Shanghai Subway Rush - Picture of the week

Shanghai Subway Rush is my picture of the week. When I visited Shanghai in April 2010, I had no idea on what to expect. After spending a good nine days there, it came to conclusion that Shanghai was indeed a very organised city despite the 30 million people that live there. I would move around daily using the subway metro and during peak hours, the thousands of people commuting would be moving from all directions. At times you could just casually walk and let the crowd move you where the only other city I experienced this was in Tokyo, Japan many years ago. So, when in Shanghai, do like the Shanghainese.

Shanghai Subway Rush - Picture of the week Shanghai Subway Rush - Picture of the week Reviewed by Malaysia Asia on Friday, July 23, 2010 Rating: 5


CUMI & CIKI said...

LOL, love the blurry effect! just shows how MAD it is:P

David Jr said...

Thanks Mei, indeed it was hectic at most of the stations. People there just don't care and go about doing their own thing.

David Jr said...

Thanks Helena for the nice words and glad you like it. Hope to have more pictures like this posted too.


Wilson Ng said...

In another few years, it will be worst than Japan.

David Jr said...

Wilson, I hope not... cause I want to go back again, some unfinished business there :)


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