10 Places to See Street Art in Malaysia

Places to See Street Art in Malaysia

In recent years, Street Art in Malaysia has picked up quite a bit, where many local and international artist has done some art pieces here and there.

Not to be confused, but there are a few terms that this form of art is being called. Most call it Street Art, while some call it Street Paintings or Street Murals. 

While it may be new to some, many would already know the one who started it all, Ernest Zacharevic, who got the ball rolling in Penang in 2012.

Places to See Street Art in Malaysia

Today, mainly 10 cities around Malaysia host these amazing street art paintings in various locations.

Depending on where you visit Malaysia, you may encounter some of them without even trying, as they are usually located in high tourist areas.

We need to point out exactly where each of these paintings is. You can explore the town areas to look for them when you are at these places.

There is also no point in telling exactly where these streets are found; if not, where's the fun in exploring?

So, where are these places to see street art in Malaysia? The list below is in no order, and it is up to you to find them all.

1. Penang Street Art

Street Art Penang
Some of the interesting Penang Street Art
Penang Island got the ball rolling back in 2012 when the street art phenomenon took off on a huge scale.

Especially with the help of social media, locals and foreigners were raving about it and wanting to see the art, namely to photograph and share it on their social channels.

This phenomenon sprouted nationwide interest, leading to all kinds of trick art museums, 3D museums, etc.

The Penang street art murals are cultural landmarks at various locations around the old part of George Town.

They are often crowded with constant queues of people waiting to have their photographs taken with the works, especially on the weekend.

Ernest Zacharevic Street Art Painting Penang
Ernest Zacharevic's most famous painting in Penang
Ernest Zacharevic Street Art in Penang

The most famous street art painting in Malaysia is by Ernest Zacharevic, from Lithuania and has been based in Penang for several years.

He was commissioned to paint 6 street art pieces as part of the George Town Culture Festival in 2012.

Ernest's style depicts scenes of everyday Malaysian life using local people as models. Among them, two extremely popular pieces have been featured the world over.

They are Children on Bicycle and Boy on Motorcycle, where a clever combination of installation and painting allows admirers to interact with the artworks. 

His style of realistic paintings is usually combined with found objects and then creating murals that interact with their surroundings.

In February 2014, Ernest held his first solo exhibit at the Hin Bus Depot here in Penang and called it 'Art is Rubbish is Art'. He has since travelled around the world, having exhibitions. 

Martin Ron Penang Art Piece
Martin Ron's street art piece. Image from streetartnews.com.

Martin Ron from Argentina

The latest street art painting in Penang is by Martin Ron, who did a masterpiece in early 2015. You can see this massive work in Raja Uda at the Hin Bus Depot Art Centre.

This street art is also currently the largest mural ever painted in Malaysia. The painting shows an occidental man holding his hand out to feed turtles symbolizing the city's turtle conservation plan.

Martin Whatson Penang Street Art
Angel by Martin Whatson, seen here in Penang. Image from streetartnews.com.

Martin Whatson from Norway

Another interesting few pieces of new Penang Street Art are from Martin Whatson, a Norwegian who recently in early 2015 painted two pieces of artwork.

One is titled Angel, and the other Riot Copboth be seen on one of the busy streets of George Town. 

Julia Volchkova Penang Art
Julia's beautiful piece in Penang. Image from streetartnews.com.

Julia Volchkova from Russia

One of the latest works to be seen in Georgetown Penang is by Russian artist Julia Volchkova who specializes in portraits.

Yulia has been travelling around the world, and in April 2014, she painted a photographic piece of a local boy, which can be seen at Lebuh Klang in George Town. Realistic painting is also called Photorealism. 

Penang Street Art Photos Rone
RONE's beautiful street art in Penang. Image from streetartnews.com.

Rone from Australia

Another talented artist, Rone, did some unique street art around the Hin Bus Depot in George Town.

His work shows images of women's faces done on a large scale which blends in with the natural environment. Overall, his awe-inspiring work was done towards the end of 2014.

2. Kuching Street Art

Street Art in Kuching
Orangutans in a Wheelbarrow by Ernest Zacharevic.

Kuching is one of the new players in the street art scene and has also engaged Ernest Zacharevic to do some street paintings here.

The beauty of the artwork is that it is based on the local orangutan and the rainforest. Painted in early 2014, Ernest did some fantastic work sponsored by a local company.

Those exploring Kuching will have an opportunity to spot the following street art;

• Orang Utans in a Wheelbarrow (Ape-Scape)
• Orang Utan Sipping Kopi O Peng
• Orang Utan and Bananas

The Kuching street art paintings can be found around the Kuching Waterfront area and its surroundings, so get those walking shoes and find a happy spot.

For extra activities when you are here, you can also find out what to do in Kuching, Sarawak.

3. Malacca Street Art

Street Art Melaka
Melaka Street Art by the river.

Melaka, or Malacca, is another melting pot of Malaysia, similar to Penang, with a rich cultural and historical heritage.

Just after the street art boom in Penang, Melaka immediately jumped on board as tourism was, in fact, the biggest contributor to the state. 

There are so many street paintings all over the old town of Melaka it is almost impossible to list them here.

One of the most famous ones would be that huge Orang Utan mural at the Orangutan House which has been there for ages, since around 2008/09.

Melaka Orang Utan House
The famous Orang Utan House.

The main Jonker Street or Jonker Walk area has the most murals and paintings; along the Melaka River, there are even more murals to spot.

The best way is to take the Melaka River Cruise or spot the murals by walking around this area.

Popular areas to explore are along the Melaka River, starting from the Hard Rock Cafe Melaka and around Jonker Street and Heeren Street. Check out my updated article about street art in Melaka with Samsung Galaxy.

4. Ipoh Street Art

Street Art in Ipoh
Ernest's Old Uncle Drinking Coffee. Image from Old Town White Coffee.

As Ipoh is one of the older cities of Malaysia, much character lies within its old town area; hence this was a perfect opportunity for Ernest Zacharevic to leave his mark here.

Nostalgic moments captured the artist's heart, and he compiled 7 pieces of his work all over Ipoh Old Town in 2014.

This campaign was also sponsored by Old Town White Coffee under the theme "The Art of Old Town".

Street Art in Ipoh Perak
Kids on a Paperplane. Image from Oldtown White Coffee.

Images of the local Malaysian lifestyle were transformed into art where you see packets of iced black coffee hanging to an old man drinking a cup of hot coffee.

You can find the various Ipoh street paintings in the core of the old town area here. All you need to do is park your car and start walking around to spot these murals. 

• Kids on a Paper Plane 
• Ipoh Mining Town
• Working Trishaw
• Kopi O Peng
• Girl on a Wall
• Hummingbird
• Old Uncle Drinking Coffee

Street Art Paintings in Ipoh
One of Ernest's works shows the old mining days of Ipoh.

Ernest said;
Ever since I first visited Ipoh, Old Town I’ve been touched by how cosy and intimate the town is. Its architecture, culture, food and people have continued to captivate and inspire my heart and soul. I’ve wanted to come back to Ipoh, Old Town, take my time, soak in its rich culture and heritage and perhaps leave my mark here. I was truly honoured and amazingly excited when OLDTOWN approached me to make this a reality.

5. Sibu Street Art in Sarawak

Street Art Paintings in Sibu
Wharf Coolie Painting in Sibu, 1st street art in Sibu. Image from ccwen08.blogspot.
Sibu in Sarawak has also jumped on the bandwagon with some local artists doing street art of daily life here.

The Sibu Municipal Council, or SMC, formed a special committee which is made up of council staff and local artists to explore modern street art paintings.

This is also a lineup to the Visit Sibu Year tourism campaign, which has been happening for a few years.  

The 2nd Street Art in Sibu. Image from Sarikeians Facebook.

Most of the street art in Sibu can be found around the Khoo Peng Loong Road, Jalan Market and around the Sibu Central Market area.

Only a few paintings have been seen, and more will come over the next few months. However, there are a few others which are graffiti or random paintings. 

• Wharf coolie at work
• Local Delicacies
• Chicken and Duck on a Bench

6. Kuala Lumpur Street Art

Street Art Paintings Kuala Lumpur
Some of the street art paintings in KL city. Image from TheStar.

It is no wonder that Kuala Lumpur finally saw the light and produced its own street art paintings, especially with all the hype that Penang and Melaka are getting.

So, there are a few places around KL where you can find street art paintings. Namely around the Chinatown area or Petaling Street. There are also some around the Lebuh Ampang area as well. 

KL Graffiti along the Klang River
KL Graffiti along the Klang River.

One of the other areas to see real art is at the Annex Gallery in Central Market. Around here, you may see some street art on the walls of buildings.

However, if you look towards the Klang River nearby, you will see a lot of Graffiti Art along the river walls. 

Ernest Zacharevic Kuala Lumpur Street Art
Ernest Zacharevic Kuala Lumpur Street Art Piece.

Even Ernest Zacharevic was in Kuala Lumpur to have one of his street art paintings of a child in a sampan with a kampung house on stilts over the water. This piece was also done in 2014. 

Previously back in 2013, Ernest also did a piece for an art gallery called ArtSquare in Bangsar, just outside of Kuala Lumpur.

To say he's made his name all over Malaysia is quite right, as Ernest has left his trademark in almost every major city here. 

Kenji Chai Malaysia Street Art
Fighting Cockerel by Kenji Chai in KL.

Kenji Chai from Malaysia

A local Malaysian artist Kenji Chai did a fantastic piece for Nando's Chicken Headquarters along Jalan Sultan in KL.

The massive building art totals 2100 square feet, and Kenji used 90 spray cans over 4 days to complete his Fighting Cockerel concept.

A landmark here is the Kota Raya building; you are bound to see this huge chicken at the side of the Nando outlet.

Update Jan 2023 - Most of the street art has been removed or updated with new paintings, so when you go around, you may see new murals.

7. Johor Bahru Street Art

Street Art in Johor Bahru
One of Ernest's artworks in Johor.

Ernest Zacharevic does it again, painting some exciting street art in Johor Bahru or JB. There's a twist to this painting which you will find at the end of this section.

First, where else can you find these street murals or paintings in JB? Most of them are located around the Bazaar Karat or Lorong Pasar Karat in the JB town area.

The area was also renamed Stesen Seni in 2014 and is one of the popular places to explore in Johor Bharu. 

Street Art Bazaar Karat Johor Bahru
Akeem poses with his interesting MonaPod piece at Pasar Karat.

One of the iconic street art paintings here is the MonaPod by Akeem. This quirky version of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is depicted as taking a selfie using a smartphone with a monopod.

The artist used an existing hole in the wall to create the smartphone's image, thus giving you a 3D effect. 

When Legoland Malaysia opened in Nusajaya, Johor, in 2012, the famous street artist came up with an exciting yet controversial Lego-themed street art depicting a masker Lego robber waiting around the corner of a shophouse.

Ernest's controversial Lego Street Art in Johor has since been removed. No.1 is the original, No.2 was the 1st touch-up, and No.3 was the second. Then it was whitewashed. No.4 are stickers that are found around JB and even in Penang.
Johor Bahru council authorities removed the paintings after much drama erupted. A Lego Policeman was added, flowers replaced the knife, and eventually, it was whitewashed.

Long after this, tribute versions popped up in Johor and Kuala Lumpur, while the original wall was sticker bombed with the same Lego characters.

8. Petaling Jaya Street Art

SS2 Street Art Paintings
Some of the beautiful street art paintings found in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

The latest street in Petaling Jaya, or PJ, is in the main SS2 area. This was an SS2 Wall Art Competition held in November 2014 with the theme of 'Bestnya Malaysiaku'.

It was held around the main commercial area of SS2, where 22 walls were selected for the artist.

A clever concept to beautify the business district, and many talented local artists took part to win part of the RM10,700 prize money.

One of the murals at the side lanes of SS2, Petaling Jaya (Image from Yeo Bee Yin).

The art competition ended with some amazing and beautiful street paintings, which have become a permanent attraction for locals and tourists.

SS2 in Petaling Jaya is a well-known food area, and there is also the 'All You Can Eat Durians' centre around here.

SS2 Street Art Paintings Location Map
The SS2 Street Art Location Map. (Image from Says.com).

I have included a map for the SS2 Street Art as his area is way out of Kuala Lumpur, and for any tourist wanting to come here, it is a 30-45 minute drive from KL.

Once you get here, you can simply go on foot to spot the street art murals. You must walk around the main commercial area shops and use the side lanes.

The best time to go is on the weekend or early in the mornings because, after 11am, cars would be parked there, blocking your street art views.

9. Shah Alam Street Art

Street Art in Shah Alam Selangor
A classic Malaysian Mini Bus at Laman Seni 7 Shah Alam. Photo by Azuan Zahdi.

Shah Alam is located about an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur and is no stranger to the local street art scene.

The council created an area for artists to show their skills at Laman Seni 7 in Section 2 of Shah Alam, Selangor.

Turning back lanes into walk-through art galleries was a big hit with the locals, where 37 art paintings are found here.

The project, which is fully funded by the Shah Alam Council, initially started in 2013 and in 2015, Laman Seni 3 will be opened in Section 3 in Shah Alam.

If you are into art and street art, Laman Seni 7 is a place worth exploring to see Malaysian artist and their creative work. You can also see more pictures of Laman Seni from Azuan Zahdi.

10. Kota Kinabalu Street Art

Sabah Street Art KK
The street art scene or graffiti in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

While this is the last major city to embrace the street art culture, Kota Kinabalu, or KK, has yet to see any international or local artists doing proper street art paintings here.

The only prominent street art you will see is just near the Suria KK Shopping Mall, where an old abandoned building left with pillar structures and a few walls decorated with graffiti.

In general, graffiti is more acceptable here in Sabah. We feel that the Sabah Tourism Board or the Kota Kinabalu city council should invest in promoting this place using street art.

After all, KK is a walking city, and the best place to do this is around Gaya Street or Kampung Air areas of the city. Their neighbour, Sarawak, has already participated with two cities featuring street art.

Malaysia Street Art Photos
Visitors taking photos of street art in Malaysia.

Since this article's writing, numerous other states and cities around Malaysia have also been hit by the street art trend.

Some of them include Terengganu, Kelantan, Pahang, and Kedah. I am still waiting to see them, but I will update this list to add the work here when I do.

Please share the information with me if you have seen any new cities or towns that feature beautiful street art. And just a reminder that street art is not graffiti.


These are 10 places to see street art in Malaysia, compiled exclusively for those who love this art form. This article was written by David from Malaysia Asia, who travels all over Malaysia for work.

Most information is sourced from various websites, blogs and portals, and credit goes back to them. Thanks to Says.com, AzuanZahdi.com, Yeo Bee Yin, StreetArtNews.com, Kenji Chai, Ipoh Old Town Coffee and TheStar for the resources.

Not one of those online writers who sit in the office all day scraping content and re-writing them for their lifestyle portals, and most of the time, wrong information or just surface general information.

If there are other places where street art can be found, please share it in the comment form below, and I will gladly edit it in this article.

And there are also several 3D Art Museums and Trick Art Museums mushrooming around the country.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the 10 places to see street art in Malaysia, and if you visit any of them, take some great photos.

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