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Matta Fair 2017

The Matta Fair 2017 will be held from 17-19 March at the PWTC Kuala Lumpur and this will be the first major travel fair in Malaysia for for the year as it is held twice where the second Matta Travel Fair on will be held in September. Being the most popular travel fair in the country, this three day massive travel fair will attract over 100,000 people from all walks of life. 

Why people attend the Matta Fair 2017 is simply because of the amazing travel packages and deals that are being offered throughout the fair. There are usually four main areas here which range from domestic, ASEAN, international and a special promotion hall, each dedicated to its own region or genre. 

The largest Malaysia travel fair starts at 10.00 am and ends at 9.00 pm and an estimate total of over 10403 booths in a total of five halls, with participants from various travel agents, tourism bodies, hotels and resorts, travel related services and many more. This will also be the biggest Matta Fair 2017 to date.
The general crowd at the Matta Fair on the weekend
What to look out for at the Matta  Fair 2017

2017 will be an interesting year for travel as there are many new destinations available while most Malaysians would be in the market for popular places like Japan and Korea as there have been direct flights into various cities across these two northern countries.

However, Indonesia is also one of the growing destinations and by saying that, it is not your usual Bandung and Bali Tour Packages, but some of the recent promotions by Indonesia Tourism where they are aggressively promoting new and interesting places like Komodo Island, Jogjakarta, Lombok, Makassar and even East Nusa Tenggara.

Australia and New Zealand have also been one of the must-visit places due to the favourable currency exchange versus the US dollar, British pound or even the Euro, but with recent issues in Europe, some consumers may have shifted their long holiday plans to elsewhere.

New Destination Travel Packages

As budget airlines have increased their flight routes internationally, there are so many choices of places to visit for your vacations or holidays. Airlines like AirAsia and Malindo Air have been quit aggressive in 2016 where new destinations from AirAsia include Mauritius, Luang Prabang, Tehran, Sapporo and a few other places. Talks of AirAsia flying back to London are also probably in early 2017 so expect cheap London travel packages at Matta Fair 2017.

More big news is that AirAsia X plans to start flying to Hawaii in the USA in 2017, but the exact dates are still being worked out therefore, if AirAsia begins flying to Hawaii, you can expect to see a some interesting Hawaii Travel Packages at the Matta Fair 2017.

Malindo Air has also introduced some new destinations which are Chiang Mai, Medan, Hanoi and also Taipei so this will allow more choices for packages to these destinations in Asia. Most of the travel agents will be offering choices for your flights when you book these packages during the fair too.

Local 'Dekat Je' Malaysia Travel Packages

Visitors checking out the many travel packages at the Matta Fair
As always, the local travel packages at Matta Fair always make a huge impact to the general consumers where promotions on travel packages around Malaysia are always hassle free and much cheaper. Consumers trends include buying multiple packages due to being able to visit a few places rather than one long vacation.

One of the popular destinations are the Taman Negara Tour Packages where you can do a day trip or overnight trip here.

Popular places include islands, beaches, theme parks and cities for food, culture and shopping. Some of the much talked about destinations in Malaysia include Johor, Langkawi, Sabah and Sarawak while Ipoh is slowly getting some attention for the weekend packages. At the Malaysian Hall, you will find everything there, including the tourism boards, theme parks, homestays and even hotels and resorts from various states of Malaysia, each individually promoting their property.

Cruise Packages at Matta Fair 2017

One of the growing tourism genres is the cruise travel packages which have made an impact since 2013 and more Malaysians are now looking at cruise tourism as one of the vacation getaways. Usually the most common cruise packages at Matta Fair would be Star Cruises but in the last two years, Costa Cruises has also come into the game offering various packages and giving healthy competition to cruise tourism in Malaysia.

For those looking for Matta Fair Cruise Packages, you should take note of the different types of packages offered from the four main companies below. The companies include;
  • Star Cruise Packages - Most popular with short cruises around Malaysia and Southeast Asia.
  • Costa Cruise Packages - Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Packages - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. 
  • Norwegian Cruise Packages - Europe, Rest of the World. 
Muslim Travel Packages at the Matta Fair 2017
Muslim Travel Packages at Matta Fair 2017

Every year, more and more Muslim travelers seem to be doing long haul travels to places like Europe, North Asia, China and even the Americas. Tour companies keep coming out with different packages to cater to this growing trend of Muslim travel. For 2017, Taiwan and North Asia may be the favor of the consumers but then again, the trends could shift depending on the consumers demands. 

20th Century Fox World Theme Park in Genting

The much talked about theme park which is scheduled to open in early 2017 has now been rescheduled to open in late 2017. So those hoping to get first experience here will have to wait it out before the official announcement of the opening of the 20th Century Fox World Genting Theme Park. The news states that this will be the first in the world and here in Malaysia, therefore many are patiently waiting for the opening of this new theme park in Genting. 

However, there are still other theme parks that will be at the Matta Fair offering special promotions and discount tickets or packages. Theme parks include Legoland Malaysia, Sunway Lagoon, KL Bird Park and even the new Movie Animation Studios Park in Ipoh, Perak which opened in December 2016. Check out the theme park booths in the Malaysian Hall during the fair.
Various promotion packages available at Matta Fair 2017
Matta Fair Promotion Packages 2017

As usual, the Matta Fair Promotion Package for 2017 will be determined by the consumer demand but at times, the travel agents will also hold special packages to certain destinations and offer discounts for them. Some of them may be very attractive and with new international destinations offered by budget airlines, one of them will be the Matta Fair Mauritius Travel Packages which will be offered during the fair. 

For first timers going to the Matta Fair, you should know some of the terms and conditions set by the travel industry as you may be confused when the tour agents start using certain codes for the Matta Fair Promotion Packages. Take a look at them and understand the basics so you will know what they are referring to when they tell you things like two to go and ground only. 

Matta Fair 2017 Booth Booking

For travel agents who want to inquire about a booth, please contact Matta Malaysia directly for the information and price. The Matta Fair booth price is handled by the organizers and you need to book them months in advance too. You are advised to contact Matta directly to do this and not me. I just provide the information online. Thank you. 

Matta Fair 2017
Date: 17-19 March
Venue: Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), KL
Time: 10.00 am to 9.00 pm
Ticket: RM4.00 Per Day
Children: Below 12 Free Entrance

For those seeking affordable or special travel packages, the Matta Fair 2017 is probably the best place to find them and you should probably go there early to avoid the super large crowds and best to visit on the first day of the travel fair here in Malaysia. 

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