Tokyo Travel Packages at Matta Fair

Matta Fair 2017 Tokyo Packages

If you are looking for Tokyo travel packages at Matta Fair, you are in luck as the Japan National Tourism Board or JNTO in Malaysia will usually be organizing a massive Japan travel booth here.

Every year at Malaysia's largest travel fair, Tokyo will be one of the main highlights among many other regions and prefectures of Japan that consumers want to travel to.

Most Malaysians and Southeast Asians have recently been attracted to Tokyo as one of the favourite travel destinations due to the wide publicity being done online over the last few years.

Tokyo Travel Packages at Matta Fair

Over the years, many Malaysian travel companies have been promoting many different Tokyo travel packages at Matta Fair, and this has increased more awareness about the Land of the Rising Sun.

One of the main factors that contributed to this growth of tourism to Japan is how the JNTO has aggressively embarked on providing Halal cuisine in almost all major cities and prefectures of Japan.

This includes creating prayer rooms and Halal food guides for Muslim travellers from the world over who plan to travel to Japan.

It is no surprise that you will see local Muslim staff manning some of the Japan counters, who are also fluent in speaking Japanese.

This method breaks the language barrier and thus making it easier for Malaysians to communicate about the various Japan packages.

Matta Fair Japan Tokyo Booth
Visitors getting information at the Tokyo Booth in Matta Fair
Matta Fair Tokyo Travel Packages

Depending on what you are looking for, there are various types of Tokyo travel packages available from many different travel agents. They range from full tour services to independent travel packages.

While the conventional all-in packages are promoted, a majority of the current day travellers prefer to go as Free Independent Traveler or FIT style, as this allows more freedom.

This means they will just buy the attraction or transportation tickets and book their flights or accommodations online.

The FIT Packages for Tokyo is also suited for the younger generation of travellers, while the series or group packages tend to cater to the other travellers.

Matta Fair Japan Travel Booth
At the Japan booth during Matta Fair
What consumers would do is to visit the Japan Travel Booth to get information and brochure for various parts of Japan, depending on where they plan to go.

At the Japan Travel Booth in Matta Fair, there are usually many different prefectures from all over Japan will participate to showcase their tourism attractions.

You will see other tourism-related companies there like the Japanese Railway companies, JR East and even JR West.

Theme Parks like Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland, Specialized Tour Service Companies and many hotels and resorts from around Japan are also regulars at the fair.

Various booths from all over Japan during the Matta Fair
Tokyo Booth at Matta Fair

One of the most popular places in Japan is no other than Tokyo, the capital of Japan and most first-time visitors would head here to experience this vibrant city that offers so much.

The main airports in Tokyo are also Haneda Airport for AirAsia X Flights and also Narita Airport where Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and other international airlines land at.

Upon arrival at any of the Tokyo airports, you will then take a train to your hotel, guesthouse, AirBnB or Ryokan.

Moving around Tokyo is also best done with the incredible subway system which connects almost every district.

Muslim Packages Japan 2017
Tokyo offers Muslim travel packages with information available at the Tokyo Booth
Tokyo Travel Packages Matta Fair

If you are interested in visiting Tokyo, I would highly recommend you pay a visit to the Tokyo Booth at any of the Matta Fairs in Kuala Lumpur.

Here, you can get the most information about Tokyo and its surroundings by speaking to the officers in charge there. You should also know that this is purely an information booth and they do not sell any Tokyo Packages there.

For any Tokyo travel packages at the Matta Fair, you should look for those travel agents that sell Japan Packages and book through them.

Most of the international travel agents are found in the main International Hall of the Matta Fair, which is Hall 1 and 2.

Our tips and tricks on travelling to Tokyo are to research, find out what you want to see and do and then only plan your trip there.

Most Malaysians visiting Japan would want to see the Sakura Flowers during the Sakura season from end March to early April, but the trick is to book your flights and accommodation at least six months in advance to get good prices.

If you try to book one or two months before the Sakura flower Season, most hotels would be fully booked or whatever remaining rooms would be priced really high.

It is always best to check out the various Tokyo Matta Fair promotion packages before deciding on what you want.

Matta Fair March 2017 Tokyo
Visitors getting information on Tokyo from the Matta Fair
How Long To Spend In Tokyo?

Another misconception is that many people think that you can see Tokyo in 4-5 days, and that is totally not true. Unless you are rushing your trip, even six days is not enough to see Tokyo.

So, when tour companies sell Tokyo packages for 3 to 4 days, it is really a touch-and-go trip. They will most likely take you to a few popular places for a very short time and hop from city to city.

Personally, I would not recommend going for this, but to experience Tokyo by yourself as it is a very safe city and the infrastructure is very good.

Some visitors would also choose to do dual cities like Tokyo and Osaka for their Japan trip, and usually, this would be a 6 to a 7-day trip, but it could also be quite a rush trip.

A better solution would be to do them individually and during different times of the year, to experience the different seasons. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the consumer to choose and as mentioned.


The Matta Fair takes place twice a year in the city of Kuala Lumpur and is usually the best place to source for any kind of Japan travel package.

Booths provide local staff that converse in Japanese with their representatives, hence it will be much easier to talk to locals here.

For more accurate information, it is always best to personally source out the information for your Tokyo travel packages at Matta Fair 2017.

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