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Floria 2013 Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival

Flower and Garden Festival Putrajaya

The Floria 2013 Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival will be on its 6th installment this year and held again at the same venue of Precinct 2 at the Waterfront in Putrajaya.

This is Malaysia's largest flower and garden show to date and the event last year attracted over 500,000 visitors.

This year, a larger turnout is confirmed as the tourism minister of Malaysia expects over 1 million visitors for this year's event which is spread over nine days.

While it is recommended to visit the place on a weekday, the main activities will take place over the weekend.

Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival

 Flower Garden Festival in Putrajaya
Insect designed art on display at Floria Putrajaya

What can you expect at Floria 2013?

Flowers, flower art and more flowers. A total of 400,000 tropical, sub-tropical flowers and plants was featured throughout the flower and garden show last year.

As the main area is huge, there is an open area where flower decorations are displayed. There is a huge air-conditioned tent where dazzling flower displays are showcased here.

Flower art and designs are made entirely from all kinds of flowers and are a hit among photographers and flora lovers. 

Outside, there is another open tent area where many traders sell their related wares. You can find all kinds of plants, fertilizers, and information from the many tents here.

There is also a food tent area for hungry visitors. For the Orchid lovers, there are some special tents set up where local and hybrid orchids are sold.

Magic of the Night Parade at Putrajaya

During Floria 2013, there will also be another interesting event called Magic of the Night Parade 2013 which is the second year after a successful launch in 2012.

This unique parade will showcase a number of boats local and international, which are decorated with flowers and lights. They will parade along the lakeside showing the beautiful designs amongst the night backdrop.

The Magic of the Night Boat Parade takes place at 8.30pm and over the weekend by the waterfront at Precinct 2 in Putrajaya. This is an event not to be missed by tourists and locals. A stunning fireworks show takes place after the night boat parade.

Floria 2013 Information:
Festival Dates: To be announced
Opening Hours: 9.00 am to 10.00 pm (Monday-Thursday) / 9.00 am to 12 midnight (Friday-Sunday)
Admission: Free
GPS Coordinates for Floria 2013: 2.924820, 101.685365

How to go to Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival?
  • From KL Sentral
     - Take the KTM Commuter to Serdang Kommuter Station. From there take RapidKL Bus No. U42 or Metro Bus No.68 to Putrajaya Sentral Bus Terminal. From there, take a taxi to Precinct 2. Or you can take the Nadi Putra Bus Service to Wawasan Bridge.
    - You can also take the KLIA Transit and stop at Putrajaya Station. From there, take the Nadi Putra. Note: Do not take the KLIA Express as it does not stop here.
    - Taxi is the easiest but one way with coupons cost about RM45-50 from Sentral.
  • From Kotaraya KL - Take Metro Bus No.68 to Putrajaya Sentral and same as above.
  • From LCCT Sepang - the Best option is to take a taxi there.
  • Driving - The most popular option for the locals, road signs are very helpful too and from Putrajaya. Head towards KLIA and you will see multiple turnoffs towards Putrajaya. 
For tourists or foreigners - You will have to plan carefully as it is a little hard to get taxis and buses at night from Putrajaya unless you go to a hotel or bus terminal.

My advice is to probably book a stay at any one of the hotels around here if you want to visit this event to catch the Putrajaya Magic of Night Float Parade.

If you want to do a day trip to see the flower and garden festival, you can use public transport to Putrajaya and back.

Floria Putrajaya Map - Click to enlarge

Tourism Minister Dr. Ng Yen Yen at Floria 2012


Previously in the last couple of years, I also attended the Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Exhibition 2011 and Floria 2010. Note that every year there is a theme involved at the event.

If you are a flora lover or simply wanting to experience this event, head over here during the festival as it is suitable for all walks of life.

Photographers will also be seen by the hundreds here as flowers are one of the most beautiful subjects.

I visit this event yearly and I hope to see you at the coming Floria 2013 Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival.


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