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Tokyo Booth Promotions at Matta Fair 2017

Matta Tokyo Promotions

This Matta Fair March 2017, there will be some promotions held at the Tokyo Booth which is located at the Japan Pavilion in the international hall or hall one.

For anyone planning to visit Tokyo, this will be the best place to get all your information about the most popular city in Japan.

Tokyo Booth Promotions at Matta Fair

At the TCVB Tokyo Booth in Matta Fair 2017, visitors will have the opportunity to find out all the information you need about this fast-moving city in Japan that most Malaysians want to visit.

Even if you have visited Tokyo before, the city is so huge that for the second or third time around, you will still find something unique and interesting to do.

Tokyo is so huge, that it has 23 special wards, 26 cities, 1 district, and 4 sub-prefectures and one of the most populous cities in the world.

A total of 37.8 million people live in the Tokyo area. Back in history, Tokyo was known as Edo and was a small fishing village.

Now, this mega-metropolis is one of the most sought after places to visit for just about anyone in the world due to the vibrant Japanese lifestyle, food and culture.

TCVB Tokyo Booth will be featuring two Japanese companies for the Matta Fair March 2017 and visitors will be in for a nice surprise. They are;

Bic Camera - BIC Camera is one of the biggest power in consumer electronics and gadgets in Japan, with 39 stores spread all over in Japan especially in big cities.

For the Matta Fair March 2017, Bic Camera will be distributing discount coupon to visitors, which is useful when they visit Japan. This would be great for anyone planning to travel to Tokyo, Japan this year.

D.O.A Japan - This company manages Japan Panoramic Tours which consists of daily excursion trip around Tokyo. You can find Mt Fuji, Hakone, and Gotenba Premium Outlet packages from D.O.A Japan and for the Matta Fair 2017, they are simply promoting their tours.

Visitors can then book their own tours online from the website. Therefore, visiting them will give you more information about this company.

Matta Fair 2017 Tokyo Promotion
Visitors getting information at the Tokyo Booth at Matta Fair
Popular places include Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Roppongi and Asakusa but in recent years, much development has taken place bringing new places like Omotesando Hills, Ebisu Garden Place, Tennozu Isle, Shiodome, Roppongi Hills, Shinagawa and Odaiba to be lifestyle and entertainment places.

Read about Tokyo Packages at Matta Fair 2017 where I share more information about the Tokyo Booth for this coming March Matta Fair from 17-19 at the Putra World Trade Centre or PWTC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Matta Fair March 2017
Tokyo and Japan booths at the Matta Fair
For anyone planning to visit Japan, your main port of entry would most likely be Tokyo. There are two main airports in Tokyo which is Narita Airport (Malaysia Airlines) and Haneda Airport (AirAsia X).

To move around Tokyo, it is very easy as there Tokyo Metro connects most areas and you can buy a daily subway pass (800 Yen) or even a three day pass for 1,500 Yen.

All of the tourist destinations are accessible by trains and by walking, so there is no need to take a taxi around Tokyo.


And if you are looking for any Matta Fair deals for 2017, it is best to head to the travel fair as everything would be on sale, especially Japan tour packages and other countries. Even flight tickets to Tokyo would be on sale from various airlines.

The best place to get your questions answered would be at the Tokyo Booth promotions at Matta Fair 2017.

Here you will find staff that speak English and even Malaysian staff that work in Tokyo, which can help you with the information needed.

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