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Origin Mattress Review Malaysia

 Malaysia Origin Mattress Review

How many times have you slept outside of your own bedroom only to find that your back hurts or the experience was uncomfortable? 

If you travel as much as I do, my life often revolves around hotels, resorts, and even bed and breakfast places, and this is when a good night's sleep is essential to me.

I guess this is highly important when age comes into mind and if I rewound back 30 years ago, I did not really care where I slept or how comfortable the bed was. 

Now that I have reached mid-life in terms of age, I have been quite particular about my bed, namely my mattress. Well, if you have been having sleepless nights or backaches, read on.

Origin Mattress Review Malaysia

Malaysia Sleeping Backache Mattress
Some of the common aches and pains I encountered recently from my old mattress

In the last 8 years, I had a latex and memory foam queen mattress used to the maximum, and it was time to get a new one. 

Therefore, shopping for one was not as easy as I thought it would be until I came across Malaysia's most comfortable mattress called Origin Mattress.

Before this, I went around shopping malls and independent mattress warehouses looking for one that suits my age and needs for sleep.

Let me tell you that it sounds relatively easy, but in actual fact, it is quite tiring in terms of travelling around, talking to salespeople, testing out each mattress and so on.

I must have spent around a month looking for a suitable mattress for my wife and me, and when we found one, it was too expensive or underperforming.

And then I sort of gave up and searched online only to find out about Origin Mattress which is engineered in Germany but made in Malaysia.

Malaysia's Best Mattress

Delivery for Origin Mattress
When the mattress arrived

Though the tagline sounds a little misleading, I was quite sceptical about it, but I did more research on Origin Mattress only to find that it was indeed one of the top quality mattresses out there. 

Looking at the Origin website, I realised that there was a lot more positive information there and little did I know they were also award-winning.

At the end of the day, the product's information is essential to me, which made me choose Origin Mattress.

Hybrid Origin Mattress
After the mattress was sent to my bedroom

Instructions Origin Mattress
Instructions are clearly printed on the side of the mattress box.

So, the next step was quite crucial as I needed to wait for the delivery and actual product testing.

You may be wondering why I got the mattress without buying, and the reason is that Origin Mattress has a 120-day full refund for unsatisfied customers.

This is the kind of confidence that companies should be providing consumers, and I feel that Origin Mattress understands this very well.

After placing my order, I waited a week as the mattress sent from Singapore. The day came when the delivery guy called me to say he was on the way.

Unboxing the Origin Mattress Malaysia

Origin Mattress Unboxing
First, open the top of the box to remove the mattress from inside. Needs 2 persons.

Vacuum Packed Origin Mattress
Then it looks like a bolster, vacuum packed and rolled up.

Origin Mattress Opening The Pack
Cut with blade or scissors along the side of the vacuum pack.

Opening Origin Mattress Malaysia
When you cut, make sure it is laid out on your bed frame or floor.

This I have to highlight as I never expected the mattress to be delivered in such a small box. I was under the assumption that they had made a mistake and send me a mattress protector. 

But the nice delivery guy assured me that this was, in fact, the Origin mattress, compressed into that little box and I was still in doubt.

After sending it to my unit, I looked closely at the box, still unclear if it was the right one and then proceeded to unbox the mattress.

To my surprise, the contents were vacuum-packed tightly and rolled up. Then I remembered watching a video of how mattresses were delivered this way.

I then followed the instructions to cut according to the instructions, and the Origin mattress started to unfold slowly.

My First Impression of  the Origin Mattress

Origin Mattress Vacuum Packed
After cutting the outer layer of the plastic, the mattress begins to unfold.

Opening the Origin Mattress Malaysia
The Origin Mattress will slowly unfold from the vacuum pack position.

Opening the Origin Mattress
The mattress takes a couple of minutes to fully unfold into the bed shape.

Recommended Mattress Malaysia
The next step is to cut the second layer of plastic that seals the entire mattress.

Origin Mattress SS2
Removing the inner plastic sheet will fully uncompress the mattress.

Recommended Best Mattress in Malaysia
After removing the inner plastic layer, the mattress will uncompress into the original shape.

After the mattress had unfolded, both of us were still in awe about the entire process. We then proceeded to move the mattress correctly on our queen bed frame.

The positioning was crucial as you can clearly see the top and bottom before placing it on the bed frame.

Spending the First Night on the Origin Mattress

Well, I did wait about 5 hours before trying out the Origin Mattress fo the first time ever, and it was a drumroll moment for the both of us.

The moment had come, after putting on the queen-sized bed sheet and we got on the mattress. The first impression - It was cooling due to the cool gel layer on the top.

My Verdict of the Origin Mattress

It is there along with the world-class mattresses, meaning the comfort level and the sleep quality I experienced.

Back support and a semi-firm mattress are crucial to my age. For anyone who is in their 30+ who is experiencing backaches or uncomfortable sleep, you should consider changing your mattress.

Many people tend to try and save on mattresses and end up wit low-quality and sub-standard mattresses that do not help the back at all.

Malaysia Recommended Mattress
The Origin Mattress after being uncompressed

Why Origin Mattress? 

The main factor is that it is a made in Malaysia brand, and most Malaysian brands with latex are highly recommended.

Another reason is the hybrid factor where they have combined latex, spring and memory foam into one beautiful and functional mattress.

If you did not already know, the mattress consists of six layers of perfect comfort that makes up the Origin brand and comes with a 15-year warranty.

And if you buy it online, they will provide you with free delivery anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia.

On top of that, the company has sold over 70,000 mattresses in Malaysia since 2018, which is pretty amazing.

How to Buy Origin Mattress? 

You can simply visit their official website called Origin Mattress and get it from there. Currently, there is a massive promotion ongoing with up to 60% discount for all mattresses.

And if you are uncomfortable buying online, they have a showroom in Petaling Jaya at SS2. Here, you can see the mattress, test it and even ask questions.

What Else Does Origin Have? 

Well, apart from their award-winning mattresses, they also have a beautiful bed frame, mattress toppers and one of the best pillows in the market.

Yes, the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is totally one-of-a-kind, and it is also featured as one of the best 8 pillows in Singapore.

I think, after this article, I will be making my next purchase for the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow to complete my bed. I wish they also has a bolster in their product range and maybe in time to come they might.

Malaysia Best Mattress
The Origin Mattress unfolded.


Honestly, the Origin Mattress is not only for those above 30+ years but for everyone in general. Age has caught up, and the backaches are not to be messed with hence I needed a good mattress.

There are many choices of mattresses available in the market, and to me, a good local brand is well worth the support, which is why I got the mattress.

Founders of Origin Mattress
Gee & Shaun, the founders of Origin Mattress. Photo Credit: Express Photography

One of the plus points for this brand is that they are very engaging online and on social media, and for anyone who is old-school, you can visit their showroom in SS2, Petaling Jaya.

To top it all off, I just love the 120 night trial period they offer which is quite awesome and the fact that Origin is a brand by Malaysians for Malaysians.

I  hope this review of the Origin Mattress in Malaysia has provided you with more than enough information, and if you still need more, you can always check their website.

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