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Infinity Swimming Pool Videos Sands SkyPark

Singapore Infinity Swimming Pool SkyPark
Here are the first Infinity Swimming Pool videos from Sands Skypark at Marina Bay Sands Singapore taken before the official opening of this ncredible place.

These videos taken during the official opening on the 24th June 2010, which was only for invited media while the public was allowed to start visiting this place the following day.

Infinity Swimming Pool Videos at Sands Skypark 

What makes this entire place amazing is that the infinity swimming pool stretches for 150 meters along the rooftop of Sands SkyPark

This experience gives hotel guest breathtaking views of the Singapore city's skyline from the pool with an illusion of falling off the edge of the pool. 

Sands SkyPark will be home to the world's longest elevated infinity swimming pool, with a 475-foot vanishing edge. 

The infinity pool will be composed of 400,000 pounds of stainless steel and hold 380,000 gallons (or 1440 cubic meters) of water which are elevated 975 feet above the ground. 

There are four movement joints beneath the main pools which are designed to help the pools withstand the natural motion of the towers, and each joint has a unique range of motion.

Please note the videos of the Infinity Swimming Pool were taken with a basic camera on the day before this place opened to the public. They are raw and unedited. 

Video of Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands Skypark Singapore

Models pose for the infinity swimming pool at the Skypark

View of the Singapore Skyline from the Infinity Swimming Pool Area

Swimming at the Infinity Pool in Singapore
Photo of Infinity Swimming Pool Sands SkyPark
A female model poses at Infinity Pool at Sands SkyPark on opening day

Sands SkyPark Information

With a width of 38 metres and length of 340 metres, the entire Sands SkyPark has a plan area of 12400 m2 and contains lush greenery, extensive landscaped gardens, Restaurant of Celebrity Chef Justin Quek, and a very trendy lifestyle bar.

Toilets are available at various locations while a glass rooms for functions is seen above Tower 2. The place can also accommodate 3,900 people and the beautifully landscaped garden areas contain over 250 trees and 650 plants, some up to 8 meters tall.

You can also access the Sands SkyPark from all three towers by getting to the 57th floor of the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort.

Tickets for the Sands SkyPark Marina Bay Sands;
  • SG$20.00 for adults
  • SG$17 for Senior Citizens
  • SG$14 for Children
Where to buy tickets to Sands SkyPark?

Tickets are sold at Tower 3 Hotel Lobby of Marina Bay Sands Hotel and these tickets only allow you to visit the Public Observation Deck and not the infinity swimming pool.

The deck is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm, and SkyPark tickets are subject to capacity daily. This means if the place is crowded, they will stop selling tickets until a number of people leave.

You can also read about the Marina Bay Sands official opening which took place on the 27th April 2010. It was the biggest news in the entire Southeast Asia, as never before such a project was planned.

Many locals and foreign tourist cannot wait to experience this amazing attraction and I can easily guess that this will be the number one tourist destination in Singapore over the next few years.

While I was part of the specially invited media, I managed to take a number of photos of this place, and you can see one of my best photos of the infinity swimming pool which is of someone at the edge.


I hope you enjoyed these Infinity Swimming Pool at Sands SkyPark videos as they were taken one day before the official opening of the Marina Bay Sands here in Singapore. 

Quality was very basic and standard, and it was unedited to show the real vie of this place. Any comments, please leave them below. 

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Wilson Ng said…
Nice video, the view is breathtaking
Malaysia Asia said…
The Sands SkyPark view is absolutely amazing! I believe it will be more stunning during a good sunset.

Larua said…
Breathtaking view. I subscribe to what David said. I have a friend in Malaysia I might visit sometime. Hope to get to this pool too :)
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you Laura, hope you have a wonderful trip to Malaysia and also Singapore. Just so you know, only hotel guests are allowed to the Sands SkyPark pool.

CathJ said…
beautifulll.... ^_^
Janice Alcantara said…
I want to go in Singapore and go to that place. By the way if you want to go in Cambodia read this site http://sihanoukville.info/getting-around/ this will help you if you want to go in this very beautiful country.
Malaysia Asia said…
Thank you Janice, I would love to re-visit Cambodia after visiting Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Anonymous said…
The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark pool was built over a period of 7 months by Innovez Sports Technologies, that is based in Singapore.

It is actually the world's largest outdoor pool at that high an elevation!

Check out more pictures of the pool at http://www.innovezsports.com
Dave Yeo said…
There is a video that catches glimpses of skypark pool building on you tube.


or search for "building skypark pool"