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Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010 Pictures

2010 Putrajaya Flower and Garden Expo Festival
Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010 was held in July and I only managed to visit this beautiful and interesting event on the last day.

The crowd this year was pretty much the same as last but more visitors were seen taking lots of pictures. In this article, you will see pictures of the flowers and orchids I took during my visit to the flower and garden expo.

I am not very well versed in flower names, so enjoy the pictures and do comment if you know some of the names of these flowers.

Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010 Photos

Below are random photos taken at the flower event with my Nikon D60 DSLR camera. Most of them show the different species of flowers at the expo, namely orchids.

Orchid Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival
Slipper Orchid
Malaysia Spider Orchid
I think this is a spider orchid
Orchids at Royal Floria

Flower and Garden Festival Putrajaya Malaysia 2010
Beautiful orchid flower
Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival Ginger
A type of ginger flower
Photos of Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival
A bed of beautiful flowers
A ginger flower
Malaysia Flower and Garden Festival
Daisies among other flowers
Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival
Lavender flowers
Bonsai Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival
A bonsai on display
The following pictures were taken inside the special air condition tent at Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010.

Ten horticulturist from around the world were invited to display some of their unique creations here at the flower show.

There was also local designers from Malaysia who participated and showcased some of their work with beautiful displays. 

Flower Design Floria 2010
Some of the flower designs in the air conditioned tent
Beautiful and creative flower and plant creations
Malaysia Bonsai Expo
Bonsai on display
Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010 
Date: 10th to 18th July 2010
Venue: Waterfront, Precinct 2, Putrajaya.


The pictures here were all taken by me with a Nikon D60 18-200mm lens and no external flash during the Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2010.

This event takes place once a year here in Putrajaya and is dedicated to being Malaysia's premier flower and garden expo that is aimed to attract locals and tourist.

The initiative is purely spearheaded by the Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) and is supported by various ministries including the Federal Territories Ministry and Tourism Malaysia. 

This is the third time that the Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival is taking place here and the expo has received a very positive response from the public and also private sector. 


Traveling Ted said...

Stunning photos of beautiful flowers.

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Ted :) Should see them in person. I should have taken more too.


dragoncity said...

Nice photos..I also went there on the last second day, it was amazing, so many plants and flower + landscape..

Malaysia Asia said...

Thanks Dragoncity. I always look forward to visiting the Floria Putrajaya as there is much to explore with a camera. Best is to go with someone who has the same interest too.


Autumn Belle said...

You have lots of beautiful pictures for Floria 2010. Cheers to you! I had a wonderful time at the show too ;P

Malaysia Asia said...

Thank you Autumn Belle. Yes, the show was indeed amazing. Love the various flowers on display here at Floria.


shyona said...

hi it's beautiful and i'm from trinidad and i have that plant and it flowers alot