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Incubus Live Concert in KL/Kuala Lumpur 2011

Malaysia Incubus Live

Incubus Live Concert in KL/Kuala Lumpur 2011 - These Californian boys are back again for the third concert in Kuala Lumpur and performing at the Stadium Negara on the 23rd July.

The band first performed here in Malaysia in 2004 to a 8000 strong crowd while their second visit to KL was in 2008 at the Sunburst Festival so you can expect a super show this time around.

Incubus Live Concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Incubus also features pioneer members Brandon Boyd, Jose Pasillas, Mike Einziger Ben Kennedy and deejay Chris Kilmore.

They have been around for two decades so this year, they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary on tour.

For the Incubus KL Tour, Malaysians will be one of the first  to hear live materials of the bands new studio album titled 'If Not No, When?' which is expected to be released on July 12. 

Malaysia Incubus Live
 Picture courtesy of Pineapple Concerts

Incubus Live in KL 2011
  • Date: 23rd July 2011 (Sat)
  • Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur
  • Time: 8.00 PM
Incubus Concert Ticket Prices
  • Normal Tickets: RM203 (Available 23rd May onwards for public booking)
  • Tune Talk Subscribers: RM183 (12th - 22nd May -You need to register with TuneTalk)
  • There are only one type of tickets for this concert so make sure you are there early to get the best spots.
*main picture courtesy of TuneTalk

Where to buy Incubus Live in KL Concert Tickets?
  • AirAsia Redtix.Com
  • AirAsia RedTix Outlets
  • Contact the Ticketing Hotline at: +603 8775 4666
  • Online Ticket Selling closes on 22nd July
Incubus Mike Einziger video chat to Malaysians on YouTube

Incubus Live in KL Sunburst Festival 2008 Video

The band will not be stopping over in Singapore or Thailand therefore KL is the only stopover between these three countries.

They then perform in Indonesia and the Philippines before heading to Japan and Korea for their World Tour.

Therefore for those traveling from Thailand, Brunei or Singapore, you are advised to come early as the tickets are just one type for the concert here.

The following concerts will be at;
Incubus live in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 26th July
Incubus live in Manila, Philippines on the 28th July


For those of you who may have missed out on the last two Incubus Concerts in Malaysia, this is your chance to catch them perform again for the third time in Kuala Lumpur.

The bonus is that this time around, you will be hearing some of their new songs from the new album all played live too!

For the fans, you are three times lucky as they return to our country for the Incubus Live Concert in KL/Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


Jeremy Branham said...

I am no longer hip on music but that's pretty cool the Incubus is coming to KL. Sounds like they enjoy it if they keep coming back!

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Jeremy, for a fact, KL starves from great music and Incubus Live in Malaysia is a great start for the music generation. No massive 50k crowds but a 10k audience is good enough.

jade said...

I saw them a few years ago and they were awesome live. Totally rocked it.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Jade, hope you're going to catch Incubus Live in KL again this time around.

Erin D said...

Wish we could fly down for it, but we will have family in town. No one ever comes to Taipei much either! We had Linkin Park a couple years ago, which was awesome...except that it was an outdoor concert -- during the height of monsoon season! 100F, humidity and plastic rain ponchos...not fun. LOL

Malaysia Asia said...

Erin, there's AirAsia! :) I hope more acts visit Taiwan, if not I'll have to see you here.

Christy @ Technosyncratic said...

I completely forgot about Incubus! Loved their music years ago, though, and I bet they're awesome in concert.

Malaysia Asia said...

Christy - I used to be a rock-fan years back just like you, nowadays, I just rock in my room...

Anonymous said...

Brandon Boyd wearing a very very damn low pant back few years ago. Craving for it!

Anonymous said...

The great band who looks cool on converse shoe

daly said...

selling 2 incubus tickets live in kl 2011 for rm 360. price negotiable. call/sms at 017-2853433. :)

superjoker said...

hi! im from singapore and first time in stadium negara or this kind of concert. can we bring in DSLR? is it very strict?

Jen said...

selling two upper tier free seating incubus tickets for rm160 each. call/sms me at 0163584488

Anonymous said...

incubus rocks malaysia astig >>>>>>>>>.