Misompuru Homestay in Kudat

Kudat Misompuru Homestay

In the north of Sabah, a unique community based tourism concept called Misompuru Homestay is found in the Kudat area and is well-known to offer authentic experiential tourism for visitors.

In May 2023, I had the pleasure of travelling up north to meet Cobra, the owner and headman of the Rungus community that manages this fantastic homestay. 

Misompuru Homestay in Kudat

The community homestay has a congregation of more than 40 host families from 15 villages, allowing guests several different experiences.

Cobra, who has headed this community for over two decades, has been around enough to understand what the visitors want when they choose this unique tourism experience.

Misompuru Homestay Kudat
The entrance to the homestay.

While many still think that a homestay is just another village accommodation, times have changed, and now, community based tourism is the next best thing to general tourism.

At Misompuru Homestay, you not only get to experience the way of the Rungus people who reside here, but you also get to experience the many daily things done by the locals around Kudat.

Several homes are participating in the Misompuru program; therefore, if you are a large group, you will be put at different homestays but will meet up for activities.

The concept of living with a host family allows you to communicate, learn and understand the simplicity of life in a village.

Misompuru Homestay Cobra
Cobra (left) with visitors to the homestay.

The best part of this program is that all contributions to the homestay go back to the people, not corporations or business investors. The program vets all other related businesses to ensure they are locally owned.

Cobra himself is very particular about this, and the community should be the ones that earn instead of outsiders. This is the true essence of community based tourism and how it should be.

Sabah Mangrove Walk
Mangrove walk activity.

What to do at Misompuru Homestay?

For anyone planning to visit this beautiful place, there are many things to do here, and of course, the main thing is experiencing the Rungus culture.

Cobra can assist you with a wide range of activities that include;

  • Mangrove and Jungle Trekking
  • Rungus Parang Making
  • Visiting the Gong Factory
  • Visiting the Bee Farm
  • Birdwatching
  • Cycling
  • Agro Farm Visits
  • Rubber Tree Plantation Visit
  • Rungus Handicraft Making
  • Rungus Beadmaking Experience
  • Rungus Longhouse Visit
  • Rungus Cooking Class
  • Mangrove Visits
  • Tree Planting
  • River Cruise and Crab Catching
  • Barbecue Arrangements
Sabah Homestay Award Winnder
Misompuru is also an ASEAN Homestay Standard award winner.

Things to do around Kudat

Below is also a list of things you can do around Kudat while staying at Misompuru.
  • Tajau Laut Guesthouse
  • Secret Place Beach Cafe & Camping Ground
  • G Wonder Khayalan Home Art Gallery
  • Borneo Honeybee Centre
  • Tambakan Fish Farm
  • The Tip Of Borneo - Tanjung Simpang Mengayau
  • Gombizau Honeybee Farm
  • Maranjak Longhouse Homestay
  • Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory
  • Kampung Bavanggazo (Rungus Longhouse)
  • Kelambu Beach
Please take note that you should make an appointment before coming here. Otherwise, the place may be fully booked, or there is no one around to entertain you.

Photos of Misompuru Homestay

Below are random photos from the homestay, each with a simple description.

Misompuru Community Based Tourism
The nature-decorated entrance to the homestay.

Coconut Lamp Rungus
A Rungus bamboo lamp was made at the homestay.

Pantai Kelambu
One of the beaches is located near the homestay.

Guests Misompuru Homestay
A family partly dressed in the Rungus traditional costume.

Food of Rungus People
Some of the Rungus traditional food dishes.

Traditional Rungus Food
An interesting rungus squid dish.

Bamboo Handicraft Rungus
The bamboo craft was done by the Rungus people.

Cloth Weaving Rungus Tribe
Traditional Rungus fabric weaving demonstration.

Rungus Attire
Traditional Rungus men's costume.

The photos above are taken from Cobra's Facebook Page and my camera. Homestays are best enjoyed without knowing and seeing too much; therefore, I leave it to you to go and experience this yourself.

Location Misompuru Homestay
The homestay in Goolge Maps.

Where is Misompuru Homestay?

Misompuru is located about two and a half to three hours north of Kota Kinabalu, and the only way to get here is via road. There are no trains or airports here.

You can self-drive there, and for groups who do not drive, you can contact Cobra to make special arrangements for your entourage.

For those wanting to drive here, just open up Google Maps and key in Misompuru Homestay, which will bring you here. Waze is not recommended because it will take you through other roads.

Misompuru Homestay Contact Information
W.D.T No. 260, Kg. Minyak (Centre),
89059, Kudat, Sabah
Tel: 013 8721 765 / 016 8155056 (Cobra)
Bookings: Please contact Cobra directly

Sabah Misompuru Homestay
One of the signs for the homestay at Kudat.

Sunset at Kudat Sabah
A beautiful sunset at Kudat.


If you would like to know more, you can also read my article on community based tourism in Sabah, where I have summarised the places participating.

Misompuru Homestay in Kudat is truly one of the different experiences that one should try if you have been curious about community based tourism or even rural tourism.

The entire concept of living and experiencing with a local host family is where one can learn more about the place they are visiting. On top of that, you get to experience how locals live, which is priceless.

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