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Krabi Walking Street in Thailand

Walking Street Krabi
Krabi Walking Street in Thailand is one of the night markets to visit while traveling here. As many would think that this place is located by the sea, you are actually referring to Ao Nang which is a district by the ocean.

Krabi is more of a town where many travelers come to explore and visit places of interest like this night market. The walking street is a nightly affair and held in the main town area. Many local tuk tuks and song tiaws (local van taxi) will shuttle from Ao Nang and Krabi town for a fee of 20-30 Baht.

Krabi Walking Street

Krabi Walking Street at night

As I was invited by Tourism Thailand for a familiarization trip here in 2011, there were about ten of us who arrived in two vans to the market. We were supposed to make a quick stop here and head for dinner but after sampling some of the local food here, it totally filled our stomachs up.

But it was all good as I had been yearning for some local Thai delicacies for a very long time and this night market seemed to be filled with them. The choices were very interesting as well, and if you did not like spicy, there was always options.

Without much planning, we broke up in three groups to explore the place. While most of the girls went on their own, the men decided to explore the rest of the Krabi market.

At some areas, you would see a number of local handicraft and art being sold. Not that cheesy stuff you always see at airports or souvenir shops, I have to say that the art and crafts here were so much more different and interesting due to it being locally hand made.

I ended up buying some Thai paintings while some of the guys bought hand made bags and t-shirts. Comparing with Ao Nang, things here were a little cheaper too, so this is one of the alternatives or choices yo have when you visit Krabi. 

Krabi Pasar Malam
A traditional child band playing local Thai music

Market in Krabi
Pandanus leaves folded into roses

Hawker food in Krabi
Deep fried Pineapple Thai Style

Krabi Walking Street Food

When we got to the food section of the walking street, I could not believe that I saw a lady selling freshly made Thai Fish Cakes.

This was my ultimate weakness and I ended up buying two packets of it. It was really cheap as each bag cost only 20 Baht which was about US$0.70.

Walking around I saw more local dishes that I wanted to try but a special Thai dinner was arranged for the group after this market visit. I could have sworn that some of the group mentioned that we should just have dinner here at the market.

Popular street food in Krabi
Local signs with English translation

Street food in Krabi
Grilled Squid with Mayonnaise, Thai style

Krabi Roasted Pork
For the pork lovers, there was a stall selling all kinds of parts of the roasted pig

Krabi Thai Fish Cakes
 Thai Fish Cakes sold freshly at the night market

Roti Canai in Krabi
Thai Rotee or Roti Canai (Flat Bread Pancake) sold here at the market
By the time I was done walking around the food section, I was already quite full as I did buy some other local Thai desserts. Apart from that, there were so many dishes I wanted to try and told myself, the next time I visit Krabi, I would for sure make my way here for a feast.

Some of the Thai style food was pretty interesting like a stall I saw selling Thai Pancakes or Rotee. This was very similar to the Roti Canai sold in Malaysia and was very tempting to try. But I did not. Overall, if you love all things hawker and Thai, this place would surely be a winner. 

Hawker at Krabi Walking Street
A local hawker selling local handicraft

Also for the Muslim travelers, I noticed a number of Thai Muslims selling food at the market which was halal. So if you are from Malaysia or Islam, you would have no issues getting food here.

The area here used to be a wet market which was relocated to a new area and this area was eventually promoted to be a Walking Street and officially opened on 20th March 2009.

For those who want to see this place in a first person view, I have another article about the Krabi Night Market in Video which is simple and straight forward. 

Krabi Walking Street Information

  • Opening Times: 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm - Friday, Saturday and Sunday only
  • Best Time To Visit: Just before dinner
  • Location of the Krabi Walking Street: Maharat Soi 8, Behind the Vogue Department Store in town
The night market is open in the evenings till about midnight and sells all kinds of local food, accessories, art, clothing and handicraft. A good experience would be to visit this place around 7.00 pm and try some of the local food here.

You would most likely end up buying some local Thai souvenirs too. This is one of the main activities in the area and nothing beats visiting local markets like the Krabi Walking Street in Thailand.

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NLM said…
Thanks for the post; I can't wait to get to Thailand. Now more than ever: fried pineapple, yum!

Keep having fun.

Danny said…
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Malaysia Asia said…
NLM @ Nancy - Thanks and when do you go there? Make sure you explore the different regions in Thailand.

Danny - I'm sure you're going to have a wonderful time in Thailand with all of what you mentioned.
Sbipk said…
Woww!!! nice trip. If you can’t decide for your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!

And if you are looking for hotel in phuket for your holiday. Surin Beach Hotel will be the best choice for you too.
Malaysia Asia said…
Sbipk, who is in charge of Surin Beach Resort?
Anonymous said…
Fantastic blog about Thailand .. probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We visit at least once every two years and the walking street you mention is one of the best places to visit.
Jane said…
Great site, great information and superb photos. We have visited this street several times, and always come back for more. Thailand is truly magical.