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Singapore Zoo Review

Review of Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo has to be one of the cleanest and nicest zoos I have visited in all my years of traveling, and most probably in my entire life.

As I regularly visited the island republic 5 to 6 times a year, I somehow always did not have enough time to visit this place and eventually in 2010, I finally allocated half a day to make this trip possible.

Review of Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo Elephants
Asian Elephants during the performance at the Singapore Zoo

As zoos will always be zoos, this one is special as they have spent a good amount of money in the infrastructure, landscaping and the animal enclosures making it one of the top zoos in the world.

General facilities are spic and span while safety is very good. They have pram friendly paths while almost everything is thought off here making your visit a positive experience.

As the open concept zoo is set in a rainforest environment, the place offers visitors a unique opportunity to wander almost some of the best conservation programs in this region. The 28-hectare award-winning zoo is also part of the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore which has wildlife health care and research center.

The Singapore Zoo officially opened on the 27th of June 1973 and currently has 315 animal species where 16% of them are threatened.

There is also an average of 1.6 million people who visit the zoo yearly making this one of the most successful zoos in Southeast Asia. 

Singapore Zoo Wallaby
A wallaby in the Singapore Zoo
While this zoo is touted as one of the best around the region, you can be assured of a fantastic selection of animals to see here.

Most of them are kept in open-spaced areas providing the animals with freedom of movement in a habitat as natural as it can get.

You even get a chance to see some of the rare animals from all over the world. Below are photos of various animals taken by me at the Singapore Zoo.

Singapore Zoo Photos

Singapore Zoo Babirusa
A pair of Babirusa (Warthogs)

Singapore Zoo Cheetah
The Cheetah, fastest animal on earth

Singapore Zoo Dugong
Dugongs or Sea Cows in the show tank area

Singapore Zoo Elephants
Asian Elephants with their Mahouts (trainers)

Singapore Zoo Elephant Feeding
Guest feeding elephants after the show

Singapore Zoo Giraffes
Giraffes in their enclosure

Singapore Zoo Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon. Though it looks small here, it's about 7 feet long!

Singapore Zoo Orang Utan
An orangutan roams freely around the zoo

Singapore Zoo Polar Bear
Polar Bear in a special refrigerated area. Something you don't usually see in zoos here. May 21st, 2011

The polar Bear is no longer at the zoo according to Amanda who just visited the place in April 2011. They are also undergoing upgrading works around here.

Singapore Zoo Hippopotamus
Pygmy Hippopotamus, one of the unique animals here.

Singapore Zoo Rhino
Rhinoceros in an open enclosure

Singapore Zoo Seal Show
In the show area, a resident trained seal performs some tricks for the visitors

Singapore Zoo White Tiger
A Bengal White Tiger is one of the main attractions here in the zoo. More White Tiger pictures.

Zebra at Singapore Zoo
Zebras in the open enclosure

Overall, there were a lot more animals here at the Singapore Zoo but I only selected a few to be shared with you.

One can easily spend a good full day here while the minimum time would be half a day. That is if you choose not to attend the many shows offered here.

The zoo is also very well laid out with excellent infrastructure catering to the disabled and prams. There are many rest-stations while toilets here have a 5-Star grading system.

On a personal note, if you have children and wonder where to bring kids in Singapore, this is one of the places.

Singapore Zoo Ticket Prices;

  • Adults - S$20.00
  • Children - S13.00 (3-12 years)
  • Tram Tickets:
  • S$5.00 (A)
  • S$3.00 (C)
  • Boat Tickets;
  • S$6.00 (A)
  • S$3.50 (C)
  • Zoo Opening Times:
  • 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Singapore Zoo Address;
80, Mandai Lake Road
Singapore 729826
Telephone: +65 6269 3411
Email: info.zoo@wrs.com.sg
Singapore Zoo website

Showtimes at Singapore Zoo
Showtimes at the Singapore Zoo

How to go to the Singapore Zoo?

Getting to the Singapore Zoo is simple as it is located on one of the main highways and away from the city. 

By Mass Rapid Transit (MRT)
  • Alight at Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
  • Alight at Choa Chu Kang station (NS4-BP1) and take bus service 927 from the bus interchange.
  • From Changi Airport station (EW29), board the train and alight at Tanah Merah station (EW4) to switch to the west-bound train to City Hall station (EW13-NS25), switch again to the north-bound train to Ang Mo Kio station (NS16) and take bus service 138 from the bus interchange.
From Changi Airport station (EW29), board the train and alight at Tanah Merah station (EW4) to switch to the west-bound train to Jurong East station (EW24-NS1), switch again to the north-bound train to Choa Chu Kang station (NS4-BP1) and take bus service 927 from the bus interchange.

On Sundays and public holidays, you may also:
Alight at Woodlands station (NS9) and take bus service 926 from the bus interchange.
Alight at Marsiling station (NS8), cross the road (Woodlands Ave 3) and take bus service 926.

By Bus
From the City, take bus service 171 to Mandai Road. Alight at the first bus stop after the bus turns off Exit 7 of the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). Transfer to bus service 927 or 926 (Do note that 926 only operates on Sundays and public holidays).

By Car (Self Drive)
  • From the City, take the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) towards Jurong
  • Take Exit 24 into the Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)
  • Take Exit 7 of the BKE and then turn right into Mandai Road at the traffic light
  • At the next traffic light, turn right into Mandai Lake Road
  • The journey will take approximately 30 minutes
Map to Singapore Zoo


Finally, I would personally recommend you visit this place if you have at least half a day to spend on a minimum.

Walking around and exploring the place could easily set you back 3 to 4 hours. Facilities are top-notch while the signs and information are simply awesome.

There are excellent cafes and restaurants while the selection of animals to view is simply astounding here at the Singapore Zoo, and this place is highly recommended for those traveling with kids.

I hope you liked my review of the Singapore Zoo and if you have questions or comments, please do leave them below. 


John said...

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30 day treatment programs said...

i am also visit now Singapore again because this zoo is really amazing its excellent book where i got good information about zoo

Sophie's World said...

Generally, I'm a bit ambivalent about zoos; many are much too restrictive for the animals.

However, the one in Singapore is very nice. We've especially enjoyed visiting at night. My kids love it.

Sicily Apartment said...

Generally zoos are not kept that clean but seeing the one in Singapore, i am really impressed. I really love to go to the zoos and spend some refreshing time with the animals. It is so kind of you for sharing the so beautiful photographs and all the creatures look amazing and so cute.

Jan Ross said...

Great article. I like the way you included all the information about how to get to the zoo, etc.

Renee King said...

You are so right...that's the cleanest zoo that I've ever seen! It's almost like a circus with the animals actually performing for the audience. Thanks for this post, it's very informative and we will definitely visit once we get to Shanghai.

The Travel Chica said...

It's good to hear that the zoo is nice and clean and the animals are well cared for. Unfortunately, that is not always the case in some countries.

Malaysia Asia said...

Sophie - You're right about it but then again, the Singapore Zoo does care about this case. I think the Night Zoo is awesome here too. Soon to post about it.

Jan - You're most welcome and glad to be of service.

Renee - You mean Singapore? I hope you have time to visit the Night Safari in Singapore apart from the Zoo.

Travel Chica - You're spot on and hopefully things will change for the better.

Laurel said...

I've heard wonderful things about Singapore Zoo and so nice to see that the animals appear to be well cared for and have natural looking enclosures. The Bangkok Zoo was unbelievably sad, just bars and concrete.

Norbert @ GloboTreks said...

This zoo looks pretty cool! I would love to see a Komodo Dragon!

Jeremy Branham said...

Wow, love those animals! Zoos are great as my kids love to visit our local one! These are awesome photos! That is unique to see a polar bear (most dangerous bears on earth!)

jade said...

Wow- It looks like a lot of the animals get to interact with people, I'd love to go. My favorite animal is a sea gow- or manatee and I really had no idea they still existed other places besides the atlantic ocean near Florida. really interesting!

Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista said...

I'm not the biggest fan of zoos but love the cats and giraffes! I thought you're pictures were great.

Lisa said...

Singapore is such a great place. I hope I can return and take some time for the zoo. Your Cheetah photos is amazing. Great shot of the elephants too.

Malaysia Asia said...

Laurel - Wow, I must check out the Bangkok Zoo next time I am there.

Jeremy - Apart from the Singapore Zoo, the only other place I know where you can see them is at Komodo Island...which I plan to visit one day :)

Jade - The sea cows are locally known as Dugongs. I once went to Mantanani Island off Sabah and camped there for 4 full days to see a Sea Cow and it's mother. Sadly, then never came.

Debbie - Thank you so much. Honestly, after seeing how they care for the animals here, I just hope zoos in other countries will take note of animal conservation.

Lisa - Thank you very much. The wonders of a 200mm camera lens makes photography fun at zoos.

Christy @ Technosyncratic said...

I love the photo of the bird on the warthog! Okay, and the giraffe photo... and the one with the big cats. I like them all! :)

Malaysia Asia said...

Christy - Awww, thanks a lot! Wait for my next series on the Shanghai Zoo! I hope pictures there will be as good as these here.

adventureswithben said...

My favorite zoo is the one in St. Louis, MO. It's free too!

Anonymous said...

Some great shots!

I'm not sure about zoos but I understand that they do some important work as well - San Diego being a good example.

Malaysia Asia said...

Ben - No Way! Free entrance to the zoo? Wow...

Robin - Yes, I hear the San Diego Zoo is one of the awesome zoos to visit.

Alec said...

Great posting. The Singapore zoo is fantastic, its one of the view zoos that have an open concept, where the animals do not feel imprisoned in a steel cage. Also looking forward to your posts on the night safari in Singapore, as that is also pretty awesome!

cheap air flights said...

My name is Ryan. Great post.. I loved the pics of Singapore Zoo. It is really an amazing place to visit. :)

Anonymous said...

BTW,the polar bear is back but 1 died.