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Infinity Swimming Pool - Picture of the week

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Swimming Pool
The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Swimming Pool is my picture of the week. I visited this amazing place during a media trip in June 2010 before it was opened to the public.

To me, this is simply one of the most amazing architectures in swimming pools ever seen. If you are a pool lover, the Infinity Pool or Vanishing Edge Pool as it is also known in Singapore is one of the places you have to try out. 

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The Marina Bay Sands Infinity Swimming Pool is also noted to be the worlds highest and longest. Anyone who is visiting Singapore is welcome to visit this place. You need not be a guest of the hotel as there is an entrance just to go up and see this amazing Infinity Swimming Pool. 


Lily Riani said...

yes! i be going and staying here come november!

Malaysia Asia said...

Awesome Lily, hope you have a wonderful time there and make sure you visit the Infinity Pool.


Wilson Ng said...

Still waiting my chance to dip into this lovely pool. Shall we again there?

Malaysia Asia said...

Sure thing! I'm all up for it :)