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Theme Parks in Perak

Ipoh Perak Theme Parks

A lesser-visited state in the country has become the talk of the nation where several Theme Parks in Perak has opened or are opening soon.

Currently, two main theme parks have opened for years and another which is scheduled to open somewhere in April or May 2017.

Theme Parks in Perak

Perak, once known as a quiet state in Malaysia has turned the tables around by transforming into a tourist destination. 

The capital of Perak is Ipoh and was once known as a miners town, is only two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Nowadays, Ipoh is thriving with activity, namely for the famous Ipoh food and its revamped heritage tourism spots.

Travellers now head to Ipoh for day trips or even as a stopover before heading to Penang Island. And with the new theme parks in Perak being opened and many interesting places to visit in Ipoh, this will make Perak one of the must-visit states in Malaysia. 

The list of theme parks in Perak is listed below with general information for travellers planning to visit here. The list is also in no order;

Ipoh Movie Animation Park Studios
Movie Animation Park Studios or MAPS Perak (Photo by www.foodmsia.com)
1. MAPS Perak or Movie Animation Park Studios Perak

This is the much talked about the latest theme park to be opened in Malaysia, however, the opening has been delayed since mid-2016.

According to media reports, MAPS Perak was scheduled to open on October 2016, but was delayed to December and recently, to March or April 2017. 

This project, dubbed the star attraction of Perak, will cater to mainly the northern and central regions of Malaysia.

However, with Ipoh being in the limelight of tourism in the last couple of years, the Movie Animation Park Studios will benefit greatly from this as it is an international theme park.

There will be 40 overrides spread out in this 52-acre site, which is huge. The collaboration with DreamWorks is probably the main attraction with popular names like Casper, Megamind, and The Broods. Local cartoon heroes like Boboi Boy will also be one of the main attractions here.

Movie Animation Park Studios Address and Location
Persiaran Meru Raya 1,
Bandar Meru Raya 3,
Ipoh, Perak
Website: https://www.mapsperak.com

Tambun Lost World
Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh, Perak
2. Lost World of Tambun Theme Park

This is probably the most popular theme park in Ipoh, Perak where they have been operating for some years under the Sunway Group, which owns Sunway Lagoon in Selangor.

The Lost World of Tambun is Perak's answer to a massive theme park catering to locals and also foreigners.

It is also touted to be the only theme park in Southeast Asia with natural hot springs coupled with an array of attractions and rides.

This multi-purpose theme park offers a theme park, water park, night park, petting zoo, amusement park, adventure park, tiger valley, and tin valley.

The park is also complete with hotels and resorts, shops, restaurants which make this a one-stop family recreational park. From Ipoh Town, it is only a 15-minute drive to the Lost World of Tambun.

Lost World of Tambun Address and Location
No.1, Persiaran Lagun Sunway 1,
Sunway City Ipoh,
31150 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan,
Website: http://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com

Bukit Merah Lake Town Water Park
Bukit Merah Lake Town Theme Park in Perak
3. Bukit Merah Lake Town Theme Park

One of the pioneer theme parks in Perak is no other than the Bukit Merah Lake Town, located in the Bukit Merak area.

This lake town resort is more of a water park and adventure park where you will find a mini water park and a petting zoo in the main area.

One unique attraction here is the Orang Utan Island where visitors need to take a boat and visit the island. Orang Utans are rehabilitated here under a private project. 

A new attraction here is Laketown Adventure Park which offers a zip line and a kids' outdoor course.

However, this park has not been maintained to international standards, therefore, you get what you pay for.

As an added attraction for those heading to Penang or Langkawi, the Bukit Merah Lake Town Theme Park is located along the main highway north and about 1.5 hours from Ipoh.

Bukit Merah Lake Town Address and Information
Jalan Bukit Merah,
34400 Simpang Empat Semanggol,
Perak, Malaysia
Website: http://www.bukitmerahresort.com.my

Qing Xin Ling Cultural Park
Qing Xin Ling Cultural Park in Ipoh, Perak (Image from Qing Xin Ling website)
4. Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

One of the lesser-known unique attractions in Perak is no other than the Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village in Gunung Rapat.

The Chinese inspired cultural village offers a different kind of experience with a beautiful lakeside where the visitor can rent bicycles to cycle around this picturesque place.

A mini-museum showcasing old memorabilia, quirky rock formations, wall art, fish feeding and some other activities are available for visitors. 

The Qing Xin Ling Cultural Park is also suitable for a day trip to see a different side of Ipoh, at times taking you back into time as the place has also earned the title of Little Guilin due to the beautiful landscapes found here.

The Chinese name also translates a Serene Village. Qing Xin Ling Leisure Cultural Village is located between the Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple and Kek Lok Tong in the Gunung Rapat area. This is about 20 minutes drive from Ipoh city.

Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Culture Village 清心嶺休闲文化村
Address: No. 22A, Persiaran Pinggir Rapat 5A,
Taman Saikat, 31350, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Email: michaelcheng8@hotmail.com
Tel: +6 012 516 1556
Website: http://qingxinlingchaletipoh.com.my

Taman Eco Kledang Saiong
Taman Eco Rimba Kledang Saiong in Meru, Ipoh
5. Kledang Saiong Eco-Forest Park

This Perak Eco-park is located near the Meru area is currently is in operation, however, there is not much information apart from media reports that indicate that there is a 2 km area available for trekking which is suitable for kids and families.

This place is also known locally as Taman Eko Rimba Kledang Saiong and many locals have been coming here for a nature experience. 

Those into Ecotourism and nature will find the Kledang Saiong Eco-Forest Park interesting as there is a very unique Nepenthes Garden found here.

Offering 55 different species of pitcher plants or monkey cups from places like Borneo, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, this is touted to be the first of its kind in the world.

Taman Eko Rimba Kledang Saiong also covers an area of 2,188ha and is located near the Jelapang toll plaza and at Persiaran Meru Utama.

Kledang Saiong Forest Eco Park Address:
Persiaran Meru Utama,
30020 Ipoh, Perak,
Website: None
Landmark: Tenby Schools Ipoh

New Theme Parks Opening in Perak Malaysia

The below is one of the new theme parks opening in Perak but information or dates have not been announced.

However, the Perak government has already indicated that the focus was on opening MAPS Perak before discussing other new theme parks which will bring the number of theme parks in Perak to five or six in the coming years.

Water Park Qi City
Water Parks in Perak are becoming a trend
6. Qi City Water Park 

The Qi City Water Park is part of the upcoming RM1.2 Billion Qi City project which is scheduled to be completed by 2020.

However, there is no accurate news about the water park at this modern development, but it could be built by the developers or most likely by a third party contractor.

The location of Qi City is also at Bandar Meru Jaya, which will also offer an international school, a hypermarket, hotels, and resorts.


This sums up the current and upcoming theme parks in Perak and hopefully, we will get more information to update this article.

You can also find out more about other theme parks in Malaysia from my previous article and also water parks in Malaysia which I did earlier.

Also, if you are waiting for the Genting new theme park opening, it is slated for late 2017 or early 2018. Update: The new Genting theme park has been cancelled.

If you have any additional information, please do share it with me via email or from the comment form below and if you have questions, please do ask.

I hope you will find Perak one of the new destinations to visit in Malaysia and enjoy this article about theme parks in Perak, Malaysia.

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