Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching Review

Review Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching

Here is an Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching review, where I have stayed several times on visiting cat city in Sarawak.

This is one of my favourite hotels because of several factors, and I will list them below to share why I like to stay here.

Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching Review

The hotel is straightforward, but the logistics of it make it easy for visitors to move around Kuching. Especially if you are the type that loves to walk around the city area.

So, the Imperial Riverbank Hotel in Kuching is strategically located in the middle of the city, providing easy access to both the older part of Kuching and the Padungan area of the town.

Below are a series of photos taken in my standard room, which is sufficient for my stay. Please note I don't go overboard to oversell the hotel with tons of pictures and saying all good things only. I'm more realistic and straight to the point.

Imperial Riverbank Hotel Review
Here's a wide-angle shot showing the entire room from where the TV is.

Rooms at Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching
I love sharing wide-angle shots to give the reader a whole experience of the room.

Review of Imperial Riverbank Hotel
The common area is where amenities and luggage area are.

Kuching Imperial Riverbank Hotel Review
The bathroom is cleverly planned for guests and relatively modern.

Review Imperial Kuching Hotel
Basic amenities from the hotel room.

Imperial Riverbank Hotel Room ViewKuching
The view from my room shows part of the Kuching Waterfront and the Riverside Shopping Mall.


Overall, the simplicity of this hotel makes it an easy place to stay with no high expectations. It's very budget friendly with rates as low as RM100+ per night during non-peak.

If you are not a fussy traveller, the Imperial Riverbank Hotel is one of the recommended places to stay. It also caters to single, couples and family travellers and business travellers.

Facilities are fundamental, but whenever I'm in Kuching, I skip the hotel breakfast and head over to Padungan to try the local Sarawakian hawker food, where you can find Halal and non-Halal options.

Things to try are, of course, the Sarawak Laksa and Kolo Mee, which are undoubtedly a must for anyone visiting Kuching. But if you love fast food, there's a Mcdonald's just opposite the hotel.

Just to Add

All the photos above are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, as I prefer to use the smartphone for my overall images. It's not like I'm going to enlarge the photos for print as for web use; is it sufficient.

I am currently using the Galaxy S22 Ultra for my everyday photography since 2022. I still carry around my mirrorless FujiFilm, mainly for my bird photography in Sarawak.

Location of Imperial Riverbank Hotel in Kuching


I hope you enjoyed my Imperial Riverbank Hotel Kuching review and if you always wanted to know what this hotel looked like inside.

Sometimes I will travel a few days earlier to attend the famous Rainforest World Music Festival. I usually stay here to explore Kuching city before moving to Santubong for the event.

Overall, there are several hotels located around this area, and it all depends on what the guests want. Kuching is a fun city to explore n foot, so I like to stay here whenever I visit.

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