Smartphone Photography of Buildings in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Building Smartphone Photography

I take a lot of smartphone photos daily, mostly just for self-satisfaction, and sometimes I enjoy doing smartphone photography of buildings in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? Because Kuala Lumpur offers some fascinating and beautiful building architecture that feeds my hobby using the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone.

Smartphone Photography of Buildings in Kuala Lumpur

KL, as the city is fondly known, is home to several world-class skyscrapers and is relatively easy to move around with the mass transit services.

Construction KL Skyline
The city of Kuala Lumpur often undergoes lots of construction.

When I go for my smartphone photography in KL city, I usually take the LRT or MRT train from Petaling Jaya, where I live, as it is much more convenient.

My first stop is always at the older part of KL at Petaling Street or Chinatown, where I will walk around for my smartphone street photography while looking for interesting building angles.

From there, I will take the LRT train towards KLCC and explore that part of Kuala Lumpur, as you can also find many skyscrapers around the area.

Below are random photos taken with my Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone on several occasions of visiting Kuala Lumpur city. Please click on the pictures to see them in full size as smartphone mode re-sizes them a little odd.

Smartphone Photography in KL
One of my favourite technicolour murals near Central Market in KL.

Smartphone Photography KLCC
The Petronas Twin Towers is one of the most photographed buildings in KL.

Dayabumi Photo
Dayabumi is one of the early skyscrapers of KL city.

Photo Galaxy S22 Ultra
In some areas of the city, you can get shots like this when you look up.

Landscape Photo of Kuala Lumpur
A distant view of the Kuala Lumpur City skyline.

Skyscraper Photography KL City
A lot of interesting buildings can be found all over KL city.

Smartphone Photography in KL
Some buildings are simple, while others look futuristic.

Smartphone Street Photography
Some buildings provide interesting angles for architecture.

Smartphone Photography Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Twin Towers are hidden among other skyscrapers.

Smartphone Photography TRX 106
TRX Exchange was now one of the latest skyscrapers to open in 2022.

Smartphone Photography TRX KL
Looking up at the TRX Exchange.

S22 Ultra Photography
Beautiful architecture around the TRX Exchange.

TRX 106 Kuala Lumpur
TRX Exchange 106 building in KL.

Malaysia Smartphone Photography Skyscrapers
One of the odd-looking building designs in KL city.

KL TRX Exchange
Outside the Exchange 106 skyscraper.


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I travel quite often, and I often use my Galaxy Smartphone to take photos, so keep a lookout for travel photos in 2023 with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, launched in February.

Thanks for viewing my smartphone photography of buildings in Kuala Lumpur article. I would one day love to organise a special photowalk for this.

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