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Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi

Langkawi Nasi Daging Bakar

Since I started visiting Langkawi in 2019 and more frequently, I have also started to explore the local Malay food scene, which can be found all around the island.

After trying numerous local Malay cooking styles, here is a review for the famous Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi, which is found at Padang Matsirat near the airport.

Before I continue, Nasi Daging Bakar's direct translation is Burnt Beef Rice, but it is not burnt and more of a Grilled Beef Rice. Honestly, if you are not a beef eater, then just bypass this article.

Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi

Padang Mat Sirat Food Court
The Median Niaga Padang Mat Sirat, photo from Google Earth.

For me, this dish was something that I never expected to try as it was not on my food radar, but after coming to Langkawi for three times in 2019, I did manage to make some local friends here.

One of them actually recommended that I try the Nasi Daging Bakar, which is well known among the locals.

Finding this place was also a challenge as the directions I got were very local and straightforward with simple landmarks.

Thanks to Waze and our rented car, we manage to locate the main area before narrowing it down to the Medan Niaga.

Padang Matsirat Food Court
What the Medan Niaga looks like on the inside.

And we sort of arrived here at about 11.00 AM, trying to avoid the lunch crowd too. Cause you know how busy some of these places can be when it is peak lunch hour.

After parking the car (for free), we casually strolled in to look for the stall that served the Nasi Daging Bakar and just, so you know, there is no huge banner with lights indicating this.

Nasi Daging Bakar Langkawi Warung
The stall sells a lot of other dishes as well.

Stall by stall we inspected until we encountered the hero of the day, which is co-shared with several other local Malay dishes like Nasi Kukus, Nasi Ayam and Bihun Sup.

Without hesitation, I placed Nasi Daging Bakar's order with the gentleman operating the flat pan grill station.

Pak Long Nasi Daging Bakar Langkawi
The grilled beef pieces prepared by the chef

Langkawi Daging Bakar
Close-up of the Daging Bakar being grilled.

I just casually ordered a plate without any special requests, just the way others would order. Then my better half went for the next stall to order some Malay Nasi Campur (Mix Rice) as she does not take beef.

My Nasi Daging Bakar was served within five minutes, and it sure looked fascinating considering how the presented it like a chicken rice platter.

A small saucer with a kind of sambal accompanied the main dish and just, so you know, Malay sambal chilli, and I do not get along well, so I had to ask my better half to test it for me.

She took a small spoon and said that it was not as spicy as it looked; hence, only I gathered the courage to try some with the Daging Bakar. 

Grilled Beef Rice Langkawi
The impressive presentation of the Nasi Daging Bakar

How Did It Taste?

My honest opinion is that it actually tasted good, considering that it has been forever since I had beef with rice. Since I turned 40 years old, I kind of stopped my red meats if you should know.

The portion was quite generous, considering there was more beef than rice per spoonful. The soup was not a beef-based soup but the standard Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) soup.

I actually liked how they balance the beef fat pieces with the lean meats in one portioning, therefore if you love beef fat, please let them know when you order.

Nasi Daging Bakar Popular Di Langkawi
The beef fat and lean meat served together in one portion.

There was no out-of-this-world taste but a more grilled beef with a slight burnt cooked taste, which is perfect for most people.

If you love your meats cooked a special way, you should also inform them how you want them, for example, medium-rare or well done. To me, I just ate what was served.

The rice was the typical yellow butter rice used for the Malay chicken rice or Nasi Ayam, so two of the components are actually borrowed from the Nasi Ayam.

So, it came to my conclusion that you really need to love beef to eat this dish as it is a heavenly mixture of the beef fat and tender meat grilled and served with rice.

Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi Location
The location of Nasi Daging Bakar at Padang Matsirat near the airport.

Where is Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi?

There are apparently a few nasi dating bakar found around Langkawi, and the one I visited is located at Padang Matsirat near the Langkawi Airport.

From Langkawi Airport, it is only a four-minute drive there, or you can always take a ride-hailing service to and from.

When you get inside Padang Matsirat, you need to keep driving along Jalan Lapangn Terbang (114) until you see the Medan Niaga Padang Mat Sirat on your left.

It is an old-school type food court round and with stalls around it and tables in the centre. Once you locate this food court, just turn in before or after an there is parking available.

When I'm in Langkawi, I will stay at the Tanjung Rhu Resort as my main work revolves around this part of the island.

Because of the resort's privacy and peacefulness, I just rent a car to move around the island and avoid highly popular areas like Pantai Cenang or Kuah.

Langkawi Warung Nasi Daging Bakar
Wide-angle shot of the Nasi Daging Bakar at Padang Matsirat.


If you are up for more local food around the island, check out my review on the most famous Nasi Campur Kak Yan Restoran in Langkawi.

Well, I used to be a huge beef eater in my younger days, and when I was provided with this opportunity to have grilled beef with rice, it was like good old memories coming back to me.

Honestly, you have nothing to lose if you are in Langkawi as this is one local Malay dish that would surely make you remember your trip here.

Next time you visit here, take some time to go and try the Nasi Daging Bakar in Langkawi near the airport. One thing I did was I went to the airport two hours earlier, so I could try this.

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