Kuching New Darul Hana Bridge

Darul Hana Bridge Kuching Sarawak

In November 2017, the New Darul Hana Bridge was officially opened to the people and tourists in Kuching, Sarawak. This is a new tourism product and will be one of the main highlights of the Waterfront in Kuching city.

The new Kuching bridge links the Waterfront area to the former State Legislative Assembly building. It also passes the Botanic Gardens and Orchid Garden to the iconic Fort Margherita and the present State Legislative Assembly Complex across the river.

Darul Hana Bridge in Kuching

Jambatan Darul Hana
The new Darul Hana Bridge in Kuching at the Waterfront

Costing around RM35 Million, the S-shaped bridge is 335 meters long and contains elements of ethnic traditional Sarawakian designs and motifs. One of the prominent features is that the bridge looks like a futuristic Bidayuh bamboo bridge. 

Two towers support the bridge with steel cables, where the towers resemble a Hornbill tower. There is also a meaning to the new bridge, "Home to Peace and Tranquillity".

Darul Hana's name also comes from the state's old history, where the Sultan Tengah had given the state and official title of Sarawak Darul Hana.

Previously, if anyone wanted to cross over the other side of the river, they needed to use the local river taxi or 'penambang' boat. This has been a regular daily thing for the locals who cross daily to get to work and back.

New Bridge in Kuching
A view of Kuching's new bridge across the Sarawak River

When Did The Darul Hana Bridge Open? 

The new bridge was officially opened on 11th November 2017 by Sarawak Tun Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. A massive display of fireworks as part of the opening ceremony for the people of Sarawak.

This project was started in August 2013, and the objective was also to connect the northern part of Kuching with the southern region.

The bridge will also add on as part of the Kuching Waterfront. The bridge was also designed and constructed by local company PPES Works (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd.

The Darul Hana Bridge will become a new icon for Kuching and Sarawak, as it stands majestically over the Sarawak River.

It is also being promoted as a tourist product, where heritage trails can be conducted using the bridge to get across.


The new Kuching bridge is located at the end of Jalan Main Bazaar, where the Sarawak Handicraft Center is. Visitors can just walk across to the other side and see some of the historical monuments and buildings of old Sarawak.

If it is your first time visiting this part of Malaysia, you can also find out what to do in Kuching and its surroundings.

And finally, the Darul Hana Bridge in Kuching is also best visited at night when the lights are on as it gives a totally different look.

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