White Tiger Picture of the Week

White Tiger is my Picture of the Week. This tiger photo was taken in the Singapore Zoo during one of my many trips the republic. The animal was walking around the enclosure and decided to take a dip in the surrounding pool. This beautiful majestic cat all in white with black stripes is a Bengal White Tiger which is one of the many here at the zoo. White tigers are rare because they suffer from a genetic condition that strips their fur of the orange pigment, leaving the animal with snow white fur, black stripes and blue eyes. They are also found in South Asia, namely India.

Heading down to the water

Sitting down thinking..

About to get into the water

Bengal White Tiger getting wet

Jumping out of the water

Edit: I added more White Tiger Pictures as many people have not seen them. Above is a series of pictures taken from me. I used a Nikon D60 with an 18-200mm lens for the shots. If you like these majestic cats, I have some other pictures of White Tigers in Bali during a trip to the island in June 2011.
To see these amazing animals, you can visit the Singapore Zoo as they have an area dedicated to these creatures. A popular attraction at the zoo, almost everyone visiting here would surely stop to see the White Tiger and get a picture like I did.