي said...

No recent news about the opening?

فرح البناي said...

no recent news about the opening

فرح البناي said...

no recent news about the opening?

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