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Turtle Crying after Laying Eggs Video

Turtle Crying after Laying Eggs Video

Here is a video of a turtle crying after laying eggs in Terengganu, and is one of the beautiful videos I have taken in a very long time.

This turtle video was shot on location at Rantau Abang in Terengganu at the end of 2012 when I was there visiting a beach resort and also to do some scuba diving.

Rantau Abang has been one of the popular places to spot turtles since the 1970s and over the years, the place has been taken over by the wildlife department where turtle sightings are no longer open to the public. 

Back in the day, the giant Leatherback Turtles were a common sighting at Rantau Abang but since the late '90s, the arrival of these giant turtles have decreased due to an overpopulation of tourist and poachers.

The last reported sighting of a Leatherback turtle was in 2011 according to the state wildlife ranger who was looking after the stretch of beach here.

Video of turtle crying after laying eggs

In the video above, you see a Green Turtle crying after laying her eggs on the beach. This is a common sight but let me just explain it in simple layman terms.

The turtle is not actually crying but instead clearing the sand out of its eyes. This is a natural process that happens after she buries her eggs in the sand.

She will also go into a stasis mode for about 30 to 60 minutes right after laying eggs and this is when the rangers will move her into a position to get back into the sea. 

In Terengganu, there are no operators that offer these turtle viewing opportunities but in my case, I was invited by someone who knew the rangers where I went there to document it for awareness.

The state is also having the Visit Terengganu 2013 campaign for travelers and there are many popular islands to visit like the Perhentian Islands. Redang Island and also Tenggol Island.

Before seeing the turtles at Rantau Abang, I was actually scuba diving at Perhentian Island with friends and then I moved on to the Tanjong Jara Resort for another short stay there.     

Green Turtle Picture

Just so you know, each Green Turtle can lay anywhere between 40 to over a hundred eggs. And according to the local rangers there, each time they release about 1000 baby turtles, only one of two survive.

This is quite shocking to hear that the survival rate of the baby turtles is extremely low. It is no wonder that turtles are protected in many parts of the world.

Turtle Conservation in Malaysia

There are a number of turtle conservation in Malaysia where most of them are hatcheries and one of the popular ones is located at Turtle Island in Sabah which is locally known as Pulau Selingan Turtle Island.

Other places include Talang Island Turtle Conservation in Sarawak while other smaller islands around Sabah also play host to turtles coming ashore. One of them is also Mabul Island.

Final Thoughts on Turtle Crying after Laying Eggs

If you are headed to east coast Sabah, there are special packages to go and watch turtles laying eggs there which is highly controlled by the Sabah Wildlife Park.

For turtle lovers, I hope you have enjoyed watching my video of a turtle crying after laying eggs in Terengganu, and that you one day get to experience this first hand. 

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