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Krabi Night Market Video Thailand

Night Market in Krabi
Krabi Night Market in Thailand is one of the most visited places for any travelers who head here. Located in the heart of Krabi Town, this market is a wonderland for those wanting to experience the local Thai culture and lifestyle.

For your added information, the main town of Krabi and beach area is about 20 minutes distance via car so if you are staying in the Ao Nang area, you will either take a tuk tuk or local taxi to get here.

When you get to the night market in Krabi town, the first thing seen is an overhead signage where the road is littered with hawker stalls on both ends. You need to walk through the arch to get into the core area of the Krabi night market.

As you can see from the videos provided below, this place is well worth the exploration if you love markets and local Thai food. Apart from the two, you can also get some souvenirs here. Note the market only opens on weekends.

Krabi Night Market Video

Krabi Night Market Food Stalls Video

One thing about this place is that the local Thai people here speak basic English. So you would have to figure out what they are trying to convey to you if you ask them technical questions. Most common questions would be 'What is that?' and 'How much?'.

A number of the stalls here have signs indicating the price in Thai Baht. The best possible time to visit this place is also at nights when the place comes alive. You can also bargain here but due to the popularity, you can get a little discount only.

This interesting night market is also known as the Krabi Walking Street and if you are staying by the main Krabi beach area, I highly recommend you take a visit here.

Krabi Night Market Information

  • Opening Times: 5pm to 10pm - Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Best Time to Visit: Weekends, just before dinner.
  • Location of the Krabi Night Market: Maharat Soi 8, Behind the Vogue Department Store in town.
Getting to the Krabi night market via Songthaew (สองแถว) or van taxi is easy as they charge about 20-30 Baht per person from Ao Nang area and same fare back. You can easily spend an average of one to two hours here and it is more than enough.

I visited this place in June 2010 under a familiarization trip with Tourism Thailand to explore Krabi and its surroundings. One of the places was here and I shot the Krabi night market video while walking around exploring this place. 

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Val83 said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Henry Williams said…
you have to go one of these days its a nice place to visit
aww, we were lucky that our stay in Thailand extended until the weekend so we had the chance to explore more of the place. Krabi Market was where we were brought by a friend. Believe me we were so full with variety of Thai dishes to choose from. The pictures just made me miss our visit.
Malaysia Asia said…
Val83 - eventually, your dream of visiting Thailand will come true one day. If there is any one interesting place in the world to visit, it has to be Thailand.

Henry - Thank you very much.

Whitetail H. - Glad you had a wonderful experience there. I wish I had more them to try more of the other foods there.