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Magic of the Night Boat Parade Photos

Putrajaya Magic of the Night

The Magic of the Night Boat Parade takes place around June or July at Precinct 2 in Putrajaya, Malaysia. This event is an initiative of Tourism Malaysia and has been ongoing for a few years now.

The highlights of this event are the beautifully decorated and well-lit boats that float along the lakeside near the Wawasan Bridge. The boat parade starts at about 8.30 pm daily and ends at about 10.30 pm with a fireworks show to conclude. 

The night boat parade is also free and can be seen from the lakeside and also from the Wawasan Bridge here. For tourists heading here, you should make your trips in the evening to catch the best of both worlds, the flower show, and the boat parade.

Below are pictures were taken during the Magic of the Night Boat Parade event launch on 30th June 2012. A total of 15 boats will showcase each of the Malaysian states while two international boats from Africa and China displayed their country's tourism products.

Magic of the Night Boat Parade Photos

Suzhou, China Boat

Kenya Tourism Boat

Johor Tourism Boat

Langkawi Tourism Boat

Melaka Tourism and Pahang Tourism Boats

Ministry of Tourism Malaysia Boat

Perak Tourism Boat

Putrajaya Boat

Sabah Tourism Boat

Sarawak Tourism Boat

Terengganu Tourism Boat

Tourism Malaysia Boat

Magic of the Night Boat Parade where all the boats stop in front of the lakeside

Event Name: Magic of the Night Parade
Place: Precinct 2, Putrajaya, Malaysia
Landmark: Millennium Monument, Lakeside
Date: June or July
Time: 8.30 pm till 10.30 pm nightly


As some of the boats have interesting effects, you will notice laser lights, smoking effects and even music on them.

After floating down about two kilometers along the lake, the boats then make a turn and stop in front of the main stage area before the fireworks go off. 

Photographers will have a field day here as the entire show lights up the night sky of Putrajaya while children are sure to enjoy this event at the Magic of the Night Boat Parade.

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