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One of the Best Restaurants in Langkawi

La Luna at Casa del Mar, Langkawi
La Luna Restaurant, Langkawi Island
Over the years, I have frequented Langkawi on many occasions, most of them for work and a few rare holiday trips. A couple of times as a stopover to Koh Lipe in southern Thailand.

The most important thing during any of my travels would be food. Yes, we know that Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines with a very wide selection of local and international choices, and the best part - having meals at any time of the day here. 

Langkawi is no stranger to offering a great variety of food too. Many of the restaurants are well spread over the island and the main cluster of restaurants and cafes are found along Pantai Cenang area.

During a trip to the island in early 2014, I had the pleasure of staying at the Casa del Mar which is one of Langkawi’s hidden gems.

The property is located towards the far end of Pantai Cenang and when passing it, you would not think that this is a resort but more of a private villa for some millionaire.

La Sal Restaurant on Pantai Cenang Langkawi
The main beach of Casa del Mar in Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
One of the Best Restaurants in Langkawi

Anyway, I did an overall review on Casa del Mar and this article highlights the food and beverage served here at their restaurants and cafes.

Before I go into that, you the reader should know that I travel frequently around Malaysia and even Asia and that food is one of the important criteria during my travels.

I am quite flexible and not-so-fussy when it comes to food when I travel as I have sat by the roadside to have a bowl of noodles while I have also indulged in a high-end restaurant savoring the luxuries of life among socialites.

So, when it comes to eating, I am very neutral about it, but keep an open eye and ever ready taste buds.

However, as a pure Malaysian and having sampled local food for decades, I am quite disappointed in how the food industry in Malaysia has evolved.

It is literally hard to find great food nowadays with modernization, lack of knowledge and so on. So, my expectations are pretty low these days, especially when I visit a resort or hotel.

But then, my experience at Casa del Mar kind of re-woke my thoughts of eating great food in Malaysia. 

You must be thinking that I am only writing this for the sake of doing it, but let me just assure you that I hardly do any food reviews unless they are exceptionally great or completely blowing my taste buds away.

And the food at the Casa del Mar totally made a very impactful impression on my overall experience here. As the property is on a smaller scale compared to the larger hotels and resorts, they have the luxury of putting more effort in the kitchen and the staff. 

The La Luna Restaurant is high on my recommendation list as for the three days spent there, I was delighted by the consistency of taste, presentation and delivery of the food here plus the genuine warmth and hospitality of the local staff manning the place.

I was also given the opportunity to try out the different kinds of dining experience that couples or even honeymooners would experience during their stay here.

Casa Del Mar Restaurant Langkawi
The private gazebo set up for the 7-course La Luna Degustation Dinner
La Luna Restaurant is situated by the main white sanded Pantai Cenang, therefore, beachside tables are arranged for guests to enjoy the beautiful sunset dining experience here.

While many may think that the restaurant is only for guests, they open it up to the public as well, therefore, reservations are highly required here.

There are not many tables, about 10 to 12 on an estimate and this is also weather pending. However, what makes this beachside restaurant so special is that there are no other immediate businesses in the vicinity giving diners proper privacy. 

Romantic dinner on pantai cenang langkawi For guests that are on their honeymoon or simply on a romantic escape here, special arrangements can be made to dine on the beach where the resort will prepare a special table by the beach.

Even more special arrangements can be made where the only and only beach gazebo will be turned into a private romantic setup. This works great for those wanting to propose or even renew wedding vows.

Special sets like the 7 Course La Luna Degustation Dinner paired with different wines can be arranged if the couple wishes and this is by booking 24 hours in advance which cost RM1000 (USD$330) per couple.

For those wanting to explore a little further, you have the option to try their Cocktail & Food Pairing Degustation Dinner where cocktails are paired with each of the 5 courses served.

The table setting is also away from the main restaurant promising a special moment on the beach. This setting is also limited to one table a day at the price of RM588 per couple.

Other unique choices that La Sal offers are the stunning seafood platter dinner which comes with lobster, king prawns, sea bass, calamari served with an assortment of vegetables and special sauces.

This is a minimum of two persons and going at RM600 per couple. The final option is a D.I.Y BBQ dinner on the beach where prices are based on what you order. 

The price or the a la carte? You may be guessing along the lines of the standard hotel restaurant rates, I thought so too, but I was very wrong.

They are priced slightly below the 5-star hotel rates. This I thought was a clever and tactical move since the guest has already paid premium dollars to stay here, why not give them affordable prices for the food and beverages.

Starters or entrees range from RM33 (USD$10) till about RM39. The main courses cost from RM35 (USD$11) till about RM70 (USD$22). Beers and liquors come in the range of RM10-RM30 while desserts are around RM12 to RM30.

La Sal Restaurant Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
Dinner with an amazing sunset view on the beach gazebo of La Sal
The awesome part about the food at La Luna and La Sal - they serve vegetarian and also gluten-free food. This is shown on their menu's while you can also request this from any of the friendly staff there.

The restaurant serves a mean breakfast with selections of loose leaf teas, Bristot coffee, daily freshly made bread, yogurts, and jams.

For the a la carte menu, they have some of the most exciting local and continental dishes prepared fresh from the kitchen. Points go to the kitchen team for creativity and a wonderful presentation. 

As for my partner and me, we were taken aback by the quality of the overall service given and the food served.

Why I say this is because in the last few years of travel and staying at many hotels and resorts, not one of them has lived up to this kind of quality and service.

I have also stayed at many 5-star properties around Malaysia and their service and quality have been on just average or so-so.

Casa del Mar’s La Luna restaurant completely turned my perception of just running a hotel-restaurant business.

They really went all out to make the guest feel as if they are at someone’s private villa with excellent home-cooked meals.

Take a look at some of the amazing dishes which were savored by us during our stay here at the Casa del Mar Resort in Langkawi.

Malaysian Tasting Platter at Casa del Mar
Malaysian Tasting Platter, for those who want to sample a variety of traditional Malay dishes in one plate
Soft Shell Crab with Mango Sauce, Casa del Mar
Soft Shell Crab with Mango Sauce 
La Sal Restaurant Menu
Grilled White Cod on Chili Yam Potato Cake
Casa del Mar La Sal Restaurant
Seared Encrusted Pink Peppered Tuna 
If you compare these prices with some of the upmarket cafes and restaurants along Pantai Cenang, La Sal is way much more affordable.

A couple can have a fantastic three-course meal with a glass of wine for around RM200 or less. To satisfy my curiosity, I actually went around to see some of the menu’s of certain restaurants along Pantai Cenang, and I was right!

For more information, contact;

Casa del Mar, Langkawi
Jalan Pantai Cenang
Mukim Kedawang 07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 955 2388


It actually was a little cheaper to dine at La Sal if you compare apple to apple but the bonus is the exceptional service and knowledge of the local staff here. 

So, the next time you visit Langkawi, I highly recommend you give La Luna Restaurant at Casa del Mar a try, especially if you are staying at other properties.

Be your own judge when it comes to the quality of food and service. We all know that many restaurants and cafes out there are trying really hard to impress customers.

But from my simple experience of trying one of the best restaurants in Langkawi, I found that the staff here don’t really try at all.

It is in their nature and the majority of them are being themselves rather than forced hospitality.

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