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Casa del Mar Langkawi Review

Casa del Mar Resort Langkawi

While there are numerous resorts and hotels available on Langkawi Island, I had the pleasure of staying at one of the most reputable resorts located along Pantai Cenang to begin my year for 2014.

The romantic and stylish Casa del Mar Resort has been around for more than 10 years and I have always seen this resort whenever I visited Langkawi, wondering what was behind the Mediterranean styled facade covered with greenery so here is my story.

Casa del Mar Langkawi Review

On February 2014, I had boarded a flight from SkyPark Terminal in Petaling Jaya to Langkawi and upon arriving an hour later, the resorts friendly driver greeted me and my partner at the airport arrival hall.

It took barely ten minutes to get to the resort considering how close the airport was to Pantai Cenang in Langkawi. 

Finally, after all these years, I am staying here for three days and putting all my expectations aside, I looked forward to what lay behind the two doors that divided main street Cenang and the resort. 

Our welcome drinks

The main reception was casual and looked more like a Mediterranean home living room lit by the natural sunlight. In my mind, I was trying hard to compare the conventional resort-style check-in counters but did not see any similarity here.

Staff with warm island smiles greeted us while we were escorted to the restaurant where welcome drinks and cold towels were served. First feeling - like visiting a seaside mansion, that was what ran through my mind.

And of course, later on, I found out that Casa del Mar is actually Spanish for 'Home by the Sea'.

The signature Casa del Mar swimming pool with deck chairs, umbrellas and a line of coconut palms were the first things that caught my eye.

This was indeed a place to chill out and relax judging from my first impression. After the welcome drinks, a friendly well-spoken manager named Fauzi introduced himself and filled us in about the facilities and also activities that was pre-arranged for us.

Recapping his final words before heading back to work - chill out, relax and enjoy. That is what our guest here do and so I nodded with agreement and thanked him.

As I travel extensively, I have stayed at many resorts and hotels around the world where most of them are on business or leisure trips. I hardly do hotel reviews as many times, the general hotels and resorts are mostly pretty much alike.

Usually, decorations and facades would be the eye-catcher. However, my first impression of Casa del Mar was quite different as I assumed it would be just like the others. I was totally wrong.

The facade from the main road did not shout anything, however, when I walked in through the wooden glass doors, it took me into another world. Again, it felt as if I was on an island in Spain. 

Soon after acquainting myself with the main reception area, the next step was to see the room. Again, I assumed wrong as it was a terrace villa unit that was seafront and not a room. It looked more like a cute little Spanish home by the beach complete with a garden, brick wall and gate.

A four feet pathway separated the villa from the beach too. Now, this was getting better and better for me. The final step - opening the sliding doors to the villa unit. 

Upon walking through the glass doors, it transported me into a Spanish home complete with dark wood and tile finishing. Modern amenities were cleverly blended into the room setting while the bathroom and bathtub were divided by a wooden window.

A king-sized bed lay in the centre giving you the perfect view of the beach and sea while beach towels were set on the sofa in the living area of the room.

This would be the perfect kind of setting that I would dream of having my 30 day holiday. So, thumbs up all the way for me on the room units here. 

Sunset dinner setting on the beach

Other facilities around Casa del Mar include a very interesting restaurant called La Sal that has the guest dining by the beach or by the bar area which is a cute little wooden hut.

On most nights, beach dining is prepared by the well-trained staff of the resort while special arrangements for a private and romantic dinner can be arranged upon request.

A gazebo along the beach serves as one of the romantic beach dinner settings for those wanting some pampering or celebrating their honeymoon. 

Breakfast is served in the common restaurant area at La Luna which is divided into an outdoor and indoor area. What impressed me most was the indoor area where a casual library and relaxing area is situated.

On our following morning, we had ordered some simple breakfast dishes which we thought was pretty above average, considering the chefs go all out to impress the clients here.

Walking into the indoor area saw some very interesting selections of homemade jam and so on. Yes, the resort makes their own fresh jam and the way they displayed it was quite clever too.

I will explain more about this in my other coming article about the amazing food that Casa del Mar serves. 

Pool facing units

One of the main attractions of the resort which is the swimming pool is carefully placed in the middle of the property and looks very inviting.

Some of the terrace villas have a pool front, this means you can simply walk out and jump into the pool. No matter what, when you arrive or leave the place, you are bound to see the beautiful pool here.

The Satkara Spa is also located at one end of the resort where it is on the first floor. Having tried their traditional massage, I would have to say that it is something that one must try when you check in here. 

Simple and straight forward, there is no overplay in the decorations or design. But at the end of the day, the service and message are what counts and after my session, I knew that this one in face one of the better spas I have tried on the island. 

The main beach at Casa del Mar Langkawi

View of the beach from my villa unit

From my observation, I would easily consider the main beachfront the main star of the resort. Decked with white chairs and umbrellas, this is the most popular place for all of the guest.

Almost private but distanced from the other main resorts, you are assured of mostly privacy here. The white sand portion stretches about 80 meters to where the waves break therefore ample space is provided for everyone.

From a distance, you can spot the multiple water sports activities going on however, Casa del Mar does not offer these motorized services.

For those wanting to swim, there is a floating barrier that separates the public and motorsports so you are assured safety.

Some of the awards and recognition won by Casa del Mar

When we were checking out, I could not help notice on top of an antique wooden cupboard, they subtly displayed some of the awards the resort had won over the years.

Simply said, they were not out to boast but just a gentle reminder that they have worked to achieve the excellence that I had experienced here.

Several Trip Advisor awards and recognitions were also seen while the latest one was dated 2014. So you can be sure that you are getting one of the best places to stay in Langkawi.

Below are random photos taken by me during my stay at the Casa del Mar in Langkawi. Please click on the photo to see it larger.

Casa del Mar view from the beach at Pantai Cenang

The main entrance facade of Casa del Mar along Jalan Pantai Cenang in Langkawi

View of the main pool area of Casa del Mar

Light play at La Sal, one of the restaurants here

The gazebo decorated for a romantic sunset dinner

A romantic sunset dinner set up along the beach

A beautiful sunset is seen from the beach here

In total, Casa del Mar Langkawi offers 34 rooms in four different categories, a spa called Satkara, two main restaurants - La Luna and La Sal, a beautiful pool and simple water sports facilities.

The beauty of this place is that another world lies behind the main entrance walls having people think that it is just another resort or hotel.

However, once you are inside, you are instantly transported into another world - The feeling of being in another country or island.

For more information on rooms and packages, you can contact;

Casa del Mar, LangkawiJalan Pantai Cenang
Mukim Kedawang 07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 955 2388
Fax: +60 4 955 2228
Email: info@casadelmar-langkawi.com
Website: Casa del Mar Langkawi

For those seeking something out of the ordinary with lots of privacy, I strongly recommend this place. Apart from the usual hotels and resorts, Casa del Mar stands miles apart from the rest with their unique style of boutique resort living.

The place is also perfect for those wanting a romantic escape or even for their honeymoon. Kids are rarely seen here so you can be assured of a nice and quiet holiday. 


A bold statement by me but you can trust me when I give my opinion on this review as I have mentioned above, I have stayed at over hundreds of hotels and resorts in my travelling time and this has to be in my top 10 list of beach resorts to stay at.

Will I stay here again? You bet! The kind of place that I would love to escape from hectic city life. You can always ask me any questions in the comment form below and hope you enjoyed my Casa del Mar Langkawi Review.


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