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Marina Bay Sands Singapore Sunset Picture of the Week

Sunset Marina Bay Sands Singapore
This Marina Bay Sands Singapore sunset picture was taken as the sun was setting behind the beautiful city skyline at about 7.30 pm.

This sunset photo was taken from my room window at the Marina Bay Sands Resort during a visit here in June 2010. The sunset picture was also taken with a Nikon D60 with an 18-105 mm lens.

If you plan to stay here, there are two options for rooms - Sea facing or city facing and currently the city facing rooms have the best views at the hotel here.

There is also the Paiza Club for rooms on the higher levels of the hotel. You can read my story on the Marina Bay Sands Room Review.

Providing that the weather is good during your stay, you should be able to get some really nice pictures from your room here. Another place that you can catch really nice sunsets are from the Sands Skypark at the observation deck. 

But if you are in the Infinity Swimming Pool or from KuDeTa Bar, both these places provide great angles to photograph the sunset here. 

At 57 floors high, these three places at Marina Bay Sands offer some of the most stunning Singapore sunsets for any photographer, pro or not. 


Unknown said...

Such a beautiful sunset picture. Definitely the city facing should be the obvious choice! I can see the Durian and the Fullerton hotel. The Merlion is not so visible at night it seems...

Lilian said...

Nice pic....I wish I could take photos like that. The Marina Bay area is definitely worth visiting.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Ishan and Lilian. I took a load of pictures throughout the day while here and the night seemed to be the best .


Sarah said...

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Malaysia Asia said...

Canaima - Thank you, yes, great sunsets are hard to come by these days.

Seminyak Bali - Offering me a sponsor to Bali? :)

Coolmon - You're welcome and thanks.

Kyle - Thanks and glad you like it :)