Kuala Lumpur Street Art with Galaxy Smartphones

Smartphone Street Art Kuala Lumpur

Here is a special article for Kuala Lumpur street art with Galaxy Smartphones that I have used in the last two years.

I am currently using the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the best unit for my smartphone photography due to its incredible camera capabilities that lets me enjoy photography to its maximum.

Kuala Lumpur Street Art with Galaxy Smartphones

Over the years, I have travelled around Malaysia a lot for my personal and tourism work, and I always encounter interesting street art or murals painted on shop lots and buildings.

I used to take photos with my DSLR camera many years back, and eventually, in 2019, I moved to a mirrorless camera, leaving the bulky DSLR world.

Since technology with smartphones has improved, I started to focus on using my Galaxy smartphone for general photography, namely when I walk around for street photography.

Therefore, here is a series of street art and murals from around Kuala Lumpur, which I have been taking photos of over the last few years with my Galaxy smartphone.

Also, note that some of the street art may no longer be there as the building owners sometimes paint over it. Click on the images to see the full photos.

Malaysia Chinese Street Art
I found this very interesting, and it is one of my favourites. Very minimalist.

Street art by Cloak
Cloak is one of the well-known street art and graffiti painters in Malaysia.

KL Graffiti
Sometimes, the messages make up the art.

Kuala Lumpur Graffiti
This is one of my favourite street art or graffiti pieces in KL, and it's no longer there.

Malaysia Best Graffiti
Massive graffiti piece, which I believe was commissioned by Standard Chartered and DBKL.

Habib Jewels Building Art KL
Even Habib Jewels has a mural done at the side of their building.

Best Graffiti Kuala Lumpur
This is found at the original Pasar Karat in KL and is one of my favourites.

Street Art Murals in KL
I believe this was commissioned by a sponsor.

Fine Street Art KL
Fine street art like this is unique but can be seen in KL.

Street Graffiti KL Tag
An interesting play of colours for this graffiti piece.

Street Murals Kuala Lumpur
I love this piece, which was done during the Covid-19 pandemic in KL.

Best Art Murals Kuala Lumpur
One of my favourite paintings is at a shop lot in Petaling Street, KL.

Graffiti in Malaysia
These are the old-school graffiti works seen around KL.

Street Art Photos Malaysia
Interesting street art murals in KL City.

Building Murals KL Malaysia
This is hard to miss as it is located by the River of Life in KL.

Malaysia Orang Utan Mural
Pik Wah Cafe did a Bornean street art piece showing an orangutan.

Mural Art at Rex KL
Building street art on the side of Rex KL.

Street Art Photos Samsung Galaxy
Some of KL's graffiti is interesting.

Kuala Lumpur Street Art
This was taken at one of the car parks before it opened, using my S22 Ultra on a wide angle.

Malaysia Street Art Photography
Detailed graffiti work captured with a Galaxy S22 Plus.

KL Street Graffiti
Some of the graffiti was painted in the open car parks of Jalan Sultan.

KL City Building Murals
I saw this several times in KL, but I think it is no longer there.

Kuala Lumpur Street Murals
Beautiful colours from one of the paintings on a school wall in KL.

Old Kuala Lumpur Street Art at Pik Wah Cafe

Below is a series of street art murals painted at the side of the Nanyang Art Supply shop at Jalan Petaling in KL city. The cafe next to it is Pik Wah Cafe, which serves coffee and food.

Street Art Murals at Chinatown KL
Street art shows the life of KL city in the 50s and 60s.

Street Art Jalan Petaling
Kuala Lumpur in the good old days.

Street Art Old KL Malaysia
Life in Kuala Lumpur in the 50s and 60s.

Street Art Murals Petaling Street
Beautiful details of old Kuala Lumpur.

KL Street Art
The old KL street art is painted at the side of the Nanyang Art supplies store.

Malaysia Cat Murals
This is my all-time favourite street art in KL.

I have also done a series of street art photos in Melaka, showcasing some of the fantastic murals on buildings around Malaysia's historical city.

For those into landscape and building photography, I also used a Galaxy S22 Ultra to capture smartphone photography of buildings around Kuala Lumpur.

And for those travelling around Malaysia, I did an article about places to see street art in Malaysia, which was written in 2015 and updated.


You can also take a look at some of my Malaysia smartphone reviews that I have done over the years, including some interesting units like folding and flip phones.

And for anyone else who is into this, you can also check out my Smartphone Photography Malaysia Facebook Group, where I and others post pictures.

I hope you enjoyed this Street Art Malaysia photography series with Galaxy Smartphones. I will have another series out soon, so please subscribe to my articles if you want more.

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