How Many Tourists Visited Malaysia in 2022?

Tourist Arrivals to Malaysia 2022

For those who want to know How Many Tourists Visited Malaysia in 2022, the tourism ministry revealed that the number exceeded its set target of 9.2 million tourists.

How Many Tourists Visited Malaysia in 2022?

Malaysia attracted 10 million foreign visitors and generated RM28.2b in 2022 through the Tourism Recovery Framework (TRF) 2.0.

Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan said the total exceeded the set target of 9.2 million foreign tourists with RM26.2 billion in receipts during the committee-level wind-up session of the debate for the Supply Bill 2023 for the ministry.

2022 Tourist Arrivals to Malaysia
Tourist Arrivals to Malaysia by month for 2022.

The Deputy Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister said TRF 2.0 had five main strategic pillars, which are;

  1. Supporting the recovery of tourism and cultural businesses
  2. Restoring tourism confidence
  3. Smooth international and regional travel
  4. Recreating tourism, cultural products and services
  5. Coordinating tourism with sustainability and inclusivity

After the post-Covid-19 pandemic, Malaysia finally reopened its border in April 2022. This is after two years of travel restrictions severely impacting the number of tourists coming to the country.

The exact number of tourists visiting Malaysia in 2022 is 10.07 Million, while the chart above shows the number of visitors per month.

With tourism slowly returning to the country, the government had also announced that there would be a Visit Malaysia Year 2025.


Those who want to know more can read this article on tourism arrivals in Malaysia since 1970.

For this year, the Ministry of Tourism has revealed that Malaysia targets 16.1 million tourist arrivals in 2023, which should be fine. And for tourist receipts or spending, Malaysia is also targeting US$11.19 billion for 2023.

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