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Mustafa 24 Hour Shopping Center in Singapore

Did you know that the Mustafa 24 Hour Shopping Center in Singapore is the only place where you can do your shopping at three o'clock in the morning?

Who would have imagined that you can do shopping at 3.00 am! Seriously? And to make this a reality, Singapore started this back in 2011, way before many other places.

Mustafa 24 Hour Shopping Center

Well, ever since the late 90s when I visited Singapore frequently, I would come here at the oddest hours in the morning to buy my stuff.

This way, the crowd would be less, no traffic jams and the weather would be much cooler. But these days, try going there at 3.00 am and the place is packed jammed with shoppers and tourists.

I guess over the years, more and more people found it much easier to come in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the daytime rush. 

24 Hour Shopping Singapore
Mustafa Center at Syed Alwi Road, Singapore

What is Mustafa Center?

Originally, Mustafa Center was established in 1971 along Campbell Lane in Little India and only sold ready-made garments.

After the government took back the shops in the area for heritage preservation purposes, the boss, Mr.Ahmad started to look around and found some old shophouses along Syed Alwi Road

These shops were reasonably priced and not far from his original store and just around the corner from Serangoon Plaza.

With his hard-earned fortunes, he bought them one by one till finally, he bought the whole row.

Many people state that putting up a large Shopping Centre on a side road out of the traditional shopping area was a very brave decision by Mr.Ahmad.

In April 1995, Mustafa Center became a reality and immediately became a Shopping Paradise to many people.

On the weekends, the store easily packs in over 15,000 customers of all nationalities so you can imagine the place. That is why many locals prefer to go off period hours.

The crowd at Mustafa Shopping Center

Today, customers can get almost anything from over 75,000 items displayed on four levels covering an area of 70,000 Sq.ft within the six-story building which also houses a hotel with a 130 room hotel with a tag line that reads "Shop and Stay" under one roof.

Apart from the shopping, the entire complex also offers other services such as Foreign Exchange, Local Fast Food Restaurant and a Travel Company has helped in contributing to the growth of the business.

Singapore Mustafa Centre
Branded Watches at Mustafa Singapore

With a workforce of 1300 staff, an annual turnover of SG$300 Million (US$250 Million), over 150,000 items on shelves and a total shopping space of 150,000 square feet, it is still not enough to accommodate the growing customer traffic.

Try coming here on a Friday morning at 2am and witness a traffic jam of vehicles and people around the center.

Photo of Mustafa Shopping Center
 Mustafa Center 24 Hour Shopping at the Toiletries Section

24 Hour Shopping Center Singapore
View of the different levels

Once you enter the many entrances here, you will see loads of hawk-eyed security personnel checking each and every person entering and exiting the store.

On the ground floor, you will find selections of branded watches like Rado, Longines, Tissot and even Rolex among the thousands of watches on display.

There is a huge electrical section with everything you can possibly think of except the popular iPhone or iPad.

Toiletries for both men and women are well spread while a music and video section holds thousands of titles. The lower ground floor caters to everything apparel, sports, and travel luggage.

The first floor houses the main dry goods section while the upper floor caters to everything household and books. 

Singapore Mustafa Shopping
Outside the shopping center

To say that this entire vision was a dream, it definitely came through for Mr.Ahmad as this is the only shopping center in Southeast Asia that is open 24 hours.

A novelty, some may think but in reality, it works for the many thousands of customers and tourists that come here daily. It seems like the street that never sleeps here in Singapore.

Where is Mustafa Shopping Center? 

Address: 145 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore 207704
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +65 6295 5855


Whenever I come to Singapore for work or simply for leisure, I will surely make a trip here to buy my toiletries and some other stuff as I have found that they stock many brands and the items here are way much cheaper than many other places including neighboring Malaysia.

Many of the items are sold in bulk or wholesale while single items are available. If you ever visit the island republic and want to try something different, I would suggest you pay a visit to the Mustafa 24 Hour Shopping Center in Singapore.

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Henry Williams said…
wow thats a beautiful shopping complex
Malaysia Asia said…
Henry - Yes, not only beautiful, amazing how the owner bought over every shop in the block over the years to make this massive building.
Penelope said…
That place is really awesome indeed.A heaven for shopaholic like me!
Malaysia Asia said…
Thanks Penelope. But just so you know, there are no designer handbags or clothes at Mustafa Singapore.
Alan A Lew said…
I met the owner once several years ago on a visit to Singapore. He said that he based his store on Walmart -- buy in quantity and sell cheap. I would say, though, that Mustafa Centre is like Walmart on steroids!
only this market open 3 am , i am surprised ,but thanks for the info helpful
Unknown said…
i miss mustafa center :( gusto oong mag work ulit jan,,,
Anonymous said…
hello, is there an apple store here? thanks