Padas Farmstay in Tenom

Tenom Padas Farmstay

For visitors looking for something different in terms of cultural experience, the Padas Farmstay in Tenom is one of the places you can consider.

Farmstays or homestays in Sabah are creating interest in a different kind of travel experience as nowadays, more travellers want a little more experiential tourism when they travel.

Padas Farmstay in Tenom

Located about an hour and a half from Kota Kinabalu, the Padas Farmstay is situated in a secluded area of Tenom and is part of the community-based tourism places in Sabah.

While many may think this farmstay concept was built purely for tourism, it is not. The main building was initially a farm workers' quarters which was renovated to cater to this unique experience.

Farmstay in Padas
Padas Farmstay building.

Since 2013, this farmstay's initiation has a unique story of how it came about, and I will leave it to Mr Tham Yau Kong, the proprietor of Padas Farmstay in Tenom, to share this part.

As this is purely community-based driven, visitors can also experience what it is like living in the local village of Sabah. Plus, the ethnic people here are also known as the Murut people.

Rooms at Padas Farmstay in Tenom
The view inside the main building.

While the name suggests a farm experience, the entire place is surrounded by a healthy agro-based orchard. Several species of lime trees, coffee trees and other fruits are being cultivated here.

Initially, the place was a massive goat farm, but since 2013, there have been a lot of changes in the landscape of this farmstay.

What to do at Padas Farmstay?

Visitors can experience visiting the main orchard and farm area to see the four different species of lime being cultivated here. There is also a banana and coffee section where real coffee beans are grown.

This includes a full-on educational experience about the coffee culture in Sabah, especially when Tenom is well-known for producing the best coffee in the state.

Coffee Plant Tenom
The fresh coffee beans in Tenom.

Besides the main agriculture farming, visitors can experience the Murut and Malay culture by visiting some of the local villages participating in this community-based tourism program.

There are several villages around Tenom where you can volunteer at any of the villages by helping them do something.

Cultural performances, plantation visits, camping and trekking, visiting the Rundum Highlands and cooking demonstrations are just some of the choices available.

Padas Farmstay is also a multiple-award-winning program, the latest being the ASEAN STANDARD in Community Based Tourism development in Feb 2023.

Farmstay in Sabah
Visitors exploring the farmstay.

Packages at Padas Farmstay

The standard 2D/1N Padas Farmstay package is for those wanting a quick experience here. And for those who want to do more community-based activities, you can contact the operators for a detailed package.

Rooms are dormitory style, and each room can accommodate 4-8 persons. There are several room types available. And there are currently three air-conditioned dormitory rooms downstairs.

Toilet facilities are the communal types which are outside the rooms. The farmstay main building houses all rooming and eating facilities. The main office is also located here.

Padas Farmstay
The main building.

Where is Padas Farmstay in Tenom?

For those planning to self-drive, you can just key in Padas Farmstay Tenom into your Google Maps or Waze App, and it will lead you here from Kota Kinabalu.

The journey via car will take about two and a half hours from Kota Kinabalu, and there is no public transportation here. You will need to make special arrangements for transport if you do not drive.

The farm stay is located in Kampung Paal in Tenom, south of Kota Kinabalu. All inquiries or bookings must be made through the main office, as listed below. They do not allow walk-ins.

Padas Farmstay Contact Information and Booking
Lot 38, Block E,
Jalan Damai Plaza 4, Luyang Commercial Centre,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: +60 88 232 821
For more information, you can also visit the official Padas Farmstay website.

Office Padas Farmstay
The office and reception area.


Check out my main article on community based tourism in Sabah, as it details all the participating places in the state.

Padas Farmstay in Tenom is truly one of the exceptional and exciting experiences that can be done in a few days. Also, visitors will be treated to many things to do while here, not just exploring a farm.

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