Marina Bay Sands Singapore Room Review

Review of Marina Bay Sands Singapore Room

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Room Review - The many times I have visited Singapore, I seldom stay at hotels due to the fact I have distant family over there who have a fantastic spare room for me and my partner.

This time around after being invited for the official launch of the SkyPark at Marina Bay Sands,  I was put up at the Horizon Rooms here at the MBS but little did I know that the rooms here were going to be above my expectations.

The rooms at Marina Bay Sands are beautifully decorated, spacious and stylish and these rooms are located on the higher floors of the towers. This is, of course, a bonus, as you tend to get some really beautiful views of the Singapore skyline.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Review

One of the things that impressed me most was the full glass windows that had an amazing view of Singapore's Marina Bay.

On my two nights here, I would run back to the hotel room at about 7.00 pm each night to check on the sunset view and was pleased to come out with a fabulous sunset over Singapore picture below.

So if room views are a must in your hotel stay, this one gets a thumbs up from me and could be one of the rooms you have been waiting to try out. 

Sunset in Singapore Singapore Sunset was taken from my room window

For those who may not know, Marina Bay Sands is, in fact, the largest hotel in Singapore with 2561 rooms and suites spread over three towers at a height of 55 floors.

The resort hotel also has a total of 18 different room types to choose from, and there are also 230 luxury suites with butler service that cater to VIP areas in the hotel.

Welcome fruit platter

On my check in to the hotel, the staff were pleasant, professional and knew what they were doing every step of the way which made my first impression a positive one.

Arriving at the Horizon Room and opening the door, I was immediately amazed with the sheer size and walking further in, I could not help but notice the amazing view behind the full-length windows while catching the corner of my eyes was a plate of fresh Lychee, the size of golf balls which were set on the coffee table. 

Room at Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Two single bedroom

The beds looked really comfortable while the decorations were simple with a touch of modern design. By saying this, I could see that they were not trying too hard here.

Space was not a factor as well, therefore, you could move around the room easily without having to avoid walls and furniture. I had never stayed in a room with electrical curtains and this was a first for me.

So you could imagine the joy I had opening them in the morning when I woke up to see the beautiful bay view.

Note they have views of the main Marina Bay and also of the Sea on the opposite side, so you should let them know which view you prefer on checking in.

A work desk, TV and Mini Bar in the room

Amenities were clear cut simple as to any other hotel. A large 40 inch LCD TV was a compliment to the huge room while an ultra-modern mini bar was cleverly hidden in the cabinets.

Why ultra modern you may ask? I found that once you lifted a drink from the bar, it would be automatically charged to your room.

So, this cuts the check out time as conventional hotels would have the keepers go to your room and check what was consumed from the mini bar.

The executive working desk came complete with a high-speed Internet wired port but then again, there was wireless Internet access for those who prefer to just relax and use the service from the comfort of the bed or bathroom. 

Marina Bay Sands bathroom

The bathroom was very impressive as due to the excessive space here, they laid it out just the way I had imagined. His and her sinks were spacious so no rushing one another while getting ready.

A stylish tub occupied the other window side of the bathroom and you could open the shades to have some light peek inside while you enjoyed a nice warm soak in the tub.

There were individual units for a toilet and also a rain shower with glass doors, which is up to today's lifestyle standards. 

Toilet Marina Bay Sands Singapore
Well separated units in the bathroom

Paiza Marina Bay Sands
Paiza Toiletries at Marina Bay Sands Room

Bathroom toiletries were supplied by Paiza, which is a trademark of the Las Vegas Sands Group, therefore they are exclusive to the hotel here in Singapore.

The Paiza brand is non-medicated so it is gentle to your body and they are also made from high-quality products.

Trust me, the shower or hand soap was many levels ahead from the usual hotel soaps I have been using so this one had a huge thumbs up from me. 

Sea view rooms at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

As for the rooms facing the sea, you could see as far as a kilometer easily without any haze or smog in the air. Apart from the current construction going on, a view of the Singapore Flyer was included in this open balcony type room.

Overall, my stay here at the Horizon Rooms was perfect in all ways as there was nothing for me to find fault with. The hotel is massive so moving around can take you some time. 

Restaurants are very modern while the entire place is interconnected with the shopping plaza, casino, and convention center. 

Paiza Club: Those specially invited to the Paiza Club will enjoy private gaming lounges and a premium level of service catered to their specific needs. 

There are also special floors dedicated to this super exclusive club with a special entrance and check in for guests. 

Members are also entitled to full access to the elite kingdoms of Sands Macao, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino (Las Vegas, USA), and The Palazzo (Las Vegas, USA). For more information, please visit the Marina Bay Sands official website.

You can also read about my experiences at the Sands Skypark at Marina Bay Sands as I have been here multiple times since it opened. This is probably the most talked about hotel in this part of the world too. 

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool
Infinity Swimming Pool Singapore

If you are visiting here, do not forget to visit the famous Infinity Swimming Pool Picture at SkyPark which is the longest and highest infinity pool in the world. Just take a look at the photo above. 

I also managed to record some videos of Infinity Swimming Pool at Marian Bay Sands in Singapore before it first opened to the public. This is because they organized a media trip for the official launching of this feature of the resort.

Final Thoughts to my Marina Bay Sands Singapore Room Review

For those planning to visit this island republic, there are many hotels to choose from, including chic boutique hotels all the way to five-star hotels.

And if you are seeking something different, this place is totally one of a kind and hope that you will make your way here after reading about my Marina Bay Sands Singapore room review.

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