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Matta Travel Fair Promotions

Matta Fair Promotions

Malaysians are now well travelled and this Matta Travel Fair promotions article is for those who are planning to travel locally or around the world.

The Matta Fair is also Malaysia's largest travel fair that is held twice a year on a massive scale here at the Putra World Trade Centre or PWTC in Kuala Lumpur.

Matta Travel Fair Promotions and Discounts

So, what are the Matta Travel Fair promotions all about? It is where consumers come to get the best and cheapest travel packages being offered by hundreds of travel agents from around Malaysia.

The beauty of the Matta Fair is that you can get incredible bargains almost anywhere in Malaysia or around the world.

What is the catch? You just need to do a lot of walking around and asking questions during the fair.

2018 Matta Fair Promotions
Travel agents giving out Matta promotions

A very Malaysian thing, where consumers are always on the lookout for discounts and promotions for just about anything, even travelling has entered this game.

People flock to the travel fair in KL just to browse and shop for travel packages that are being offered on huge discounts. Well, not every destination is cheap, but common tourist destinations are usually on promotions. 

Over 100,000 people will attend this fair which is spread over three days and at any one time, there are thousands of people walking around and enquiring with travel agents and tourism boards.

This has been a phenomenon for the last decade and has changed how Malaysians travel.

Gone are the good old days of walking into a travel agent to book your tours. Nowadays, people just book them online or wait for the Matta Fair.

Matta Sabah 2018 Promo
Local travel package deals from Sabah Tourism Board booth at Matta Fair

Matta Fair Promotions are usually offered for popular destinations where there is a huge volume of visitors to that place.

In return, tourism operators there can offer better deals in terms of tours, packages, and even hotel accommodations.

This is then translated into travel packages with massive discounts that are sold during the Matta Fairs. Well, this is just one of the promo factors and there are many more. 

The types of promotions also come in various forms of travel, which are;
  • Full Board Packages - Everything from flight, transport, food, rooms, and attraction are included. 
  • Half Board Packages - Almost everything is included.
  • Ground Packages - Only the hotel room or transfers is provided.
  • Series Group - Fixed scheduled departures. The dates are locked and you travel on those dates.
  • Cruise Packages - Local and International Cruise Packages
Cheap Travel Promotions at Matta Fair 2018

Most consumers tend to go for cheap travel packages at Matta Fair 2018, but the reality is that sometimes, cheap does not mean good quality.

Depending on the type of travel a person or family chooses, it can range from short vacations to long holidays. However, the majority of consumers would be going for the mid-range or three to five days. 

While prices are sometimes unbelievable, you need to double-check with the tour agents about what is offered in the package.

You should also read this article about the Matta Fair Tips and Tricks as it highlights almost everything you need to know. From the travel codes to what kind of packages are sold.

Matta Fair Hall Layout

So, depending on where you want to visit, the options are many. You just need to know which section on the Matta Fair you need to be at.

In total, there are four main halls and one mezzanine floor above hall one, and each of these halls caters to different regions. They are;

2018 Promo Matta Fair
The main International Hall at Matta Fair

Hall One - International Hall (Worldwide)

This is where you will find all the international travel packages and tour agents that sell worldwide tour packages. You will also find the major tourism boards like Japan Tourism who will be focusing heavily on visiting Tokyo.

The Tokyo Booth at Matta Fair will be offering much information about one of the most sought after destinations. So, if you plan to visit Japan, Korea, Europe or other international destinations, this would be a good place to start. 

Hall One - Mezzanine Floor (Upstairs)

Here, you will find the main stage for the Matta Fair 2017, where all the activities and shows take place. Also, the food and beverage area is located up here too. There are toilets, a nursing room and a surau for prayers.

In one area, you will also find travel agents that are selling the Muslim Umrah Packages or Haj Packages. You can use the escalator to go up on one end of the hall or use the stairs in the food and beverage area.

2018 March Matta Fair
Entrance to the International Hall 2 at Matta Fair

Hall Two - International Hall (Worldwide and Smaller Hall)

Hall 2 also provides tour agents that sell worldwide tours, but the hall is a little smaller than the main hall one. Generally, Hall 2 offers only travel agents. Most of the reputable and larger companies occupy this hall. 

Hall Three - ASEAN Hall

This hall provides all the travel agents that sell ASEAN country tours. You will also find the ASEAN Tourism Boards in this hall and among them are Indonesia Tourism, Nepal, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Indonesia Tourism will be the largest booth with a lot being offered. You will find other companies like Star Cruises, Royal Caribbean and some local hotel operators.

2018 Dekat Je Promotion
Entrance to the domestic hall or Malaysia Hall at Matta Fair

Hall Four - Malaysian Domestic Hall

For any local travel in Malaysia, this is the main hall where you will find all the local travel packages and local tourism boards like Sabah Tourism, Sarawak Tourism, Langkawi Tourism, and Terengganu Tourism.

Malaysian theme park operators are also found here, like Legoland Malaysia, Sunway Lost World, Angry Birds Activity Park and some other hotels as well. 

Please note, if you visit the Malaysia Hall, you will not be able to buy any ASEAN travel packages or International travel packages.

The halls are divided into sections for this therefore, you need to go to the hall that sells the packages you want. Meaning, if you want to buy a Tokyo Travel Package at Matta Fair, you need to go to Hall 1 & 2.  

Some of the halls attract plenty of visitors due to cheap travel promotions

Most Popular Tour Packages at Matta Fair 

You may be wondering what are the most popular tour packages at the Matta Fair? Over the years, Malaysians have been travelling all over the world and a huge thanks go to the budget airlines that have changed travel.

Players like AirAsia, AirAsia X, Malindo and FireFly have been aggressively promoting cheap airline tickets at Matta Fair where consumers will buy the flight tickets from the airline, and then buy the ground only package from the travel agent. 

This goes to say, where ever the airline runs a promotion, that is where the consumer will decide ongoing.

So, places like Bali, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Bangkok, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan have been very popular destinations.

Travel promotions Matta Fair 2018
Matta Fair is held for three days and offers all kinds of travel promotions

Usually, the airlines will run special promotions in conjunction with the Matta Fair and offer discounts to various destinations. 

Japan is one of the top-performing destinations due to many Malaysians wanting to visit this fascinating country. Most of the popular Japan travel packages include Tokyo, Osaka, and Hokkaido as AirAsia X flies to these three destinations. 

Recent News in February about AirAsia X flights to Hawaii in the USA has also gained much interest from many Malaysians as this would be the cheapest airline to offer flights to the US.

This opens up a whole new destination as Hawaii has always been one of the top island destinations in the world.

From Hawaii, you can easily connect to west coast USA, to places like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Promo Matta Fair 2018
Airline tickets are always on promotion at the Matta Fair

Matta Fair March
Date: First weekend of March
Venue: PWTC, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 10.00 AM to 9.00 PM
Tickets: RM4.00 per entry


Finally, if you still need more information, read Matta Fair Malaysia - 10 Questions Answered, which could be of much help for first-timers to this massive travel fair here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Other than that, you need to go to the fair and see for yourself what Matta Travel Fair promotions are being offered.

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