Pulau Sapi Island in Sabah

Sapi Island

Pulau Sapi Island in Sabah, one of the five islands that make up the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and is just a 15 minute boat ride from the city of Kota Kinabalu.

This is one of the most beautiful islands around here and is smaller than Pulau Manukan but the crowd here is much less compared to the neighbouring islands. If you are planning on visiting any of these islands while in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I would easily recommend Pulau Sapi anytime. 

Pulau Sapi is easily accessible from Kota Kinabalu via two places. One would be taking the hourly ferry from Jesselton Pier while the other way getting to Sapi Island is from Sutera Harbor. Both offer about the same time to the island while Jesselton may be a little cheaper. You can simply do a half day trip and be back in KK after lunch. This is the most popular island package tour operators are offering.

Sabah Island Photo
Crystal clear waters at Sapi Island

On arrival here, you will be amazed by the clarity and colour of the waters surrounding the island and once  you get on the jetty, you will be mesmerised at the natural beauty surrounding this place. Seriously, I could not stop clicking away with my Nikon D60.

As each of the islands around the TAR Park are maintained by Sabah Parks, you need to pay the island entrance fees of RM3 for Malaysians and RM10 for non-Malaysians at the counter which is a very minimal fee if you ask me. Just for the record, Sapi means Cow in the Malay language, reason for this is that the shape of the island is like the head of a cow which was given by the Bajau people in the old days. 

Fish food is sold in recycled mineral water bottles for you to feed when you go snorkeling. Some of the coral fishes are so bold, one need not get into the water while you can just throw the food from the beach and they will come in droves. Remember to practise responsible tourism and dispose of the bottle in a proper way.

General signs informing the visitors

While the entire island is about 25 acres in size, the general ares in situated just as you walk in. There are tables with umbrellas all around and this are booked by the respective tour companies. Usually when you book your package here, you will be directed to your area as lunch has been allocated with your island package.

Sapi Island Picture

The waters here are so clear, it's unbelievable that the main land is just fifteen minutes away. Many regulars tend to choose Pulau Sapi over Manukan due to the larger crowds there while first timers would most likely land in Manukan. So, with this you now know where to go if you want clearer waters and less crowds. But weekends are no guarantee as it is indeed a very popular place.

A recycling station on the beach

What I liked when I walk in was seeing the local recycle station using old oil drums with large wordings for the individual trash. To my surprise, almost everyone here used it correctly so please participate in recycling when you are here on Sapi Island. You will also be helping the new Tourism Malaysia campaign 1Malaysia Green and Clean.

Sea walking at Pulau Sapi
Sea walking at Sapi Island

As for activities here, there is the Scuba-Doo mini submarine experience for you to try. Something only Sapi and Manukan has where you ride this little motorbike-style-submarine to do a sea walk.

Beach at Sapi Island
Pristine beaches at Sapi Island

The general snorkeling at Sapi Island is one you have to try. The waters are really clear and there are lots of coral fishes ranging from little ones to large ones. A floating barrier protects the surrounding are where you are not to venture out from there. Personally, I got me some fish food and did my rounds of snorkeling here and the schools of fish were following me where ever I swam.

DSD Sapi Island Sabah
Student divers practising in the shallow waters

For scuba diving at Sapi Island, there are dive shops that offer packages for dive lessons and actual dives. There are four dive spots at Pulau Sapi which is located on the North-Western part of the island. At the main beach near the jetty, dive training and lessons are conducted in a confined area.

The waters here are clear, shallow and easy to manage for beginners. It is best that you ask your tour operator for the dive contacts to learn or dive here.

Photographers on Sapi Island
Apart from the general activities at Pulau Sapi, you can always pretend to be a super model as in the picture above. All you need is a towel, camera and guts the size of the island. Well, why not when the water and sand is beautiful.

Special attraction at Sapi Island

Inland, a unique attraction only available on Sapi Island awaits to be discovered by you. If you walk towards the left section as you enter the island, you may encounter really large lizards that look like the Komodo Dragons but they are not.

These lizards are known as Biawaks or Monitor Lizards that grow up to about six feet in length. If you are lucky, your guide will inform you about this and show it to you.

Sapi Island monitor lizards
Huge monitor lizard on the beach
On occasion, these monitor lizards may venture close to the tables because of the food. I would advise that you do not try to pat them to let your kids near them. Though they look harmless and slow, they can be a little dangerous in defending themselves. 

Usually the island staff would chase them back to the greens when they venture too far out.The main reason for them to appear is that the staff cook the barbecues by the edge of the forest attracting this reptiles.

Again, take pictures but don't try to pose with them. Their saliva is filled with bacteria while their claws can rip a nasty gash on you. Best option is to keep a 5 feet distance from these prehistoric looking reptiles. Another thing to look out for are the local monkeys or macaques which make the island their home. 

These monkeys have a tendency to cart away belongings of guests here. so if you are sitting closer to the jungle, I would highly advise to keep an eye on your belongings.

Sapi Island is mostly shaded naturally so you need not worry much about the blistering direct sun unless you head out to the beach. Your lunch meals are taken under the shade usually buffet style. Remember when you book the packages from the operators, they will include the meals unless specified.

Lunch at Sapi Island

As I was with my guide Grace, we had a buffet seafood lunch package ready for us. Barbecued seafood which included prawns, fish and squid was the main while local fried rice and noodles with sausages was also served For dessert, cut sliced local fruits and for drinks, there was a container of cordial juice. Bottled water was also given to each of us. A decent meal if you ask me so do not expect five star service here.

Beach Sapi Island
Sapi Island Beach

Sapi Island is truly one of Sabah's little gem as I have never seen clarity and beauty in one island which is so close to the city. One of the fun things to do at Pulau Sapi is to wait for the tide to go down so you can actually walk across to Pulau Gaya and back through the connecting sandbar. Do not attempt this alone and best to do it with someone.

Sapi Island Map
Map of Sapi Island

For those who like camping, you are allowed to do so here but only with the permission of the Park Warden. please enquire about this with your tour agent or company before hand. I have seen some groups camp out here with bonfires. Toilets are provided while a local restaurant/cafe is available.

I have to mention this - Though many types of other motorised activities are offered at  Pulau Sapi and the surrounding islands, I would strongly recommend you do not participate in them as motorised sports are non-environmentally friendly and dangerous. But the choice is entirely up to you.

If you are the adventurous type with a little more to spend, book an entire boat that takes you to all the islands here. The experience would be well worth while. I did it once and it was amazing. 

Sapi Island Sabah
Divers and swimmers at Sapi Island in Sabah
What to bring to Pulau Sapi;
Poncho, sun block, umbrella, water, snacks, mosquito repellent.

Where to get boat tickets to Pulau Sapi;
Jesselton Pier or Sutera Harbour. Both are in Kota Kinabalu city. Recommended to get the tickets from Jesselton Pier as there are numerous counters there. 

Travel agents for Pulau Sapi;
At the places above or from any travel agent in town. Prices vary according to how many islands and what are the things you want to do here. 

Other islands around here include Pulau Manukan Island which also has the Manukan Island Resort, Pulau Mamutik, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Gaya. There are various tour operators that provide island hopping or day trips to these islands which can be found at Jesselton Pier. 

For those who are short on time while visiting Kota Kinabalu, I would recommend you try taking a day trip to the islands just outside of Kota Kinabalu, namely Pulau Sapi Island in Sabah. 

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