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Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri

Miri Piasau Nature Reserve

If there is one place that offers a nature experience close to a city, it is here at the Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri, Sarawak.

Once known as the home to the international oil company Shell, Piasau was a private property that housed many of the oil and gas high ranking staff.

This all was let go in early 2013, and all 93.65 hectares was taken over by the Sarawak Forestry Department.

Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri

Sarawak Piasau Nature Reserve
My bird guide checking for birds at the nature reserve

The local Mirian's call this place PNR and is highly popular among those wanting to trek or jog around the reserve as facilities are very up to date while the place is very safe.

You can the best of both worlds for vegetation in one place where you find a sandy beach vegetation area on the coast, and on the inner side, you experience a coastal forest.

However, one thing that stands out here is also bird watching, which I personally have done numerous times at the Piasau Nature Reserve.

I would easily say that the best time to come here for bird watching is around 7.00 AM or around 4.00 PM to sunset.

In total, you can expect anywhere from 25 to 30 species of birds spotted on a  good day. To me, I managed to spot around 12 species in one hour of the morning.

Trails at Piasau Nature Reserve

Nature Trail Trek Piasau Miri
What one of the trails look like here

There are only two main trails found here, and the master is the Faridah Loop which goes around the park for 2.1km.

The second trail is called the Community Trail, 900 meters and goes into the light shrubs. One thing you need to look out for is snakes along this trail.

Biodiversity at Piasau Nature Reserve

Miri Biodiversity Piasau
The rangers station and other biodiversity project areas here

PNR is actually located by the coastline of Miri and there were studies and research done to find out that there is a total of 107 flora and 75 fauna species studied here.

For a nature reserve just 10 minutes from a city, this was rather impressive and even gave more encouragement to promote this place not only to locals but also to visitors to Miri.

Pied Hornbills Conservation at Piasau Nature Reserve

Hornbill Project Piasau Miri
The Piasau Nature Reserve Hornbill Project

Bird Watching Piasau Nature Reserve Hornbill
One of the resident Oriental Pied Hornbills seen on a tree here

The entire bird watching thing here kind of grew because of thanks to the Oriental Pied Hornbill couples that have been roosting here since 2005.

To date, there has been a total of seven pairs of Pied Hornbills that have made PNR their home and successfully breeding offspring.

You can get more detailed information from this official website about the Pied Hornbill Conservation at Piasau Nature Reserve.

Bird Watching at Piasau Nature Reserve

Bird Watching at Piasau Nature Reserve
One of the common birds spotted at Piasau

Sarawak Pink Neck Green Pigeon
A Pink Neck Green Pigeon spotted in Piasau

Piasau Birding
An Asian Glossy Starling

This is also one of the highlights for birders visiting Miri, as you can easily do some bird watching here in Piasau.

If you did not already know, this place has been a local favourite for bird watching for a long time now. And personally, I have been here three times to do bird watching.

On my last birding trip to Piasau, I managed to spot about 23 species of birds, including the local Pied Hornbills. Most of the birds are common to some uncommon local lowland birds.

Of course, the best time to do this would be in the mornings or evenings, and if you need a bird guide, you can always ask me, and I will recommend someone local here.

Piasau Nature Reserve Directions
A map showing where Piasau Nature Reserve is located at

Where is Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri?

The surprising part is that PNR is located only 10 minutes north of the centre of Miri City and that is with mild traffic too.

It is truly the closest nature reserve in all of Malaysia, where you have one in a city area. How cool is that?

For those without a vehicle, you can probably book a Grab to the nature reserve and also back as it is in the city area.

Piasau Nature Reserve Directions
Directions to Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri, Sarawak

How to go to Piasau Nature Reserve?

Basically, you can go on your own by taking Grab or renting a car to self-drive around. This option is for those who want to go jogging or running there.

However, if you are going purely for bird watching, I would recommend you book up a bird guide that can lead you to the correct spots.

Bird Watching Piasau Nature Reserve
Some birds are spotted with the moon in the background


For anyone visiting Miri, you should know that if you are strapped for time, you can still take a couple of hours and visit this nature reserve.

Piasau Nature Reserve in Miri is so close to the city that you can be there and back before breakfast and the best part is that you can go for your nature walks or grounding within a short time.

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